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Some records are all tracked – drums, piano, vocal – and kept. The Beekeeper was very much like that. It’s very much ‘no make-up, no airbrush, no nothing’. And it’s not one of my favourite records because of that.

Because I really do like a good airbrush. I’ve learned that about myself.

The Beekeeper is really more like a whole b-sides experiment, because the arrangements weren’t hammered out. That’s why I think my reaction to that with American Doll Posse became ‘alright, now, let’s do a band record’. And it was a very different kind of approach. It was micromanaged, but it was very much about becoming a band mentally, not a singer–songwriter. It was about leaving all that behind. And now, with the new record, it is about embracing the writer and the singer again along with the musicians and arrangements.

—  Tori Amos, Polari Magazine - May 9, 2009
Every Line Has Two Sides: An Interview with Edward FIrth

Polari Magazine are running a series of features about graphic art and illustration this week. I guess they’re saving the best til last, because look who they kicked off the week with.

Issue #2 of Pound Shop is nearly finished… and so am I.

When you’re first making records, you haven’t tasted the tip of the devil’s wand. But on your tenth album you’ve done more than taste it. You’ve enjoyed it, and you’ve gotten ill from it. And I think the song ‘Curtain Call’ covers that. Sometimes you don’t realise that you’re being totally and completely absorbed. So you stop your message, and your questioning of control. Sometimes you think that you’re in a place of power, and yet you don’t realise you’ve signed up to something that is going to make sure your message is either broken or not put out.
—  Tori Amos, Polari Magazine - 2009

Diploid Love, Brody Dalle - Album Review 

This is a wonderful solo debut from a musician who is willing to grow and try elements that she never has before.

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LGBT History Month Heroes – Day 3

To celebrate LGBT History Month, 2013, Polari is publishing a daily series of LGBT Heroes, selected by the magazine’s team of writers and special contributors. Today focuses on Sally Ride, the pioneering astronaut, physicist and author.

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Take Me To Church, Sinead O'Connor


Sweeter Conversations, Pastel


A Million Little Pieces, Placebo

No Holds Barred: An Interview with Xiu Xiu

The latest album from Xiu Xiu is the band’s most unnerving to date. Andrew Darley talks to frontman Jamie Stewart about his relationship to music, being a queer artist and how he sees the future of the band.

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