“W obliczu Boga Wszechmogącego i Najświętszej Maryi Panny, Królowej Korony Polskiej kładę swe ręce na ten Święty Krzyż, znak Męki i Zbawienia, i przysięgam być wiernym Ojczyźnie mej, Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, stać nieugięcie na straży jej honoru i o wyzwolenie Jej z niewoli walczyć ze wszystkich sił - aż do ofiary życia mego.
Prezydentowi Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej i rozkazom Naczelnego Wodza oraz wyznaczonemu przezeń Dowódcy Armii Krajowej będę bezwzględnie posłuszny, a tajemnicy niezłomnie dochowam, cokolwiek by mnie spotkać miało. Tak mi dopomóż Bóg.”


West Slavic round pendants - finds from Poland. 

Timeline: 10th-11th centuries

(Picture 3 shows a few analogous pendants: f - a find from Birka in Sweden, h & k - East Slavic finds from Ukraine.)

Source: Hanna Kóčka-Krenz “Zachodniosłowiańskie okrągłe zawieszki”, in:“Instantia Est Mater Doctrinae”, pages 231-244, 2001

CS GTKY lists - Part 9

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I love how different we are, i love talking with my CS friends and discover this differences.

(dedicated to @villains-happy-ending and @mayquita - I love our conversations about traditions)

And because of that please list

5 traditions from your corner of the world

i know that some of the will be similar in some countries but maybe we all will learn something about different cultures

so this is my list - some traditions from Poland:

1. Tłusty Czwartek (Fat Thursday)

This is the last Thursday before Lent - the beginning of the last week of the Carnival - in our tradition this the day when you can eat and eat and eat without remorse. So we eat a lot and the lines in the pastry shops are loooooong and you must wait patiently before you can buy pączki (Polish donuts) or faworki (my favorite) - you can see them in the photos bellow:

(image source x x )

2. śmigus-dyngus (also know as lany poniedziałek - Wet Monday)

The second day of Easter - the Monday - has strange tradition in my country. If you happen to be in Poland that day don’t be surprised when someone will throw water over you. This has long tradition but now it is mostly about making other people wet. Very wet. When I was younger i avoid leaving the house that day - i remember one day when i was going with my parents and grandparents to my uncle - we arrived to his home completely wet. we never made this mistake again. But i must add that one of my favourite childhood memory are water battles in my garden or in someone’s house. To this day Wet Monday’s morning starts with the race - who will do that first - but amount of water is very symbolic now.

(image source x)

3. Palmy wielkanocne (en Easter palms)

It is a traditional Polish symbolic decoration associated with Palm Sunday. and they are so beautiful. Big ones or small ones - made by yourself or bought - you will see all kind of them at Sunday’s mess:

(image source x)

And i couldn’t resist to add a photo from Lipnica Murowana - was there few times during Palm Sunday and never forget that sight:

(image source x)

4. Puste miejsce przy stole podczas Wigilii (an empty place at the table during Christmas Eve dinner)

We leave empty place for unexpected guest. It could be family member or someone who has no family at all and we invited him to eat with us or completely stranger - everyone is welcomed that day at our tables and we have this empty plate prepared just in case if someone will show up.

(image source x)

5. Wianki (puszczanie wianków)

It is part of Sobótki tradition celebrated on the night of 23/24 June. Sadly I never did that - in my family we have bonfire - another tradition connected with that day, but it looks so amazing - wreaths made of flowers (often lit with candles) float on rivers:

(image source x)

as always i’m curious about your lists!  

and i wish i could tag all of you - but even if you are not tagged and want to do this one or any other list - please do - i want to get to know you all better!

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