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What would you like to do once you graduate college? Would you like to stay in poland or you'd rather move abroad, and if so, where? Also where do you live in poland? (I hope you don't mind me asking, I was just wondering because you seem to be a very interesting person :D)

I would love to do something that would actually have something to do with my studies, so working in a sports club would be perfect. I definitely dont wanna stay in Poland though, I’m planning on starting masters degree and that already abroad. I feel like i would have more chances of finding a good job like this somewhere outside of Poland. Plus the master degree that I wanna do wouldn’t be sports management so what I’m doing now, but more in the direction of sports psychology. :) and I currently live in one of the biggest cities in Poland :D quite close to the borders with Czech Republic and Germany 😁

Auschwitz and the Death Camps - Joshua Farrell | History |622368075

Auschwitz and the Death Camps
Joshua Farrell
Genre: History
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Publish Date: March 17, 2013

This book is all about Adolf HItler and his worst creation, Auschwitz. Auschwitz was a brutal hell hole for Jews, Communists, Homosexuals, Gypsies and Jehovah’s Witnesses. He rose to power when Germany was at its lowest;  in 1939 he attacked Poland and started World War II. He is the most infamous dictator of all time and was responsible for the death of more than 11 million people. 

Lewandowski, Robben goals put Bayern back on top

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Lewandowski, Robben goals put Bayern back on top

Robert Lewandowski struck twice and Arjen Robben netted with a rare diving header as champions Bayern Munich came from a goal down to win 3-1 at Mainz 05 to reclaim top spot in the Bundesliga on Friday. The Bavarians have 30 points from 13 games, ahead on goal difference of promoted RB Leipzig who host Schalke 04 on Saturday when Hertha Berlin, third on 24, travel to VfL Wolfsburg. Hot-shot Poland international Lewandowski has now scored twice in each of his last four visits to Mainz, a league record.

Bayern went behind after four minutes when powerful Colombian striker Jhon Cordoba charged past Javi Martinez and drilled an unstoppable low shot past keeper Manuel Neuer. Lewandowski equalised four minutes later with a tidy finish from a fine through ball by Robben.


The burning of Morena in the Slovak movie Rok na Dedine, 1967

Morena, also called Marzanna and Morana, is a straw-made effigy and the main character in a series of rituals practiced by West Slavs, namely Slovaks and Poles, at the end of winter. She is considered the incarnation of the pre-Christian Slavic goddess of winter and death going by the same name. It is believed that the goddess Morena was considered a death-rebirth deity by the Slavs, associated with various myths but almost always linked to Jarilo; her husband hailed as the god of vegetation, fertility, and spring, and who as well was seen as a death-rebirth deity. The sacrificial death of Morena brought upon the resurrection of Jarilo, which is why to this day West Slavic people burn and drown an effigy of Morena in hopes of ending a harsh winter and introducing a bountiful and fruitful spring.

“Dearest Lina, my beloved Children! I hope that this letter will never leave my safe. However, both as a soldier of the Führer and as a good husband and father I have to consider all possibilities. The Führer of our Greater Germany, Adolf Hitler, whose handshake earlier this evening continues to burn in my hand, has already made the great decision: tomorrow morning at 4.45 am the German armies will march into Poland; the Reichstag will convene at 10 am. I do not believe that anything will happen to me. But if fate chooses differently then all my worldly possessions shall be yours… Dearest Lina, I believe that even though the past weeks have been impossibly difficult for both of us (notably your lack of faith in me has, due to its unclear foundation, profoundly hurt me), they have nevertheless deepened and strengthened our relationship. Educate our children to become firm believers in the Führer and Germany; to be true to the ideas of the Nazi movement. Make sure that they strictly adhere to the eternal laws of the SS, that they are hard towards themselves, kind and generous towards our own people and Germany and merciless towards all internal and external enemies of the Reich… My dearest Lina, I am not without faults. I have made mistakes, both professional and human, both in thought and in deed, but my love for you and my children is boundless. Please remember our life together with respect and fondness. And once time has healed the wounds, you must give our children a new father. But he has to be a real man (ein Kerl), the kind of man I aspired to be. In endless love, Heil Hitler, Reinhard.”

(Heydrich’s testament, drafted as a private letter to his wife and signed at 2 am on 1 September 1939, less than three hours before the beginning of the German invasion of Poland.)

Half of Europe decided it would like to fight for King and Country for me.

I won the Hundred Years War, got a random Union over Portugal, enforced a Union on the Kalmar Union, and then Bohemia and Austria’s old kings died heirless, so I won two succession wars against Poland for them.

Also I became Emperor when I formed a Union with Austria, so long live the Emperor!

Get fucked, Europe.


Highly privileged American teenagers: “The material conditions under capitalism contribute greatly to my anxiety on a daily basis!  Communism is the way to go!!!”

People that have actually lived–or are currently living–under Communism (or Marxist leaders):





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there's a really beautiful girl who i have a crush on and she has a crush on me back but she lives in poland and i live in the us and she doesn't do long distance relationships and i'm just crushed

Ohh hunny im so sorry!! If she is important to you try to keep a friendship and maybe one day you can meet her! But if it is hurting you it’s ok to distance yourself a little

Snow probably started out in Belarus or Poland when he first came to the human realm. Frost came first to France when he went to this world. And Blizzard was at first in the US.

So basically when asked which country they are from, those will be the answer. Like they did travel a lot and can be in any country as for now, but it’s what one would consider their ‘nationality’. Not like they could just simply say ‘I’m from hell’ – Frost would probably but the other two will stick to those countries.

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Got volunteered by @dancingscorpiodearie​, thanks for thinking of me fam! ;)

1. Your ultimate ship? Swanfire from Once Upon a Time (I’m still really salty about how that turned out, and then Neal’s death…ugh). Robin/Raven from Teen Titans is a really close second.

2. All time favourite tv series? Hmm…no comment.

3. What series are you watching currently? Scorpion, iZombie, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, the 100, Humans, Sherlock, Gotham, The Tomorrow People, Once Upon a Time (barely, probably gonna drop off soon), Supergirl  (might drop off tbh). Probably a lot I’m forgetting.

4. What is your favourite 1D rumour? Never cared about 1D, so I don’t have one.

5. Where would you want to live? I love my country, but Poland would be cool to live in too so it’s my second pick.

6. What was the first song you listened to today? “History Has Its Eyes On You” from Hamilton.

7. What is your dream job? Writer, but also cop and/or prosecutor.

8. What is your actual job? I’m in driver’s ed, and busy with stuffs so yeah no job currently.

9. How you define “love”? Love, no matter what kind it is, romantic or platonic, is wanting and doing what is best for the other no matter the cost to yourself. Romantic love is finding someone who would never willingly hurt you, and while both of you will screw up, you would do anything for each other and will always try to be there for each other, only extremely extenuating circumstances would keep them from doing so (like a coma, or something just as serious, you get my drift).

10. Favourite super hero?  Nightwing, he’s adorable and my cinnamon roll and fight me.

11. Favourite book? A Song of Ice and Fire, Artemis Fowl, Seven Realms, Wonder, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Peter and the Starcatchers, Forest of Hands and Teeth trilogy, Fablehaven, Harry Potter, Unwind series, Pendragon series, the Kingkiller chronicles, The Last Survivors (first three books, the fourth does not exist no matter what anyone says, the Dark-Hunter series (quite a few books, but some I dislike), the League series (again, some books others not really, Ovid’s Metamorphoses. I read a lot, and have likely forgotten many.


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 Polish Folk Rituals for the Dying and the Dead; a project by artist Berenika Kowalska made from wycinanki, a type of papercutting folk art native to Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus.

1. The loreto bell and the overturned stool: during this time prayers to God and all the Saints are said for the person dying asking for a quick death and for God to have mercy on the individual. A loreto bell, also called the bell of St. Barbara is rang simultaneously, as folk belief  insists that this notifies the soul to leave the body. If the person has been suffering for long a family member may head to the local priest asking him to ring the church bells in order to persuade the soul to cross over. As a sign of mourning and to prevent the departed soul from getting close to the dead body again, a stool is turned upside-down in front of the body. It was traditionally believed that soon after death the soul still wanders around the deceased and may try to enter the body again, which could turn the person into an undead being known in Eastern Europe as a vampire.

2. The obituary: in order to inform people that a family member has passed-on the house is decorated with various folkloric and religious objects. On the door a large crucifix is hung and other objects are placed around it such as holy metals, ex-votos, images of holy figures, black mourning bows, and birch twigs. These decorations serve for the purpose of people who pass by to maintain seriousness and to show respect for the deceased. Traditionally, they were also a sign of caution, as it was believed the house of the recently deceased might be an area where dangerous acts of magic by the dead may take place.

3. Stopping of clocks and a votive candle is placed in the hands of the deceased: a lit votive candle that has been blessed on the feast of Our Lady of Candlemas, is placed in the hands of the recently deceased as a sign of reconciliation with God, and the eternal light that is believed to lead the soul to the afterlife. The clocks in the house are stopped as to not disturb the peace and quiet of the recently deceased, for earthly time has passed for them. Another folk belief says that clocks are stopped in order for the clock to not become confused, and to start counting-down/influencing further [premature] deaths of relatives living in the house.

4.  The gown of the dead: a special ritual is dedicated to the dressing of the deceased. Traditionally a person was dressed in a long white linen shirt called a Śmiertelnica or a death gown. Girls, young boys, those engaged, and those newly-wed were dressed up in wedding clothes. Dead virgin females were dressed in white with their hair let loose, as loose hair in Slavic cultures is generally associated with virgins or unmarried women. 

5. The covering or mirrors: after the person has died mirrors in the house are covered. Until very recently in Poland the coffin was often held in homes and venerated by relatives, and it was especially important for the mirrors in the room the coffin was in to be covered. It was dangerous for the reflection of the dead person to be seen in the mirror, and especially their eyes, as it could lead to the person being stuck in the mirror or the reflection of their eyes could bring misfortune to people in the household.