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Sorry to butt in but brizzbee's initial response did sound entitled. And "our society" is which society and where? 'Cause it's a world of difference re the society in SF/US for them and in Poland for you, and even in Sweden for me. And like, regardless of SH being set in NY where being queer is a lot more accepted, SH is set in a spn/fantasy world where homophobia is prevalent. So you can't apply w/e US society rules that exist in 2016 onto it.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant when I said that it sounded very invalidating. I wanted to keep it on the low, but oh well. Butt in all you want tbh since it’s plastered all over my blog now.

my flight back to the bay

so i’m on an american airlines flight back to the bay from nyc and i’m sitting next to an older white lady with a nice accent. i asked her where she is from and she told me poland. she asked what’s my background and i told her greek and african-american. she pauses and looks at me and says “you look very bleached out”…. 

So Poland has effectively banned abortion

Realtalk, I’m genuinely curious to see how that will work out for them on a genetic/social level. This is an interesting experiment and the success/failure of Poland could shape the future of the Abortion debate for years to come.

(Disclaimer: While I find abortion morally abhorrent despite being irreligious, I recognize that it may offer societal good, thus I’m still undecided on the issue)

THE ORDINARY Oriental Chapel with faaantastic cupola that should be admired cause it really sex appeals and provokes thinking about most adorable beauty Christ incarnated on Rublev canvas
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This is a great way to raise awareness through art! Every day Amelka struggles against many illnesses caused by genetic defect. She has a rare genetic defect called Chromosome 20 Mosaic. Apart from everyday rehabilitation, psychologic and logopedic classes she takes part in many activities. Many variable incentives besides, she wears corset at night - this is the only way to avoid scoliosis. One of her eye has to be concealed. Amelia loves the different textures: carpets, blankets (it has a few favorite Lightly and pastel pink colors), likes the sand, water - loves to swim, also with pet: dolphins. She loves animals: dogs, horses, cats, panda. From animals which knows of the images he likes cows, elephants, tigers, lions, crocodiles, monkeys. She likes numbers and letters and music. With toys she likes yellow school bus.

Check out the fb page!

This is a great family that loves her, thank you again for letting me participate in making some art for your daughter!

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I HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING THIS BLOG FOR OVER 3 YEARS WHERE DO I EVEN FUCKING BEGIN!!!! Originally it was because I thought u were a personal, then I found out you were a fucking /fantastic/ aph Poland rp blog. Then I literally grew this admiration for you so strong my high school friends was sick of me talking about 'this aph Poland rp blog.' But seriously this blog, and all your other blogs are so fantastic in terms of writing and development. It showed me you can have your own interpretation. uwu


Saturday Circus:) Yes, This Is My Monkey

Saturday Circus:) Yes, This Is My Monkey

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” This is my circus, this is my monkey.” ~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis ********************* In Poland, there’s an idiom, Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy … literally, “not my circus, not my monkey;” figuratively, “not my problem.” We are quick to say this is not my problem, let someone else worry about it. Guess what? We are all on this planet together, all in the same circus, and this is our…

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