Ochako: Tsuyu, I think Deku is cheating on me.

Tsuyu: What? That lying bastard. Wait. How do you know?

Ochako: I don’t have any actual proof.

Tsuyu: Oh, then I’m sure he’s not cheating on you.

Tsuyu: And if he is, he’s a monster.

Tsuyu: And if he’s not, you two are great together!

Tsuyu: But if he is, I will kill him.


Because @d-s-winchester and I will be posting our very first collab this week! This is my first collab with anybody, so I’m doubly excited. And the fact that it’s Ashley? Make that triple excited! 

We have selected a list of five Taylor Swift songs (one for each day, Monday through Friday) which we will use as inspiration for one-shots. Now, this isn’t your traditional collab where we’re each writing part of the same fics; we’ll each be writing individual one-shots for each song on it’s respective day. We’ll go with whatever idea or character comes to mind – the goal is to showcase the diversity of writing, even from two writers whose usual pieces are similar. 

The great news is, because the songs are inspiration for the stories, you don’t even have to be a T. Swift fan to love what we post! 

Check out Ashley’s master list here and my master list here while you wait in anticipation for the first fics tomorrow … then get ready because we’re gonna be comin’ at ya like

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friendly reminder that biphobia is not a form of systemic oppression, but a very harmful form of discrimination that bi people face.  there is no systemic oppression supported by power that works against people who are attracted to multiple genders, only people who are attracted to their own gender.

therefore if you’re cis and not attracted to your own binary gender but insist on calling yourself bisexual, that’s fine but you’re not oppressed as a bisexual person. you face biphobia, which is a horrible form of discrimination and can make your life incredibly difficult and affect you deeply, yes. but this is not systemic oppression backed by government power and legislation. i’m tired of seeing people throw the word “oppression” around when they clearly don’t understand what it is.

another note: @ ace tumblr stop dragging bi people into your arguments and claiming that this side of the discourse is biphobic just because we understand the difference between oppression and discrimination. a good chunk of us are mga, including me lmao


EDIT: i’m not saying bi people aren’t oppressed i’m saying bi people aren’t oppressed under biphobia..bi people who are systematically oppressed are oppressed due to their same-gender attraction, not their multiple-gender attraction. therefore cis people who do not experience sga but are bisexual experience biphobia, which is discrimination, but not oppression

(。・∀・)ノHello Dears! Splitting the 2 AU’s up. We need more well written Dystopian!AUs! 


  • Aegis - in case any of you have yet to read this; it’s an amazing read.
  • Edge Of You And Me - i love this so muchhhhh. if you’re a fan of edge of tomorrow, read it. 
  • Graceless Heart - you can never go wrong with parkourdeer.
  • Pocket Full Of Posies - have yet to read this, but it looks really promising.
  • Chocksi Prompt Requests 0.11.1 - i miss chocksi so much. ;-;
  • Put Your Venom In Me - the NODTT fest is a blessing for all kaisoo fans. this was like, gratez. i love. frottage, thigh sex, and all that good stuff. (warning: top!soo, minor character death)
  • Like Gravity - everyone needs a little elevator sex in their life. 
  • Case #283 - yassss; serial killer!ksoo and celebrity!nini. 
  • After The Rain - rich!soo (warnings: moderately graphic descriptions of torture and murder, minor character death)
  • Between Yesterday And Tomorrow (There’s Forever) - so many great fics at NODTT. ;-;

Post/Apocalyptic!AU (here)

  • Lost And Found - this is a very special post-apocalyptic fic. ;-) (warnings: top!soo, does this count as exhibitionism)
  • The Living Who Stopped Walking - as you can tell from the title; zombies.
  • To The Ends Of The Earth - short and sweet. not so much focus on the actual concept of “end of the world”, but more so on kaisoo’s love. 
  • Will You Stay With Me? - kaisoo only have each other in a world full of zombies. (warnings: mentions of sekai and krisoo)
  • Into The Sea - as quoted from admin H “Iove it!!! and i usually don’t read apocalyptic aus so yes (it’s good) :”)”.
  • Dust To Dust - i actually haven’t read this, but our princess admin y says it’s pretty darn good, and you can always trust here. :-)
  • Sundown - so short, but the ending is so sweet?? :,-(
  • Carpe Diem [Or Something] - i hate angst so much. (spoilers: hover)
  • To The Bone - post-apocalyptic. (warnings: mentions of self-harm, suicide attempt and rape, violence, age switch; spoiler: hover)
  • Beat // Sequel: Pulse - i love this series so much ;-;. based on warm bodies; nicholas houltttttttt. 
  • I Am Destroyer (I Am Lover) - tokyo ghoul!au. (warnings: minor character death)
  • Prey - ;-;

Have fun reading ~ (。・∀・)ノ

- Admin S