USUM Grand 3DS Finale! Confirmed Switch Z-Move!

Here’s another reason to get USUM: They are the last Pokémon RPG Nintendo 3DS games from GameFreak following Sun and Moon.

“This is the reason USUM has so much content in store for fans! It’s the last one before the great Switch crossover.”

However, Virtual 3DS Games is still on! That explains the release of 2DS XL

What’s to come?

Virtual Console: Pokémon SoulSilver and Heartgold

Virtual Console: Pokémon Crystal

A data miner has noted that a patch in the ROM files for the two new releases points accdientally contains language referring to Pokémon Crystal, and this is only further cemented by their title IDs on the eShop leaving a suspicious third “gap” right after them. Indeed, it already seemed odd and rather unbelievable that Game Freak would just leave out Crystal, and these findings only bolster expectations.

“Sinnoh Remakes will be on the Switch.” Confirmed

So get yourself a Nintendo Switch and don’t miss out on the 720p 2018 Pokémon RPG Games.

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I honestly don’t think I can even begin to describe my emotions right now, but I’m sure going to try.

With Ash being the only member of the original trio to be a consistent player in each saga, we’ve had the unique opportunity to watch him grow and develop as a trainer.  And that’s great; he’s come so far, and it’s been great to follow his journey and growth for the last 20 years.

And now, after so many years, we see just how far his first companions, Brock and Misty, have come since their debut 20 years ago, too.  Everything about these exhibition matches was amazing, but best of all were the keystone reveals–to see Brock and his first Pokémon having reached amazing heights, and to see Misty having not only conquered her fear of Gyarados, but now command one at its strongest.

These are characters that I grew up with in my highly influential years–the first characters that sparked my imagination and inspired me to follow my dreams and write.  And to see them again after all this time, and see how far they’ve come and how much they’ve been able to achieve, is simply indescribable.

I really wanna high-five whoever designed the Ultra Recon Squad for Ultra Sun and Moon cause there’s something about their design I really love. As you might have noticed they wear these funky coverings over their eyes. 

At first I figured they were just wearing it to look cool/creepy or to hide their identities. It was bugging me what it reminded me of. Then I realized they are basically wearing their equivalent of snow blindness glasses because the world they come from is so dark!

You can even see in the official art when they are in Ultra Megalopolis they aren’t wearing them!