When Monday is almost over

I’m totally channeling my inner Jesse in this sweet Team Rocket sweater from @pinkcitygram ! Thank you guys so much for the kickass swag! This is definitely one of my favourites! More to come! Get yours via their link in bio or by checking out their IG!

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Armored Lady Monday

Continuing with my “im hyped about sun n moon” month, my second favorite pokemon clawitzer as a sci-fi armor!

i wanted to make a medieval one after the last time was a sci-fi one but how do you do that claw man, in this case it works with electro magnets handled by her right arm, the joints you see in the dragon like claw are moved by her shoulder, elbow and back of the hand, the “mouth” of the claw is controlled by her fingers, yellow fingers control the 2 joints of the jaw, blue fingers control the top part, open mouth by opening your hand, close mouth by making a fist 

Hope you like it!


SURE! it’s 7am on Monday morning… but i haven’t slept yet! so that means it’s still Sunday to me and i’m totally NOT late posting this!!! ((.O [ ]O.)) GWAAHHHHH~!!! (-^ O^-) OHHH MAN!!! LOL! well~ regardless! here it is!!! The winning piece for MFM week three! <3 and yeah… i kinda cheated… (but can you really cheat when you’re running something though?!?! LOL!) but  @plinys , @aiambia , and @moonwalkingcrab all submitted Pokemon Go themed micro fics and i just… i just had to do something about it!!! LOL! so i didn’t really want to single just one of them out… so i just drew what seemed right to me! LOL! I debated not doing it, since Pokemon Go is everywhere right now… but then i reasoned that that was exactly WHY i should do it! i’m totally into it AND i like the idea of going back through my archive one day and saying “OMFG yeah! XD that was that time!!!” hahahhaha! (-^ O^-)

Still ~ in doing this theme though, i gave up doing some REALLY emotional stuff… and i’ve been going back through the last three weeks of submissions and i think i’m going to do a bonus week somewhere where i’ll pick something from among the old submissions! cuz there is just GREAT stuff in here!! <3

AMYWAY!!! (-O wO-) i really hope you guys enjoy this one!!! <3 <3 <3 Now i’m gonna go catch a few precious hours of sleep!!!! But i’ll be back on in a few hours to get us all ready for today’s Micro Fic Monday!!! (-^ O^-) so i hope your brains are stirring with little tiny sparks of ideas!!! I can’t wait to see what you all have in store!!! We’ve reach the one month mark!!! WOW!!! So great!!! <3 thank you all so much for making this so enjoyable every week!!! *INFINITE HUGS* be back shortly!!! LOVE LOVE!! <3 <3 <3

Micro Fic Monday info page LINKED RIGHT HERE <3
This weeks archive LINKED RIGHT HERE <3
Last weeks archive LINKED RIGHT HERE <3
Last weeks winning piece LINKED RIGHT HERE! <3

Armored Lady Monday

SO, im a huge fan of pokemon and Sun and Moon come out in amonth, so to indulge myself, ill make some pokemon themed armors until it realeases of my favorite pokemon! 

first and foremost mofokin blastooooise, my absolute favorite pokemon! lemme tell you turtles are my 2nd favorite animals and blue is my fav color and this dude is a tank blue turtle man i couldnt ask for more in a pokemon

i went with a more futuristic/sci-fi ish armor cus i couldnt handle having a turtle shell on medieval armor and not feel like the person inside would get either crushed by the weight or thrown back and not being able to get up, i gave em 2 big swords so they would emulate the canons and her jetpack is the turtle shell, so, hope you like it!