Was talking some FE pokemon stuff with some friends and I jokingly suggested Giratina as Grima!Robin’s Pokemon, be it alternate form in one AU or his lead pokemon in another AU, the idea kinda stuck on me and…hey, two centipede god-like monsters with the power to destroy the world? Perfect match. Not counting the other form giratina has, haha

Can be tied into this FEA Pokemon group  also discussed/made by friends of mine

With my Mega Stone and Pokemon Type pendants finished, I’m continuing my pokemon trinkets with pokeballs! Thanks to pokemon-global-academy for the suggestion!

I’ll once again be adding these in groups of four, so keep an eye out if you have a favorite like the Love Ball of the Premier Ball. If these are popular enough I may make the balls from the anime too, Like the GS Ball. :)

Pendants by trinket Geek

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Field Guide to Kanto

Prepare your bodies and holiday wish lists.

This labor of love from the folks at Fangamer and artist Kari Fry is exactly what it claims to be. A complete field guide with pictures for the first 151 Pokemon from the Red/Blue/Yellow era. 

This 158 page must have tome for any Pokemon trainer is available in hardback and paperback versions starting at $23 here. I want I want I want! [❤]