In this episode, I try to catch a Taillow, because Flying types are always useful. It turns out to take longer than I thought though. so I have to skip ahead until I run into one.

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Characters: Aogiri | Archie, Matsubusa | Maxie
Additional Tags: Winged!Maxie, Masturbation, Alternate Universe - Wings, Archie is absolutely smitten, Also he’s kinda an ass, Maxie just wants to be normal, MAXIE’S WINGS ARE SO SENSITIVE

Maxie always made his distaste for water painfully obvious, and Archie thought it was just that- a distaste. When Archie decides to test Maxie’s hydrophobia, he figures out the hidden reason behind his fear, and oh dear kyogre, that reason is stunning.


What? What?! I actually made another chapter? Hell yeah, I did, and I totally intend to make more. Yeah, I know, it’s been more than two years. But like, forgive me maybe? Lmao. Depression is fun. Anyways, I hope the new chapter can make up for it, and the fact that I definitely intend to write more if not tonight then tomorrow. Love you all! 

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