Mega WTW June 21st: Rainbow Pride Edition!

This week we’re showing off some pride with these Rainbow themed shinies! One shiny for each color of the rainbow (plus a couple extra!). For the next 24+ hours, you have the chance to come across one of these Pokemon on Wonder Trade!

And of course… it wouldn’t be a true Pride giveaway without the one… the only... Rainbow Pokemon Ho-Oh!

For mobile users who can’t see all the pictures, the Pokemon are: Doublade, Cottonee, Buizel, Salamence, Ferroseed, Audino, Alolan Muk, and Ho-Oh.

My IGN is Masako, If you receive one of these Pokemon off of Wonder Trade, be sure to submit a picture of it to me. Doing so will earn you a couple of bonus shinies!

There will be a GTS giveaway for these guys on Friday. Please don’t deposit ahead of time,

Good luck and happy wonder trading!