Ash is aging and why this mean Greninja will return in Sun and Moon.

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You know I am really really sad and upset that the writers got rid of Ash Greninja but then I realize that this may not the last of Greninja. Now you may be a bit confused at the title. After all, it already been established that Ash will be 10 in the anime, so why would he suddenly grow older now? Well, this lead me to a theory based off this interesting piece of dialogue I found when playing the demo of Sun and Moon. 

Now we all know that the anime follows the games more or less, so this is really huge. Think about it.  When Ash goes to Alola in the anime he is seen going to school with the trial captains and Lillie.  So if you have to be 11 to compete in the the rite of passage, this would explain why Ash is immediately going to school instead of instantly going through the rite of passage. Plus this ties in more with the plot of the Sun and Moon game on how a kid from Kanto region move to Alola and compete in the Island Trials.  But how does this tie in with Greninja returning? Well there are a couple of reasons why Greninja will return in Sun and Moon

1.  Greninja appears in the Sun and Moon Game 

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Sure, at first Ash Greninja could be appearing in the Sun and Moon game as a exclusive pokemon, but I think it’s more then that.  I believe that Greninja appears in the game because it may be hinting that he will come back in the anime. After all, pokemon like Volcanion was a pokemon you can receive due to the fact that it appeared in the XYZ movie. 

2.  Greninja complete his mission

Like I mentioned earlier, there may be a possibility of Ash actually aging and turning 11.  If that the case, then Greninja should have completed his mission by then. After all,  Zygarde just says that he require Greninja to help him and Squishy to rid Kalos of the remaining rampaging vines.  So obviously once Greninja helped got rid of all the plants he would go back to Ash. So by the time Ash turns 11, Greninja will have completed his mission and then travel to Alola to meet up with Ash.


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If there’s one thing that Pokemon know how to do, it’s how to make money.  So surely Pokemon would have Greninja return to make even more money. After all, it wasn’t voted the number pokemon in Japan for nothing (source:http://nintendonews.com/blog/greninja-pokemon-general-elections/). 

4. Ash have reunited with Pokemon he have left behind 

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Now I’m not talking about Pokemon he have left behind at Professor Oak, I’m talking about Pokemon he have left behind somewhere else and how he have reunited with them. Granted, this have only happen with Charizard, but mostly due to his popularity.  So going back to number 3 and considering that Greninja is super popular, Greninja will definitely come back.

So in conclusion, I believe that Greninja will return. After all, it not like I’m trying to make up lies to tell myself so I don’t all angry and depress over Pokemon again.  Plus after having Ash lose the Kalos league and not making Amourshipping cannon, the staff can’t bet that dumb to permanently get rid of Greninja.

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My favourite thing about Pokemon XYZ is that there’s an episode where Serena’s doing her contest thing and it cuts to her mom’s Rhyhorn watching it on a laptop

But later in the episode we see that Serena’s mom Grace is actually at the contest watching from the audience

Nobody else lives at that home. Meaning that the Rhyhorn got a laptop on his own, punched in the web address hmself (or maybe got Fletchling to do it) and started watching his owner’s daughter be a contest star.

All on his own.

Damn that’s a smart Rhyhorn.

As promised, here’s Zygarde added to the other legendaries!

Zygarde doesn’t really have much of a part in X and Y but I think it’s pretty clear that Gamefreak have always had big plans for him. Even his pokedex entries is pretty much telling us that;

“When the Kalos region’s ecosystem falls into disarray, it appears and reveals its secret power”

The ‘secret power’ is probably another form that completely flips his stats to offense (I’m imagining a huge lizard-like dragon with massive wings, personally). Hopefully Pokemon Z gets announced soon, it’s going to be incredible.

I was going to do Diancie today too but I ran out of time, so I’ll do it tomorrow. :D

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