Can we all take a minute to appreciate how the Pokemon fandom is so angry right now that this next episode preview has 61,000 dislikes and counting and only about 1400 likes? I’m still laughing about it and it’s been almost a week. 


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A Journey of Friendship. Stand By Me until the end of XYZ.

My favourite thing about Pokemon XYZ is that there’s an episode where Serena’s doing her contest thing and it cuts to her mom’s Rhyhorn watching it on a laptop

But later in the episode we see that Serena’s mom Grace is actually at the contest watching from the audience

Nobody else lives at that home. Meaning that the Rhyhorn got a laptop on his own, punched in the web address hmself (or maybe got Fletchling to do it) and started watching his owner’s daughter be a contest star.

All on his own.

Damn that’s a smart Rhyhorn.

As promised, here’s Zygarde added to the other legendaries!

Zygarde doesn’t really have much of a part in X and Y but I think it’s pretty clear that Gamefreak have always had big plans for him. Even his pokedex entries is pretty much telling us that;

“When the Kalos region’s ecosystem falls into disarray, it appears and reveals its secret power”

The ‘secret power’ is probably another form that completely flips his stats to offense (I’m imagining a huge lizard-like dragon with massive wings, personally). Hopefully Pokemon Z gets announced soon, it’s going to be incredible.

I was going to do Diancie today too but I ran out of time, so I’ll do it tomorrow. :D

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Xerneas - Yveltal - Zygarde

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