My favourite thing about Pokemon XYZ is that there’s an episode where Serena’s doing her contest thing and it cuts to her mom’s Rhyhorn watching it on a laptop

But later in the episode we see that Serena’s mom Grace is actually at the contest watching from the audience

Nobody else lives at that home. Meaning that the Rhyhorn got a laptop on his own, punched in the web address hmself (or maybe got Fletchling to do it) and started watching his owner’s daughter be a contest star.

All on his own.

Damn that’s a smart Rhyhorn.

In the mood for the Ketchum family but with the tiny!Lara version of them, so here~! (it was therapeutic)

Friendly reminder!
It’s almost time for the 1st Anniversary of amourshipping canon! 💋
(get ready for when the date arrives!)

(side note, don’t rename Lara/pretend her name is anything different from Lara Ketchum, nor use her image to roleplay your own character. I’ve seen  people imposing their HCs on her and you have no right to do so; she’s my character. If you have a different preference, please just go and make your own fankid, but don’t impose your views on mine, thanks!)