Brock: What’s next? Ash becomes a Champion, and we all get on with our lives or search for something new. That’s always been the objective.

Cilan: I have this theory- don’t give me that look- I have this theory that we’re already Masters.

Lana: Pfft. Hey, did you hear that? Pfft. I’ve been trying to make that sound for-ever.

Tracey: I think Cilan’s right in a way. This has never been about “being the very best”. It’s about us. You, me…all of us. I think that’s why I’m here.

Lana: Little victories, Luke. Little victories.

Gary: I’m hoping for more massive, rambling diversions. Who wants closure? Let’s really stretch this sucker out.

Alain: Retirement? Of course. Eventually.

May: In the future, I’d like to see a world without contests. Ha! No. Joking.

Ash: Longer term…for me, I don’t really know. Not really thought about it. For everyone else-for my team-I’d settle for happily ever after. They deserve it.

Dawn: We haven’t even got started! Who knows what’s around the corner?

Luke: Group shot, everyone! Group shot! Everyone over here! Come on, chop chop! You too, Paul…I don’t care where everyone stands…so long as we’re all in it together.

Pokeani in a haunted house
  • Ash: acts really tough at first but gets really scared and screams at each jump scare
  • Misty: is reluctant to go but doesn't want to seem like a wimp
  • Brock: doesn't want to go in until he finds out the tour guide is a pretty girl
  • Tracey: is too scared to go in, instead just draws the actors and their Pokemon that are greeting the guests outside
  • May: grabs on to Drew for dear life the whole time until she freaks out and runs away and gets lost in the haunted house
  • Drew: is too busy laughing and protecting May
  • Max: is really scared but entertained by May's reactions
  • Dawn: screams the whole time but after says how much fun she had
  • Paul: isn't scared at all, accidentally punches an actor in the face
  • Iris: has a really good time and a lot of fun, is ecstatic about the scary dragon type themed room
  • Cilan: is brave enough to go in, but runs out as soon as he sees a Cheshire looking purrloin
  • Serena: has to literally be dragged into it
  • Bonnie: has so much fun and isn't scared at all, gets in trouble for touching everything
  • Clemont: is scared at first but then has fun analyzing all the animatronics