I forgot to post this earlier, during tcgiveaways’s PTSD Awareness Day Giveaway. Anyway, I was looking through the male Marills to gage how long it would take for TC to get to my Marill. Then I found this guy, which made me laugh a bit. Why?
In the Pokemon anime, Tracey is a Pokemon watcher. He owns a Marill, a Venonat, and a Scyther. Now, this guy on GTS, also named TRACEY, is asking for a VENONAT, and is offering a MARILL.


I cannot help but LAUGH about how silly this drawing is! I drew this WAY WAAAAAAAAAAY back for “The Pokemon Tower” when I was still in HS. I had an idea for how this was supposed to turn out but it looks more humorous than anything, first let’s bring up that the car’s perspective looks like they just flew in from the sky like some Magical anime show, 2nd Violet’s boobs are lopsided XD. WTH was I thinking!? XD


I always seem to forget a part of something to color in all my drawings, EVEN now! XD My perspective has at least improved now! (hence Tracey’s sketch book)

Pokeani Elementary School Part 2

Yeeeeee summer school is finally over so I am free to write more garbage headcanons!

So this is how I see the Pokeani characters as specials teachers in an elementary school. Those are like enrichment classes that students take in addition to their core classes in case you were wondering!

Iris: Physical Education - Iris is anything but a traditional PE teacher. Instead of letting the kids follow along to a dance video or do jumping jacks for an hour, she takes a much more imaginative approach. Think tree-climbing, vine swinging, and racing. They play a lot of sports, too, and Iris encourages healthy competition and teamwork. More often than not, the classes take place outside, and her teaching methods are less structured and more ‘let the kids experiment.’ Her classes are super high energy and a lot of fun, and they help students think about exercise differently. She also spends part of the year teaching students about healthy eating, and along with the school nurse, helps the students maintain a school garden where they grow healthy fruits and vegetables. 

Tracey: Art - No surprises here, Tracey makes a wonderful art teacher. He spends an equal amount of time teaching students about art history and allowing them to create their own artwork. He tries to help students appreciate beauty in the things they see around them everyday, so he often takes students to different parts of the school or outside to have them observe something that interests them and come up with a way to represent that artistically. 

Serena: Music - Serena is a very talented music teacher. She likes to expose the students to many different styles of music and many instruments as well. She believes that every student can be gifted musically, they just have to find the right fit for them. Serena works extremely hard every year to put on two musical performances. They include dancing, singing, instruments and sometimes acting. She tries to accomodate as many students as possible because they loooove getting the chance to show off their skills on stage. 

Clemont: Science Lab - So science is one of the core subjects that students get with their regular teacher, but there is also a supplemental science lab class where the students get extended time to work on a lab experiment that’s tied to whatever they are working on with their homeroom teacher. Science lab is ALWAYS an adventure with Clemont. He is super passionate about science and sometimes gets carried away with the lab experiments. BUT the students love Clemont and they love learning science with him, even if they leave his class a little scorched ;)

We need a pokemon game set in the orange islands with different patterned pokemon and Tracey Sketchit as your childhood friend

artificial-creations asked:

For the series thingy: Pokemon

  • Favorite male: James
  • Favorite female: Green/Leaf/Blue (Pokemon Adventures)
  • Least favorite: Tracey Sketchit or Youngster Joey. I can’t decide.
  • Who resembles me: Snorlax
  • Most attractive: Officer Jenny
  • Three other characters I like: Red (Pokemon Adventures), Red (game character) and Leaf (FireRed/LeafGreen)