Pokemon ask meme

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Lonely- Favorite song in a pokemon game?

Brave- Give me two pokemon to pick a favorite between: -blank- or -blank-?

Hardy- What was your first pokemon game and when?

Adamant- What role would you have if you lived in the pokemon world?

Naughty- If you had to choose, which villainous team would you be on?

Bold- What is your favorite pokemon game outside of the the main series?

Docile- Rate -blank- pokemon character 1-10

Relaxed- Where would you take a vacation in the pokemon world?

Impish- Which pokemon do you dislike the design of?

Mild- Secret bases, Underground bases, 

Lax- How would you spend your freetime in the pokemon world?

Timid- Your favorite pokeball?

Hasty- If you could cosplay any pokemon character who would you choose?

Serious- Cool, you’re suddenly a gym leader. Which type is your specialty and what is your team?

Jolly- Who is your favorite character in any form of pokemon media?

Naive- Have you played any Pokemon rom hacks or fan games?

Modest- Take a selfie with your pokemon merch

Quiet- Your favorite pokemon of -blank- type(s)

Bashful- Any pokemon ships?

Rash- Who is your favorite pokemon Go team leader?

Calm- If you could summon any one legendary pokemon, which would it be?

Gentle- If you were a pokemon trainer, how would you take your journey?

Sassy- What would be your favorite pokemon food?

Careful- Have you ever played your games in nuzlocke mode?

Quirky- Come up with a concept for a pokemon with new type combo



Guzma: Ku, I have to get going. If I don’t get to Po Town before the grunts wake up, the place is gonna end up in flames or somethin’

Kukui: Guzma– Please just… Five more minutes, kahi? (alright?)

Guzma: *Feels Kukui wrap his arms around his shoulders* And here I thought your clingy side was gone, hm…? 

Kukui: I just hate seeing you leave… *Hugs him tighter* 

Thank you Pokémon

Pokémon have many Characters…

The Special one

The Unforgettable 

Those who you wish to return

The Forgotten,but have a special place in our heart

The impossible to not love

The Annoying one,but we love him anyway

That a little too excited,But it is important for us

Character who all hate,but there are those who love him

The “Thief” of places,but we love him anyway

That one that we still learning to love

The maniac one

The adorable one

Pokémon made me…



We started to ship many characters:

But we don’t dislike characters because of it:

                                        Thanks pokémon

Thanks for everything

and happy birthday for the anime <3 I tagged the shippings because i like taggin

Just a reminder, Misty’s romantic feelings for Ash are canon based on her interactions with him throughout the course of the OS. Ash’s romantic feelings for Misty are slightly less but still quite canon based on his interactions with her throughout the course of the OS.

Pokeshipping is long and trying the most mutual of any Ash-based ship. No long-lasting female companion has gotten Ash to react to them the way that Misty has. He hasn’t referred to any other girl as fated to meet him, hasn’t gotten jealous over them, hasn’t treated them with any significance or difference compared to other female companions. Misty is the only one.

Whether or not Word of God was involved, this makes Pokeshipping the most canon Ash-related ship in the series and, on top of that, definitely provides enough evidence towards Misty’s genuine romantic interest in Ash.

Just thought I’d remind some people. Lol.