Little reasons why Alola might become my favorite region.

1. Very bias opinion, because it’s a tropical island, and I live on an island as well. Although I don’t live on Hawaii, I think I’m gonna feel at home in this region.

2. Circus Starters

Rowlet looks like a fruit, it’s got a bowtie, and it’s got the fun 180 degree headturn. Popplio is the most obvious. It looks like the traditional clown seal look. Litten is a little vague. At first, it looks like a simple black cat, but I predict it’s gonna turn into a TIGER pokemon! ALSO by looking at these starters, I honestly have no idea which to choose, this is a first for me. I’ve always picked grass and water starters, but Litten looks promising. I never picked fire starters, I kit you not. I can’t even imagine how their evolutions would look like.


4. Skin tone! The third is definitely my color. Do I see a faint lip line?

5. Water, Flying, and Grass type opportunities DOLPHIN POKEMON

6. No longer chibi. The bit sprites and chibis will always have a place in my heart, but We finally have full realistic body anatomy!

7. That guy up there^^^Rival dude? He looks like someone I would see in my neighborhood. He looks like someone I would see in school.

8. Also, referring to Professor Kukui saying ‘cousin’, it doesn’t have to mean the mc is related to Kukui, even if you aren’t related, people might call you ‘cousin’ or something close to that. 


made a new, cleaner art reference post with the team leader art from the game files + professor again. it will look fuzzy auto-resized in tumblr but you can click them for the full clearer size.

left out the logos because im pretty sure everyone knows what those look like by now hehe, but theyre on the original post along with the original leader silhouettes which have been removed from the game.