//ok so my theory is that palkia’s dismissive attitude is the key to every quirk in the lore

//so hear me out. here comes Arceus, who is newly hatched and ready to make the world

so Arceus makes a couple Pokemon for differing tasks

Xerneas to create life

Yveltal to end it

the original dragon who was all truths and ideals 

Dialga who made and maintained time

and  Palkia who was in charge of matter and the physical world

(Also Giratina was a byproduct of Palkia as Giratina represents antimatter which can only exist with matter to balance)

now each of these legendaries makes their own legendaries to assist them

Xerneas makes Mew to be the forefather of all life

Yveltal makes the forces of nature to aid in the necessary destruction of all things

the original dragon makes the sprites and spirits like Mesprit, Victini, Meloetta, Jirachi, all to represent qualities of its truths and ideals (emotion, victory, music, wishes)

Dialga makes Celebi to guide life through time (maybe the eon guardians ‘dunno)

what does Palkia make?

‘what does Palkia make’ isn’t the question

it’s what doesn’t Palkia make

Sea? boom! giant whale to do the sea. Land? boom! lobster with anger issues. Sky? boom! dragon who eats meteorites and shits megastones. you need thunder, fire, ice, water and EVEN MORE seas guardians? Palkia made a fresh batch of those, moon sun stars all taken care of

so with all these gods to take over different parts of reality what does Palkia have to do?

nothing! it’s no longer his problem, he’s already made someone else to do it for him

now THIS is the attitude that causes trouble

“oh look, Arceus is banishing my closest brother to his own twisted world? not my problem”

“oh, my land and water guardians are wreaking havoc? not my problem I made a sky guardian to take care of that”

“shrine burnt down?  not my problem, Ho-oh this is your chance to make your own workers, trust me it’s great”

“giant titan who I made to move continents is on a killing rampage?  not my problem, humans will sort that out”

basically, 60% of all conflict is based on Palkia going:

people who have the patience to catch legendary pokemon in these special balls we only get ONE of have the patience of saints and i inherited the desire but none of the patience so i am putting myself through great suffering atm

the thing that kills me abt the pokemon games is that theres all these legendary pokemon out there a lot of ppl arent even sure they exist theres legends thousands of years old about them no one has seen or caught them right

this eleven year old kid turns up and this kid has been a pokemon trainer for like a week before they singlehandedly catch all of these figures of legend and send them to box 1

                  tfw humans in pokemon   DEHUMANIZE LEGENDARIES/ULTRABEASTS   by calling them ‘monstrous creatures with insane chaotic power’ when really they are the ones frightened by the humans who   ABUSE THEM AND THEIR POWER   for world domination. anabel knows big time of their misfortunes and pretty much why she doesn’t fear them.


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