Not entirely pleased with this (to be honest, I am quite disappointed in the outcome), but goodness, this new Pokemon is not fun to draw. The design is kinda cute though. Kinda reminds me of a Klink and Diancie fusion, or a Pokeball inspired magical girl. Excited to see more Magiana in the future!

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Uh... Who a-are you guys? I uh... got lo-lost and meeting s-some mons c-could ease me a b-bit.

“And that loser over there is my companion Brine!”


“Anyways me n’ Brine are kind of escorts for the people who come across this forest.”

“Because uh, there’s a.. uh.”

“Dangerous mon’ at the forest’s core.”

“Yeah! What he said!”

“.. So lost you say? I could guide you out of these woods- Or if you want to it’d be pretty cool to hangout!”

“It’s been ages since I’ve done that with a mon’ other than Brine oh gosh!”

Team Plasma scattered after the events of B2 and W2.  Everyone thought they were gone for good, until now.  Team Plasma is now officially open and finally fighting the good fight to bring a wholesome and interactive experience to Pokemon Go!

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We are a Pokemon Go blog-

This blog, and the others like it, are blogs aimed at bringing the Pokemon Go community together for a more user-driven, interactive and fun experience during Pokemon Go’s runtime.  As an active Go blog, we’ll regularly post update on events, meet-ups, contests, giveaways, news, and more all concerning the mobile addition to the Pokemon franchise.


Through Team Plasma and our friend blogs, We aim to bring the Pokemon Go community together to meet, wether online or in real life, to share and enjoy the Pokemon Go experience- together.  


Following in the footsteps of our friends, Team Plasma aims to work towards the powers of good by promoting and supporting Charities to preserve Wildlife and provide care and shelter for abused animals, as well as help to liberate those helpless many who still need to be freed from their abuse.  (We promise we mean it this time!)  But don’t worry if you can’t spare anything, there’s no pressure to if you can’t; as we provide opportunities now, we will always try to provide opportunities in the future.

We encourage all our members to be active and share their experiences, theories, photos, anything really relating to Plasma and Pokemon Go.  But if you’re a little shy, don’t worry, you aren’t obligated to contribute anything wether you’ve filled out an application or not.  (Filling out an application gets you your own personal tag on the blog that you and others can use to track your Pokemon journey.)


All you need to do to join is fill out an application, which can be found in the links on our main blog.

Mobile bloggers can find the application here:


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Gems + Pokemon types! 1/? I did this just for fun, and out of boredom. I just selected the types that I felt were most suitable for each gem. The top type is their main type, while the one underneath is their sub type. I had a lot of fun with Ruby and Sapphire and combining their types into Garnet! It’s canon in SU that Ruby’s fire + Sapphires ice = Garnet’s electricity, and I really like this idea with fusion using two different types to create a new type!