((I have been itching to play overwatch for a specific character, mostly because my dad and i watched too much gunsmoke and bonanza and clint eastwood this week… and i read overwatch content…and fics… and…and so have a character im making that i just think is cool but have no where to put him because low key i cant even pay attention to my second blog enough to do this… halp, also regular blogging will restart very soon with an explanation as to what exactly happened to pecha and penny at the event when they suddenly disappeared :| they got lost, explanation over, drawings to come, this ref may never see the light of day, my sweet sweet cowboy zoroark))

Help develop Donna!

I just uploaded a scrap of Donna. But I need her with her!

  • Personality!
  • Backstory

  • Last name (I was thinking of something Indian, but I’m open to others)
  • Even design!

Those who help out, I will credit and thank them in the Final pic; and do a signal boost for them!

Love ya guyz!

link: https://babymewtworeplies.tumblr.com/post/148132524655/working-on-a-new-character-will-update-later

consider this:

joker takes bruce’s phone when he’s not looking and downloads pokemon go, names the character BigBatdaddy69 and plays for a while. when he gives the phone back, bruce finds a series of spearows, all nicknamed “evolve me”

three days later, bruce is lvl 19 with a fucking tank Fearow and joker hasn’t stopped laughing

Miraculous Ladybug Characters Playing Pokemon Go

Marinette says she doesn’t have much time for it, but Ladybug is flattered that her statue is a gym, and may or may not have asked that a few of her favorite spots in the city get the pokestop treatment. Names all her pokemon nice things and loves them, even her pidgyes. 

Alya has Ladybug’s gym on lock with a scizor named Lois Lane. She probably has a first degree burn on her pointer finger from the strain, but WORTH IT. Has tracked down Ladybug’s ‘Pokestops, Please’ list and is trying to triangulate it to figure out where Ladybug might live. (Not realizing that chat contributed a few). At least she’s got a lot of exp wandering possible neighborhoods. 

Nino loves meeting new people and making his pokemon names memes. May or may not have a contest running with Kim to see who can make the funniest one. 

ADRIEN IS GONNA BE THE VERY BEST/LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS. Seriously though, the game gives him something to do while at/driving to and from photo shoots. Knows exactly have many pidgeys he has because he numbered them from the start, because who bothers to name their pidgeys? Also, has nearly run out of pun names and has started hitting up Kim and Nino for them. Probably leader of the 'Expand to second gen’ crusade. Reason: ladyba is #165. 

Chloe refuses to be seen playing the nerd game, but has dragged Sabrina on a million 'shopping sprees’ and has suddenly become very interested in the historical sites of her great city. 

 Gaberial and Adrien’s phones are connected, so he gets whatever apps Adrein downloads. Opened the app and accidently caught something trying to close it. “Adrien, what is this 'pokemon go’ thing you downloaded?”

 "Uh, it’s a game.“ 

"Do you play as a 'pick a chu’?" 

"You…you have a pikachu?" 


And Adrien and his father did not speak for a week.

Ok, tagged by @a-la-orilla-del-rio​ !! (Well, tagged on my main, but I’m gonna do it here on my side blog.)

Rules: tag followers you want to get to know better.
Name: Jennifer
Nickname: I don’t really have any? Some irl people call me Jen, some people on tumblr call me doll bc of my username, and some people call me by my other username that I’ve used for like, 15 years now, thesaraghina, or some variation thereof, like saraghina or sara.
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Libra
Height: 5′8″
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Favourite Colour: purple
Time Right Now: 9:19am (<–when I started, this took me a while to finish)
Average Hours of Sleep: usually 3-6 at a time, though I often nap
Lucky number:  8
Last thing I Googled: what are legendary pokemon
Favourite Fictional Character(s): Saitama!!! Mugen (Samurai Champloo), Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop), Yamaguchi Kumiko (Gokusen), Moon & Stone (Raksura series), Baz Pitch (Carry On), my own OCs (my dolls, lol)
Number of blankets I sleep under: usually 1 sheet + 1 blanket. I’m usually too hot to sleep well x_x
Favourite Singer/Band:  right now, the Hamilton original cast lol
Dream Trip:  far away from bills and responsibilities
Dream Job:  independently wealthy recluse
When this blog was created: Dec 24, 2015
Current amount of followers:  163. I have a very small blog!
What do you post:  Almost entirely reblogs, mostly of saigenos stuff. Very rarely I post my own pictures or updates about fics, an occasional shitpost, and sometimes I just whine.
Who are your most active followers: don’t think I have any
When did your blog reach its peak: there is no peak on a tiny blog
What made you decide to get a Tumblr: I actually joined to follow art & stuff about some books I was reading at the time
Do you get asks on a daily basis:  absolutely not! I get one maybe once every other month, if I’m lucky.
Why did you choose your URL: I chose my main because I wanted something different than what all my other accounts all over the internet are, and since I’ve been into dolls for so long, well. dolltrash. made sense to me!

I’m supposed to tag people, but I really don’t know who to even tag? So please do it if you actually read this and want to, ok?

And since I’m sure no one’s read this far, I’m gonna post those pictures of myself I took recently, even though absolutely no one wants to see them. XD Maybe I’ll delete them later and just leave the rest of the post though, idk.

[edit] yyyyyeeeaaahhhh, went ahead and took the pictures down. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous said: could you imagine that new pokemon getting a super doting trainer thinking it has successfully disguised as a pikachu, only to have its wooden tail fall off one day, poor thing would have a panic attack over if their trainer will still want them i bet

okay arguably i got a little carried away BUT this idea was way too cute not to run with..! ;u;

i had considered making a comic with a child, but then i thought mimikkyu’s “““tail”““““““ would be a perfect height for a walking stick - and it makes them more huggable anyway!! or at least, sylvester thinks so ^q^