Pokemon Style

     [ Just realized that I never posted this here~ but fun fact, this is the very first drawing of Professor Kukui I ever did lol way back before the games even came out! 

     Surprisingly… I still kinda like it haha! ]

Primarina, Incineroar, and Decidueye in Don Bluth style!

They’re based off of his three favorite character types: Pretty Girl, Villain with Teeth, and Bird. Now just imagine the male trainer as a “Don Bluth Boyfriend” type and we’re set.


The four Pokémon dancers of the Alola region =D 

Oricorio with the four styles of dances =) 

Well I love animating dancing or bouncing birds so I couldn’t resist to animate them and it was really interesting as well, learned a lot about these dances ^^ 

Pom-pom style are really dynamic !!! 

In French Oricorio is called Plumeline =) 


Starting a series of semi-realistic storybook like illustrations of various Pokemon! The first three will be the first stage Johto starters and we’ll see what happens from there! 

There will also be some exclusive content for my Patreon supporters regarding this piece and the two still to come, so please check it out if you’re interested!

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