Pokemon RBGY

yellow arc in a nutshell
  • yellow: so all i have to do is find red?
  • green(f): yup yes totally 100% it's not like you're the only person in kanto who can defeat a murderous extremist who'll kill ninety percent of humans in their sleep in a few weeks im not taking advantage of how innocent you are cause you're an eight year old girl who lives in a forest and has no idea what her powers can really do nope totally telling you everything here's a hat now go find popsicle-senpai ill be watching with popcorn
  • yellow: ill do it fairy godmother :)
The most important quote from each arc
  • RBG: But if you treat with kindness, they can become your friends and partners. Don't be afraid of them.
  • Y: Your heart is in the right place, but you're fighting the wrong battle. I was guilty of the same thing once...
  • GSC: Others who received a pokedex had to answer the same question. One child called them our partners, while another described them as close friends. Tell me: just what are Pokémon to you?
  • RS: This disaster was caused by people. We cannot ask Pokémon to fix it for us.
  • FRLG: It's the ties we have with our family that makes us strong.
  • DPPt: But when they're together, they become complete. I understand that now.
  • HGSS: Team Rocket belongs to Giovanni. And Team Rocket doesn't exist without Giovanni.
  • BW: Don't you have a dream?