According to Zinnia in the Delta Episode, she mentions a different universe in which the Hoenn Region does not exist without Mega Evolutions because of AZ never using the weapon during the Kalos war. Because of this, it’s possible that the Alternate Universe she was talking about is the original Ruby and Sapphire games, without the technology from the Kalos war to stop the Meteorite if it gets transported to their universe.

This would create a branch in the Timeline that Toshinobu Matsumiya posted on Twitter a while back:

That could possibly mean that There are 2 timelines that split from the Weapon being used in the Kalos war and XY and ORAS are part of the Kalos weapon timeline while the other games are not. This could mean we might get a DPPt remake to add to the Kalos weapon timeline with megas and possibly a FRLG/HGSS remake too. This also means there might be a Kalos without mega evolutions(Demake?).

Another to take into consideration about the Delta Episode is that Steven talked about travelling the world and giving his Champion position to Wallace, we know that Wallace is champion in one Pokemon game:

Juan who takes Wallace’s place as 8th GYM Leader is nowhere to be seen in ORAS. 

One more thing is that the Battle Resort is the predecessor to the Battle Frontier from Emerald, as it is under construction.

So what does that mean?

It means…

DeltaEmerald might be coming, and it might be a sequel to ORAS. 

Feel free to correct me as I did this in less than an hour… 


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