Here’s a bunch of DRIFBLIMS. They’re all crossed with Pokemon from the amorphous egg group! I sketched these a while back, but I spent all day today coloring them in time for halloweeb…. Drifblim is one of my faves so this was really fun!


Here are some new fusions! I’m thinking of permanently reducing the amount of fusions to 4-5 per set so I can post them more regularly, since I still love making these!

I also want to thank everyone for their support and kind comments! I’ll try my best to be more active in the future, I got quite a few things I want to share with you guys soon!


Gardevoir fusions!!

I had a great time drawing all these. It was hard keeping it down to just 13! I’m taking requests for a wave 2; if anyone is interested, send me an ask or PM me~!

Froslass requested by @larareidenblarutan ; Sableye requested by @jellyrollin-yo ; Chikorita requested by @holyangel-1996