Please please please keep an eye on your pokeball amount. The game automatically switches to the next available pokeball type once you’ve run out and the game does not warn you if your last ball is the Master Ball.

I just watched a streamer who hasn’t saved in forever accidentally catch a tentacool with his Master Ball because he didn’t realize he ran out of every other type. Please save often and keep an eye on how many pokeballs you have.

tbh im kinda glad that a lot of the realistic pokemon in the detective pikachu trailer are high key teetering on the edge of uncanny valley because like.. these are fantasy creatures that sort of talk and shoot fucking electricity and vines and fire and psychic energy out their eyeballs, they SHOULD look weird and alien. psyduck is a pokemon defined by the fact that it is experiencing an unending headache that motherfucker better look like he has seen the rise and fall of civilization itself. mr mime is literally like three brain cells away from being straight up human the sight of one should make me uncomfortable.

basically what im saying is we have been spoon-fed woobified anime pokemon for too long. put the monster back in pocket monsters.


Honestly love how much thought was put into each and every pokemons walking animation

From slower pokemon like Slowpoke getting left behind to Porygon glitching out as it hovers along they all look exactly how I imagined them as a kid.

Say what you want about the game as a whole but I think we can all agree that following pokemon is great and deserves to be in every game

something I have desperately wanted to know since I was a kid, and am legitimately hoping the Detective Pikachu movie will answer for me: are pikachus actually tiny little things underneath all that fur and would they look like a drowned rat when wet