Pokeddexy catch up Part 2

Uuuuugh we’re getting into the ones that require a bit more explanation. Also, it’s worth noting that at this point in the game I was more concerned with getting the prompts done than anything else hahaha

Raichu totally counts for Electric Rodent right? Because I actually legitimately detest all of the other ones :T

Charizard Y is the superior OK. Love it’s design and it’s ability. Flygon is sort of almost a space holder for fav design, because I pick… all of my favs???? based off their design?? So it gets that spot since it didn’t really qualify for anything else but was still worth noting as one of my fav. Same deal with Swampert for “coolest” Pokemon.

Runner ups for fav legendary include Lugia and Mew. Joltik is objectively the cutest Pokemon. The only other Pokemon that comes close to the horror that is Cofagrigus is Shedinja. 

I’ll post the last two later, I still gotta scan them in.

POKEDDEXY Challenge Day 10 (Grass)

Grass is such a weird type name. Why not just call it Plant type?

Anyway, Trevenant here is my favorite Grass as of Gen 6. It doesn’t even have that “pokemon” look to it. I think it would fit right in as a monster with any other RPG. These guys are like haunted trees that have physical links to the entire forest, manipulating it to trap people who attempt to damage it. Sort of fitting, since Trevenants evolve from monsters that are literally tree stumps possessed by the sprits of children who got lost in the woods and died. Geezus.

Ground type tomorrow!


Favorite Ground Pokemon – Wishcash 


Although my favorite type is Poison, my favorite type combo is Water/Ground. Half because it makes people angry and half because all the Water/ground types so far have REALLY rad designs, Wishcash being a favorite of them 

It’s just so adorable 
I don’t generally like fish Pokemon either

Day 31, All Time Favorite- Froakie

In hindsight, this was pretty obvious.  I reblog a lot of froaks, my icon is a Froakie…but I want to justify this.

If you followed me last year, you may remember that my picks for favorite were a tie between Croagunk and Flaaffy.  They’re still very dear to me, and I love those two to death.

But not one week after I posted that picture, Pokemon X and Y was announced, and with it was the introduction of Froakie.  This foamy frog looks like what would happen if Croagunk and Flaaffy had a baby, and I adore it!

Not to mention the Hidden Ability Protean!  I had received one through the Wonder Trade (a massive thank you to whomever it was that send it to me), and I’ve been breeding Protean Froakies for trade, gifts, etc.  I love the Pokemon that much and I want to spread that love to other trainers.

So that’s it for this year!  Who knows what 2014’s roster will bring?  Some things may stay, some may drop from the list completely.  Until then, have a wonderful New Years, everyone!

PokedDeXY 2013: Day 3, Favorite Dragon Type

Honestly, Im not super keen on Dragons. They scare me a bit (sorry Nix!) and I almost was out of luck until I remembered my dad’s Altaria~ Who is, lo and behold, a dragon type. It’s why I picked up my Swablu~ I cant wait until she evolves!

[[I swear to Arceus i am the only person here that doesn’t like dragon Pokemon. >_>]]

POKEDDEXY Challenge Day 5 (Fairy)

Props to Game Freak for actually making the Fairies kind of cool. Pain in the butt to have to fight them using Dragons though. Dat immunity.

So, Carbink is a neat lil fella. Sort of resembles a cute rabbit made out of carbon and diamonds. Lived underground for millions of years before people started digging ‘em up. According to Bulbapedia, this monster is based on the mythical Carbuncle, which is said to live in South America and have a precious stone on its head. I actually think that the Lake Pixies from the Gen 4 games fit that description better, though, since their stones were red and are ACTUALLY sought after by a human.

But anyway, like I said, Carbink is pretty rad. Enchanted carbon chunks, man. Of all the things.

Fighting type tomorrow!


Favorite Flying Pokemon – Togekiss 


I’m not a huge fan of flying types, but there are exceptions! Togekiss being my favorite exception 

IF you don’t adore Togekiss and think it’s a dumb finish to the Togepi line I just feel sorry for you cause to me it’s perfection

Curly fluffy adorable perfection 

Day 11, Favorite Ground- Krookodile

Paraphrasing last year’s quote:

I don’t have a real deep meaning for why I like this Pokémon.  I think it’s pure aesthetics.  It’s a red croc with what looks like shades.  I love alligators and crocodiles (I live in a place with the former), and it just looks so cool!

There are a few things that are a soft spot for me, and gators/crocs are one of them.

The Krookodile from last year named Moxie?  Her name is now Rosa, and she was one of the hard hitters in Black 2.  Once she learned Outrage, going up against Iris was a breeze.


Honestly. I cheated on this. 

My favorite fire Pokemon is Moltres. But she’s just a legend (and hard to draw), so I’ve gone with a slightly easier to draw Pokemon, Charmander! I own a Charmander, and she’s a sweetheart, but with my mom cause she didn’t fit really well in the group. Still, doesn’t mean I don’t love her all the same~

[[Moltres is really hard to draw. in crayon.]]


I was a little surprised that I picked him instead of Chesnaught, but Breloom holds a really dear place in my heart. I always remember seeing them at the contests and really really wanting one. Might have to see if Shroomish can be found here in Kalos…

[[Hnnnngh~ I have a ton of Breloom feels. One of my first Pokemon I ever really bred out for competitive battling, and one of my overall favorite Pokemon. There’s just something amazing about a grass/fighting Pokemon~ saughfdiugahfd. And this is one of the rare drawings for this i am vaguely proud of! :3 GO ME~]]


Favorite Dark Type– Malamar


For a long time my favorite dark type was Sableye, but as soon as I saw Malamar it was one of my favorite Pokemon from Gen 6, and I had to have it on my team. It’s lethal in battle and i love that everyone thinks it’s part Water so I can just destory them

That and it’s design is SO RAD AHH EVIL CARTOON DOCTOR SQUID THING ;u; Also it’s kinda hard to get a solid pose for it so sorry for the semi stock image drawing