Day 31, All Time Favorite- Froakie

In hindsight, this was pretty obvious.  I reblog a lot of froaks, my icon is a Froakie…but I want to justify this.

If you followed me last year, you may remember that my picks for favorite were a tie between Croagunk and Flaaffy.  They’re still very dear to me, and I love those two to death.

But not one week after I posted that picture, Pokemon X and Y was announced, and with it was the introduction of Froakie.  This foamy frog looks like what would happen if Croagunk and Flaaffy had a baby, and I adore it!

Not to mention the Hidden Ability Protean!  I had received one through the Wonder Trade (a massive thank you to whomever it was that send it to me), and I’ve been breeding Protean Froakies for trade, gifts, etc.  I love the Pokemon that much and I want to spread that love to other trainers.

So that’s it for this year!  Who knows what 2014’s roster will bring?  Some things may stay, some may drop from the list completely.  Until then, have a wonderful New Years, everyone!

Day 30, Most Badass- Quagsire

Cutest pick evolves into most badass pic, oh yeah!

“Are you serious?” you ask, confused at my choice.  "The blubbery derpy thing is your most badass pick?“

But of course!  I won’t link back to what I said last year, but let me sum it up real quick:

  1. Squishy salamander baby has a good defense
  2. Its Damp ability prevents Self Destruct and Explosion from happening
  3. The Hidden Ability Unaware ignores stat changes, so it can take down your Speed Boost Blaziken easily.
  4. It has the ability to learn Ice moves to counter attack super-effective Grass Pokemon AND Dragons before the introduction of Fairy-types
  5. Electric moves don’t work on it
  6. It’s so cute, why would you hate it?

This baby is real close to becoming my favorite Pokemon of all time, since I gush over it so much, but there’s one that trumps it by a hair.  You’ll find out tomorrow!