It all comes down to this, Trainers—to be the best, you’ve gotta beat the best!

Get ready to go up against some familiar faces in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! http://bit.ly/2yWkulq

Pokémon GO - Things To Know!

Pokémon GO newest update has brought us a bunch of new features, hidden gems, and more!

More Details on the Pokémon GO: Master’s Guide by @megapokemonxy​ coming for #TeamInstinct #TeamMystic #TeamValor

  • NOT EVERY Raid Battle Level 4 Gives You Fast/Charge TM Rewards
  • Feed a wild CP ??? Pokémon a Golden Razz Berry to turn its Red circle Green
  • Wild Pokémon do not flee as quickly if you feed it a Razz Berry before each throw.
  • Raid Bosses are easily caught with Excellent throws and Razz Berry throws.
  • Raid Bosses CP are “weak” sometimes: CP 1400 - CP 1800
  • There is a simple trick to get Excellent Poké Ball throws every single time!
  • Do NOT try to solo-defeat a Venusaur. You will waste a “RAID PASS”.

  • RAID 1 BATTLES are easily won when you’re at LEVEL 5 to 17!
  • Feed Pokémon Nanab Berry to calm their movements and attacks
  • Always use an Ultra Ball on Red Circle “Rare” Pokémon!
  • Get more XP by evolving recently captured Pokémon! ~ Have candies ready.
  • Capture Magikarp until you UNLOCK the Big Magikarp Medal

PREPARE for Pokémon GO Fest and UNLOCK Gold Flying-type Medal, Grass-type Medal, Ice-type Medal, Fire-type Medal and Psychic-type Medal!

  1. Articuno Ice/Flying-type
  2. Zapdos Thunder/Flying-type
  3. Moltres Fire/Flying-type
  4. Mewtwo Psychic-type

“+3 Flying-type Catch Bonus for critical captures.”

  • Always Throw a Curved-Ball!
  • Discard Poké Balls to get extra bag space when needed
  • Appraise Pokémon Before Discarding/Transferring them!
  • Learn Your #Team’s Appraisal Messages!
  • Collect QUICK XP Points by throwing Poké Balls at every Pokémon and transferring them right after capture!
  • PREMIUM (100 Coin) Raid Passes Reward You With Premiums: Rare Candy, Golden Razz Berry, & TM’s
  • Evolve your Eevee to Espeon in the day and Umbreon in the night after walking Your Eevee for at least 10km
  • Lure “Rare” near-by Pokémon in places that have no PokéStops with Incense! 
  • Collect more Evolution Items by filling up your …. ___________.

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Calling Tyrus “The cowards choice” doesn’t mean the ship is bad, it also doesn’t mean people want Tuffy or to leave Cyrus single. It’s just a call out to Disney because it’s not comforting to know that TJ is still a recurrent and Tyrus will probably get very little screentime for development. Heck, even Josh is mad for this because the editing of the show has already messed TWICE with Tyrus when things were meant to be different. Some say this won’t happen in S3 but how can you be so sure of that? Disney can manipulate anything anytime even if what Terri wants to show is different, and we can’t rely on what the actors tell us or how much they rebel against Disney because that’s not what the casuals see. The message of the show isn’t being delivered properly. Would the same thing happen with Jyrus? Probably, but one thing is certain, Jonah is in every episode (except for s2’s finale but you know the reason) yet TJ will show up by episode 4-5 on S3 which doesn’t give us too much content to look for. Tyrus stans aren’t the cowards here, Disney is. Here’s to hoping things will change in the future, and if they do, it will be amazing.

Shira: ah! I gotta send ushijima san energy drink ♥︎
Tai: hey, do you get tired me?
Shira: i don’t, now i am play pok•mon, and stop using that mis-understandable talking way!


mayhirai  asked:

Hi! I hope you’re having a great day! I had a quick question, when you were setting up your stores or websites to sell your fanart, did you need to get legal permission to do so or not? I’m interested in setting up my own store/website but I’m worried that I might get into trouble with posting my fan art so I wanted to ask what did you do in order to be able to sell your work. Thank you and have a great day!

Hey there!

I’m probably not the best person to answer this question, as I do not have a store and have never had a store, nor have I sold any of my art yet, though I would like to in the future ^ ^; Patreon is a bit grayer than most as it’s technically “supporting the act of creating art,” rather than the purchase of art itself.

That being said, selling fanworks is always going to be a legal grayzone. There are different laws and cultures surrounding it in every country, and it’s best to check out what other sellers in your region are doing, or ask someone who actually has a store.

In general though, for big, licensed Japanese media, there’s a don’t ask, don’t tell type policy. All Japanese anime companies are of course AWARE of the creation and sale of unofficial fanworks (kinda hard to miss the massive doujin conventions that are held every weekend). Many official companies even have their own booths at these conventions in a different hall, and doujins are sold in Animate as well, the huge official anime merch chain store.

You should never directly ask these companies for permission, because they cannot grant it and will be forced to say no. I’ve seen a few Western fans go out of their way to contact reps about this, and it makes me cringe because it can be quite harmful to the doujin community as a whole, when you force a company to formally acknowledge and issue a statement regarding fanworks.

In Japan at least, fan communities and official companies are generally thought to function in separate but parallel spheres. Most fans have a non verbal good faith agreement that they are all encouraging a community that buys and purchases all official media, and that their fan content is not for profit but rather to encourage greater fandom community, which in turn should benefit official companies. You should never attempt to replicate official merchandise or use official graphics, but create something unique that features your own art, and never for the sole purpose of profit but rather to share and spread love for the original content.

(also, don’t tag and bother official creators/companies with your fanworks unless they specifically request it. Kubo-sensei recently updated her instagram and specifically wrote in her bio to not tag her in unauthorized reproductions, that’s fanart, especially if you’re selling it. Don’t tell her or other creators that you’re doing illegal stuff with her work. She can look the other way only so long as you don’t force her to look, and self validation isn’t worth stressing her or other creators out and putting them in a legal pinch)

Some bigger companies though, such as D*sney and Pok*mon have been known to crack down on people though, and you are always taking a risk when selling fanworks.

There are also different cultures regarding what you can sell. For example, I’m aware that selling fanfiction in the U.S. is generally considered a no, but it’s relatively common in Japan.

When it comes to original content that is more private owned and indie that isn’t a big licensed company, you should exercise more caution though, and asking before creating your own content is respectful. An example that immediately comes to mind is Hom*stuck, which I believe the creator doesn’t want people to sell merch of.

Anyway, exercise caution, be respectful, do your research, and be aware of your particular environment. Know that you’re never going to get an official completely safe legal route to sell fanworks and that’s a risk you have to be willing to take, and then decide what you personally feel comfortable doing, is my advice. Hope it helped! ^ ^;