My favourite fandom wiki quirks:

  • Wookiepedia’s insistence on describing everything in the past tense because it’s talking about “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”.

  • Bulbapedia attempting to adhere to encyclopedic citation standards in spite of the fact that it’s basically a glorified fan-Pokédex.

  • The Transformers Wiki’s firm commitment to finding something to mock in every article even if it’s really not that funny.

Having Pokemon with high friendship be like:

“Pokemon turned back toward you and nodded in understanding!”


“Pokemon is in a bit of a pinch. It looks like it might cry…”


“Pokemon gathered all its energy to break through its paralysis so you wouldn’t worry!”

“Pokemon healed its burn with its sheer determination so you wouldn’t worry!”


“Pokemon toughed it out so you wouldn’t feel sad!”


“Pokemon is remembering the first time it met you…”


these hurt so much…

How can something programmed feel so real, so passionate? God I love Pokemon.

So, y’all know that battle theme Toby Fox composed for Pokémon Sword/Shield?

Well, someone discovered that the track may have been inspired by a track in “The Baby Is You”, Toby’s Homestuck rock opera where Dave Strider gives birth to his best friend, John Egbert.

Concept: a D&D campaign that borrows the format of a Pokémon journey: the party is a bunch of goofy teenagers going on a road trip to brave the strongholds of legendary exemplars of the twelve core-book character classes and win tokens of their esteem. Each stronghold would be themed around the character class of its master: e.g., the Wizard would have a puzzle-filled dungeon under their tower; the Fighter would require the party to participate in a four-on-four tournament against other adventuring parties for the right to face them in battle; the Rogue would refuse them out of hand, but leave the badge in a conspicuous-but-secure location as an unspoken challenge to steal the dumb thing if they want it so badly; and so forth.