Size comparison

So, this is what me and my gf would look like compared to the team she beat the champ with, which actually doesn’t look all that bad and actually even kinda cute. BUT

Then there is my fucking team

which is taking up the whole screen and kind of terrifying in my opinion.

(well, except for Kevin in the lower right corner)

This Month Corocoro Magazine will have Rockruff Enhancement Tools Serial Code

Rockruff Enhancement Tools Serial Code will give you 2 items depending which game is use it on

- Pokémon Sun: Lucky Egg & Choice Band
- Pokémon Moon: Lucky Egg & Choice Scarf

The codes can be used from December 15 until February 14 on the Japanese version of Pokémon Sun & Moon

Source: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2016/12/161209_gm01.html?news_recommend_tag=post

hey guys! this is the transparent snorlax bg i made using the resources by @engrampixel

feel free to use, just credit back to engrampixel! and let me know if you do use it so i can see! ^^

you can check my blog for a preview.