Gotham City Sirens

Not all that long ago, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy decided to partner with the notorious anti-villain Catwoman for mutual protection and advantage. That team-up became known as the Gotham City Sirens. Despite the popularity of the title, it was cancelled along with the rest of DC continuity to make way for the company-wide reboot of ‘The New 52’, but at least the girls managed to raise quite a bit of hell before then.

The Sirens first appeared on this blog August 29th, 2015.

notpoisonoakie  asked:

slurred words

            send ‘slurred words’ to hear my muse describe yours drunk - accepting

   So Red is like my best best best friend eveeeeeeeeer! She stops me from dooooooiiiiinnnnggg sooooo much stupid shit, like Mister J… And she is always there for me! No one cares about me the way that Red does. Also, she has the softest skin like it’s sooooooo soft like rose petals…. And her lips are sooooooo plump and soft, I just loooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeee kissin’ her… I think I may be a little gay for her, ya know.”

Theo Galavan is such a douche-bag. Like, “let me fuckin destroy this whole city and murder an innocent 14 year old boy because of a 300 year old feud between two families that no one even remembers” what the fuck? Who does that? Theo Galavan the douche-bag that’s who

anonymous asked:

Could you please do Dating poison ivy would include.

Sure thing any specific film/game/comic you’d like her character to be based on or just like a mix

I just want a DC show where they show the villains perspective. Lex Luthor and his plans, the Arkham team and their being heist, even times where they’re just chillin’ after they escaped Arkham.

Maybe even descendants just like in Young Justice.

You got Pamela’s (Poison Ivy) descendant complaining about all they do is water plants.

Bane’s having competition on who can lift heavier weights.

Harleen (Harley Q.) giving tips on gymnastics.

Johnathan’s (Scarecrow) and Victor’s (M.Freeze) pulling pranks on them.

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“Everything looks good on you,” She paused. “Or you just make everything look good.. hard to tell,”

   Oooooh, you’re just sayin’ that ya big flirt,” Harley looked up at Ivy and gave her a flirty smile, “you look beautiful as well, my beautiful flower.”