chellannnicollares said: are the black/red red/black pairs made for couples

Nope- They are Harley Quinn glasses and Harley Quinn sunglasses. That being said, it’d be cute if my Siha wore my floral sunglasses to represent Poison Ivy while I wear my HQ shades! And my husband can wear my Batman shades. A++

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1, 6, 7 ,8 ?

1. Favourite Hero

Stephanie Brown. Particularly preboot, batgirl Steph. But all Stephs are good Stephs.

6. Top 5 Batfamily members

  1. Jason Todd
  2. Stephanie Brown
  3. Bruce Wayne
  4. Cassandra Cain
  5. Selina Kyle (does she count? i think she counts)

7. Top 5 Villains

  1. Two-Face
  2. Poison Ivy
  3. Harley Quinn
  4. Riddler
  5. Scarecrow

8. OTP

Harley and Ivy


As summer rages on, you may  find caterpillars are appearing often. There is one species you really need to avoid.

The Hickory Tussock Moth Caterpillar.

My family had a bit of a scare because of these. They are venemous. Not in bite but in sting. Each of those hairs is laced in a poison that has effects similar to poison Ivy. The worst of it is an allergic reaction in which medical attention is definitely needed.

They are found in the
Northeast to the Southeast and Canada.

Reblog to save someone from a bad reaction.

Love For All! In Gaming and Comics

Love For All! In Gaming and Comics

On Friday walls were broken down and new territory breached as the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in all of the United States! Cue the confetti! In honor of such an amazing step forward for our country and for humanity, let’s take a look at some of the representation of the LGBT community in video games and comic books alike.

Gaming has virtually represented all kinds of…

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Put a “☆” in my Ask Box and I’ll shuffle my itunes and give you my favourite lyric from the song that comes up.

Mother Knows Best (from Tangled)

Ruffians, Thugs, Poison Ivy, Quicksand! Cannibals and snakes, the plague (no!) yes!