Batman/Harley x Ivy University AU where Harley is the freshman studying in psychiatry while working part time at the campus coffee shop, Arkham. She’s making heart eyes at Pam who’s studying for a degree in botany against her parents wishes with her creepy professor. Selina is Harley’s roommate and a party animal and Bruce is her boyfriend who’s always the first to object to any kind of injustice and wrong-doing and starts fights with guys who don’t respect women and him and Harvey are frat boys but like the only decent ones. There’s the Joker who no one seems to know the name of who’s constantly pulling elaborate and often dangerous pranks but doesn’t get expelled for some reason, Bane who Harley has never seen leave the gym and she’s pretty sure he lives there but at this point she’s too afraid to ask and Cobblepot who only got into GU because his dad is the superintendent who constantly bribes his professors for better grades. Harley’s friends include Edward “i’m studying for three degrees and have a million side-projects and extra-circulars i’ve been running off coffee and redbull for the past week someone hELP” Nygma, Jon - her top-of-the-class sometimes friend, sometimes rival who takes it all far too seriously and Waylon who got the nickname “Killer Croc” from wrestling in high school and people think he’s scary but he’s actually really kind and smart and likes reading French literature and is working super hard because he’s the first in his family to go to college.


Part 2 of my comic con pictures. If you see yourself or know who any of these awesome cosplayers are, please tell me so I can add the name in. If you are in any if these and feel uncomfortable being in these, just send me a message and I’ll take the picture off.
The Castiel is @exterminatemuggles and the Dean in the middle is @bennycismyfavoriteotter .