More Jason Todd Headcanons

He is super against misogyny and any type of abuse in general, even more than the rest of the batfamily due to what he saw as a kid.

(Fourth wall time) he is super against people romanticizing the Joker and Harley Quinn, and he sees her as a victim to Joker’s manipulation. when Harley ended up with Poison Ivy, Jason was relieved.

He loves hot sauce, and his favorite food type is Chinese.

He attends school rallies against drugs incognito and encourages kids

He makes coffee and hot chocolate and tea in the winter and recruits the batfamily to help hand it out to homeless people in Gotham, because God knows how much he would’ve wanted that as a kid.

Jason is a superb horseback rider, and he is absolutely fearless as a jumper.

Tim taught Jason how to play video games and also caught him up on all the stuff Jason missed while being dead.


Harleen Quinzel (Harley Quinn) and Pamela Isley (Poison Ivy)!!

I have WAAAY too much Harley/Ivy feels!! (I didn’t make these for a 100+ sub celebration, but it works out.)

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Harley has a girlfriend, stop shipping her with a rapist and an abuser. You're like reylos gross and disgusting. Can't wait to see harley dating ivy on the next movie fully in lesbians.

Not in canon she doesn’t, Also didn’t Ivy beat the shit out of her too? A rapist???? You do realise a doctor sleeping with her mentally ill patient is considered rape, right? If anything your defending rape and blaming the guy for something she did. Harley Quinn without the Joker is like the Joker without Batman, It’s not in character for Harley to ever leave the Joker or for Ivy to be the ‘sidekick’ You don’t seem to realise what they did to Ivy is just as sexist as what they did to Harley, Ivy is this strong woman who doesn’t care about Humans (On an occasion she cares about Harley) and is know to be one of the most ruthless rogues, but I guess because she’s a girl and you get you little ‘lesbian’ relationship It’s fine right? New 52 watered her down just like Harley and took away what made both of them, them. Harley Quinn takes crap from everybody, Not just Joker, because that’s her personality, She is always the submissive one. I don’t really understand why you people are so salty towards HQ fans, Not to be a bitch but the comics you read are not either of them so I really wouldn’t be arguing in something you know nothing about, Learn more about the characters from people who understand them, You can like shitty 52 if you want but that’s still not Harley Quinn so don’t come on to my blog and tell me that I’m wrong with you knowing absolutely nothing about HQ. As for the movies, I really don’t care, they already fucked Harley up so they can do what they want. Although I seriously doubt it, their relationship is the sole reason people watched it and it has really positive reviews from the general audience.
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ok ok ok ok so i wrote this like last year and i sent it to @harlejokerx like 10 minutes ago and she said it was good and i feel like its lowkey harley and joker like via the show or whatever when she leaves him and goes to ivy idk. i personally hate when people r like “joker is bad for harley!!!!!!!” but i mean for like these purposes im just gonna put it out there. i love joker and harley so like dont take this as me being against them so yEEEE SORRY FOR THE LONG EXPLANATION

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Me encanta la versión que ha hecho @nebezial-asheri​ de los orígenes de Harley Quinn. Así que he traducido todas sus viñetas al español como homenaje para que más personas puedan leerlas.  

Pueden leer la historia completa en español o descargarla en esta dirección:

Pueden leer la tira original en su cuenta de Deviantart. ¡Les recomiendo que se pasen! Encontrarán más material genial. En el blog ya hemos hablado también de su cómic original Sunstone.

También pueden encontrarle en Tumblr y Twitter