Venom (Eddie Brock) X symbiote reader

Summary: This is a sort of a redo of the symbiote story

Warnings: Some swearing, sort of gorey

You worked for life foundation only dealing with the paper work that was handed down to you from the boss to lazy to do it himself. It was a late night you could hear distant chatter then a scream you snapped your head up following the sound carefully walking into the lab. You covered your mouth in horror seeing something like goo moving towards a man then on him and disappearing. You Gulped watching him slid down before standing back up turning to Carlton. Everything seemed fine before he started to spasm his body falling to the floor as he shook violently. You couldn’t watch running away back to your office, what the hell was that?

You walked around head low the image engraved in your head you glanced up seeing a famous reported Eddie Brock talking to Carlton he caught your eye and frowned as you ducked off into another room not wanting to intervene. He frowned you knew something. You were at a local shop by your house when someone walked in.

“Evening Mrs. Chan” You frowned recognising the voice of the reporter. You hid trying to make out you were looking for something when you had an idea maybe he could get to the bottom of this the killings. You frowned though seeing another one of your bosses talking to him. Dr. Dora Skirth her name was she worked very closely with Carlton Drake she knew of the killings also. He stormed out as she chased after her as you sighed in relief paying for your things and heading back home. You were confronted by someone though a little girl you frowned as she stared at you making you uncomfortable.

“Are you lost?” You asked when suddenly black goo came out of her hand choking you before disappearing. You held your neck gasping for air seeing the girl collapsed you called an ambulance rushing her to hospital as you rushed home scared. What did she do to you?

You were starving beyond anything you ate everything in the fridge the cupboards before throwing it up again on the floor. You groaned grabbing a mop and bucket cleaning it up before going to have a nice cool shower.


You screamed turning around thinking someone was there no one, nothing you shook your head getting out of the shower getting dressed quickly before sitting down. You rubbed your temples sweat covering your brow as your breathing got heavier. You were in fever as you went to lie down an icepack on your forehead already melting, why were you so hot? What had the girl done to you?

You went to work the next day feeling ill still, but you couldn’t call work off not with this job your vision was blurry as you rushed through the papers needing to get home when someone spoke again.

Need to eat

You looked around scared seeing nothing again you were going insane.

“Miss Y/L/N” You frowned looking up seeing Dr. Dora.

“Oh sorry Dr. Skirth how may I help you?” You asked putting a smile on your face.

“Are you ok your red” You nodded.

“Just a bit hot in here I think” You said with a light laugh she nodded concerned handing you some papers.

“Don’t rush with these” She said walking off you nodded she was always kind to you.

Food, Now

“WHO SAID THAT?” You yelled as a guard looked to you funny.

“Miss are you ok?” He asked.

“Fine need a drink” You muttered walking past him. You didn’t get home staying overnight wasn’t a rare thing for you, you were growing sicker when someone walked in the lab. You frowned following them your curiosity getting the better of you, you frowned seeing Mr. Brock taking photos. You didn’t let yourself known as he ran to one of the cells.

“Maria hang on” He broke into the cell sounding the alarms before she attacked him you ran out of there going to get help when something pulled your body the other way.


Your legs moved on their own running back into the lab and straight through a door, someone was following you, but you couldn’t turn something was controlling you. You jumped up a building landing on the roof watching the men run by your eyes wide with confusion.

“How did I do that?” You whispered to yourself

We did that

You snapped around again trying to find the source of the voice, nothing again.

“I’m going crazy” You muttered.

No but we’re going to die if we don’t move we need to find venom

You screamed this time collapsing to your knees when suddenly a face appeared in front of you, well a black goo alien face with white eyes and sharp pointy teeth. You stumbled back realising It was attached to you somehow.

“What the hell? What are you? Are you in my head?” You rushed as the thing sighed.

We are one Y/n I am Poison I come from up there, you are my host my ride I need you and you need me so if you cooperate we might survive

“Slow down there might? We? I’m nobody’s ride and what the actually hell” You said scared it rolled its eyes hissing.

I am symbiote as your humans call me

Symbiote? Wait from the life foundation that’s what Carlton was putting into that man.

“There’s more of you?” You asked as she nodded.

Millions but we cannot survive down here without a correct host you are my host y/n I need you and you need me to survive this

You said nothing only opening and closing your mouth trying to find words.

“What are you going to do?” You asked as it hissed poking its tongue out.

We are going to find Venom

“Who the hell is Venom!?” You yelled.

Venom is mate

You frowned mate?

We need to find him to help us defeat Riot

“Who the hell is Riot?” You asked.

Venoms brother he wants to infest your planet, but I say I must like this planet and you also

She smiled at you making you even more freaked out as it sighed.

Now we need to move or else

You frowned as it disappeared again you breathed rapidly not moving when suddenly you were engulfed in black goo and moved. You screamed inside your head as you went underwater swimming at a ridiculous speed. The thing, Poison had no problem as she jumped from building to building going to where ever she was going. Finally, you made it to a apartment building as she disappeared leaving you on the street.

Go in

You didn’t want to fight with it as you walked inside going where she told you to go. You knocked on the door as Eddie appeared sweaty and feverish.


She spoke out of your mouth scaring you both.


His voice was pleased as he looked around scared he let you in quickly slamming the door his apartment was a mess food everywhere.

“Ok so what the hell?” He asked as you looked at him just as scared.

“Why would we do that?” He questioned himself.

He doesn’t understand Venom yet must have not seen him like you’ve seen me

She said inside your head as you snapped out of it looking at the scared man.

“Symbiote” You said.

“What?” He asked.

“That’s what their called Symbiotes they’re like a parasite


You screamed at his voice a black face erupting from his, Venom went away quickly though Eddie’s eyes wide.

“He, he’s in my head?” He asked you nodded.

“You have one to?” He asked as you nodded again.

“Oh boy” He muttered running a hand through his hair.

Let me speak to them

“No no way in hell” You said as Eddie turned to you confused.

“Sorry” You muttered as she growled in your head.

“She wants to talk to you, but I don’t think that’s a good idea have you seen uh Venom?” You asked.

“Venom? What the hell is a venom?” he asked as black goo came off his back forming into a face much like your symbiote.

“Holy shit” Eddie said stumbling back face to face with this thing.

We are Venom, you are my host Eddie you can’t survive without me and me to you, you listen to me and we will live

It smirked at him moving around seeing the mans scared face. Eddie couldn’t say anything like you did.

“Are we going to bite peoples heads off again?” He asked you frowned.

Most likely

It smiled before turning to you, you froze.

Such a pretty thing poison did good

He practically purred his tongue licking your face as you gulped scared. He disappeared back into Eddie as you both looked at each other frightened. He called Dr. Dora over and over with no answer he was panicking you were panicking. Suddenly the door knocked as you both looked to it as he walked over slowly men barging in with guns, you both put your hands up.

“Boss there’s two” He said before he nodded.

“It’s a surrender” Eddie said as you frowned before his arms went up and down Venom was fighting with him as Poison snickered in your head. They shot when she moved out of your arm punching the man in the face she fought for you moving like you never knew you could before they were all knocked out on the ground. Venom did the same attacking the men before you were forced to jump out the window. You screamed being flung through a window Eddie rolling in behind you before more gun shots erupted.

Venom made a wall as both of you made a run for it. Eddie grabbed you and ran to his bike as you both rode off. Cars followed you as Venom destroyed them one by one before throwing you in the air. You screamed as Eddie was pulled to the bike then you, a car appeared in front of you sending you crashing over the car onto the ground. You groaned in pain your bone was broken defiantly you frowned looking down to your arm looking at it in horror seeing the bone popped out of the skin.

I can heal you

You frowned seeing black goo form around it a slight sting before she healed you, you looked over to Eddie who was now Venom eating a man whole you looked away in disgust wanting to puke. He walked over to you as you got up slowly he was seven foot at least next to you.


He picked you up making you yelp as he ran off somewhere. You closed your eyes in fear before you were set down somewhere and Eddie was brought back. You frowned looking at the abandon building you were high up for sure Eddie looked over nervously he feared heights.

“Wha-what do we do now?” He questioned you frowned.

“How am I supposed to know?” You asked.

“Cause you work there!” He yelled.

“I deal with paper work not this shit!” You yelled back before she spoke again.

We need to find Riot

“Riot, Riot I don’t care I want you gone!” You yelled at her walking away from the reporter as he sat down listening to his own Parasite.

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