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Because Of Youtube...

I have my own makeup artist

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I have my own personal tour guide 

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I have my own role model

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I have my own comedians

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I have my own poet

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I have my own songwriter

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I have my own therapist

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I have my own nerd enthusiasts

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I have my own greatest love story

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and I have my own teammate

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Except here’s the thing.

They’re not my own. 

They’re ours

Because of YouTube. 

Outed//Joe Sugg

Requested by anon:

Hi, I love your one shots/imagines! Could I have a Joe sugg one shot. Could she also be a youtuber and they go to playlist and they’re in a secret relationship but Alfie catches them in the back of their vlog kissing? Please and Thanks! :)

Thank you so much! Again sorry about the wait, but I really hope you enjoy. :D x

“You know, I don’t think we’re going to be able to do this much longer, keep it a secret I mean.” Joe whispered in your ear as you walked along side each other. You were on your way to your separate meet ups and the rest of the crew were ahead of you. Yourself and Joe had been in a secret relationship for just over 6 months now, and it was hard. Sneaking off into corners when you wanted to be together, pretending not to care when someone tried to set either of you up with someone else. “I know, I’m just a bit scared.” You admitted, grabbing Joe’s hand, sure that nobody was looking, as they were all too far in front. Going to playlist was always going to be hard, being around so many people for so long, meant that you couldn’t show any affection to the other person. There had been a few times when you’d see Joe, and have to try so hard not to hug or kiss him, and vice versa, and admittedly, you were finding it difficult also. “Me too.” He added. “I just want to show everyone that you’re mine.” He whispered. You let out a sigh and turned to face him. “I know, me too. We should at least wait until the end of playlist though. And tell friends, not viewers.” You suggested, and Joe thought for a minute. “Okay, now come here, I miss you.” He said, holding his arm out to hug you. You double checked that nobody was looking, then wrapped your arms around his torso, taking in his scent as it would be one of the few times that you get the opportunity too. Some of the viewers had of course suspected that the two of you were in a relationship, but you didn’t give in. You pulled away and looked up at him, before attaching your lips. “I miss this.” You said, motioning between the two of you once you had pulled apart. “Same here babe.”

“Erm Y/N, can I talk to you?” Alfie asked, the majority of the crew were in Jim and Tanya’s room, as nobody had very many meet-ups. Just a main-stage performance later on. “Yeah sure.” You said, a little concerned to hear why Alfie was being so serious for once. “Joe you too.” Alfie said, as Joe made his way out of the kitchen area. “What is it?” The two of you sat on either side on Alfie. “Please don’t be mad at me.” He urged.

“Why would we be-” You began, but then looked down at Alfie’s computer screen to see something you really hadn’t been expecting. The new vlog that had been uploaded just that day was playing silently. Alfie was talking to his camera, but in the background, a few metres behind, you could see yourself and Joe. Not just talking, but when yesterday, the two of you were talking about outing your relationship, you didn’t realise that anyone had been vlogging. Your head shot up and you looked at Joe who was looking back at you with raised eyebrows. “Shit.” Joe mumbled.

“What is it guys?” Zoe asked from across the room. You put your head in your hands, scared of what the outcome of this might be.

“What do we do?” You spoke, more in disbelief than anger.

“I don’t know.” Joe said simply, running hand through his hair. You sighed in irritation.

“Guys I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to, I was in a rush when I was editing, I really had no idea, I can’t believe-”

“It’s okay Alfie, I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at myself.” You said, lifting you head.

“Will someone please tell us what’s going on?” Someone asked, you weren’t really sure who, you stopped paying attention.

“Just show them.” Joe said, before standing up. You mimicked him, to let everyone else sit around and watch the clip. The two of you walked over to the other side of the room, and he wrapped you in his arms. “Maybe this means it’s time.” Joe whispered, and you moved your head from his chest and thought about it for a second. You looked up at him and then slightly nodded your head, you were just about to lean in, and give him a peck, when you were interrupted by Tanya and Zoe’s voices. “AWWWW!” They both exclaimed, you snapped your head around to see them watching the clip. A second later, the two of you were crushed in a huge bear hug from everyone. When you finally escaped, in need of air, Jim walked over to Joe and lightly punched him on the shoulder. “Good job mate.”

A/N: I hope this was okay! Thank you for requesting!




I just uploaded my second YouTube video! Where I show you how I drew my digital drawing of Alfie Deyes (Pointless Blog).

Got a lot more creative with the editing in this video and I really hope you like it! 

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If I Stay. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

Please listen to the song above. You can listen to it before reading on or you can listen to it while reading, it is totally up to you :) Please read the note at the end too, it would be really appreciated! I love you all so much and I hope you enjoy :) xxx

“Thank you sis, I really appreciate what you’re doing. I’ll see you in an hour.” You spoke solemnly, quickly ending the call hearing your voice begin to waver.

Heaving in a deep breath, you closed your eyes to calm yourself. The sound that your dreaded most now wrapping around your entire body uncomfortably. The best way you could describe this type of feeling, was to compare it to a snake catching its prey. The snake will wrap it’s body around its preys throat, crushing its windpipe completely, giving its prey very little chance to breathe. What was the sound that made you feel like this?


Biting down on your lip, you forced yourself to hold back the tears that were now glazing over your eyes. Your heart was thumping in an unhappy rhythm as you dragged your suitcase down the stairs, listening to the sound of the wheels roll against the floor, the sound echoing around the room.

Sighing quietly, you walked down the hallway, passing by all of the framed pictures of yourself and Joe. You’ve been in a relationship with Joe for over four years. The last three years of being in a relationship with a famous Internet star, has had its exciting, happy and beautiful times, but it has also had its heart wrenching, difficult and tough times. Unfortunately, being in a relationship wasn’t as easy as Disney or fairy tales made it out to be. Everything wasn’t always perfect and sometimes it wasn’t easy being able to cope with the lavish lifestyle Joe had.

Lately, your relationship with Joe has been on the rocks. Joe has been on tour for almost a month. He’s been touring around England and Ireland with his new book, ‘Username Regenerated’, signing books and meeting fans. Not only has Joe been on a book signing tour, but he’s also been working on his new movie with his best friend Caspar, ‘Hit The Road, USA’. After the amazing success of 'Hit The Road’, the boys decided to film their new film and tour all around America. Joe has been working late into the night at the studio with Caspar, editing and producing the film. They’ve also been working on making a tour together, to travel around Europe and America to meet more fans who have supported them with their careers.

Joe hasn’t been around as much as you would like him to be. With meetings, filming videos and collaborations for his own YouTube channel, travelling around England and working late nights at the studio, you’ve barely seen him. You weren’t a possessive girlfriend but you’ve been feeling lonely. You’ve barley spoke to Joe, he’s never home for dinner, he’s been staying in hotels during his book signings, and his phone calls and text messages have been short due to the fact that he’s been busy working in the studio for the movie and the offices working on new merchandise and tours.

The house has been deadly quiet, since it was only occupying yourself. You usually ate dinner by yourself at the large dinner table before taking a shower and then returning to bed, most nights, crying yourself to sleep from the heart break of not having your boyfriend by your side to support you and listen to you. You weren’t a clingy girlfriend, but it would have been nice to at least have a proper ten minute phone call with your boyfriend to make sure that everything really was okay and so you could talk to him and tell him how much you miss him, but unfortunately it was only a five second phone call with one worded answers.

You felt as if this was the end of your relationship. You could no longer feel the igniting spark that you once shared. You now felt hallow and lost. You felt like you were living a single life and that was not the way you wanted to feel in a relationship. Of course, you were extremely proud of Joe for all that he has achieved, but now over the last few months, you feel as if you are now holding him back from grabbing onto more amazing opportunities, and you certainly couldn’t do that to him. You couldn’t do this to yourself. You couldn’t put yourself through the struggle of heart break. You deserve to feel loved, to feel important and cherished and you deserve a healthy relationship. You couldn’t continue this on anymore, you couldn’t continue to hurt your heart.

You wanted and needed to get this done with as quick as you possibly could. Like ripping off a band-aid, the quicker you tear it off, the quicker it’s done with and with time time, the pain will ease off. Although struggling with heart break, wouldn’t be as easy as tearing off a band-aid.

Pulling out the white envelope that contained your letter to Joe, the paper decorated with words on the reasons why you wouldn’t be here when he got home, you left it on the kitchen island where he would easily find it. With teary eyes, you held the letter tightly against your chest, before feeling your breath catch as the sound of the door closing echoed around the house.

“Y/N? Babe, are you here?” Joe’s husky voice called out, a shiver trailing down your spine hearing the voice you loved so much travel through your ears.

Quickly you placed the letter down on the island, listening to the sound of footsteps grow nearer to the kitchen.

“Aye, there’s my girl! Come here! Give me a big ol’ kiss! I’ve missed you so much!” Joe beamed, causing you to turn around. You were instantly picked up in the air and sat on the island, Joe’s lips pressing against yours immediately.

You could feel your heart now jump to your throat as Joe placed a sloppy kiss to your lips, pulling back with a goofy grin on his face. You tried your best to muster the biggest and most 'real’ smile that you could as Joe tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear, his face radiating with happiness.

“Well come on! Aren’t you going to lay another big ol kiss on me and tell me how much you’ve missed me? Because I have missed you so incredibly much..” Joe breathed, quickly stealing another sloppy kiss before you could protest.

The feeling of his lips against yours after all of these years, made you feel like you were now floating up to the beautiful sun setting sky but you were soon brought back to reality when you realised that this wouldn’t last forever and that in two days, Joe would be back in the studio, editing his new movie and working in the office.

“Has the cat got your tongue? You’re unusually quite. Is everything alright?” Joe asked softly, his hand resting on your hip and soothingly rubbing up and down your side making you feel guilty.

“Y-yeah, everything is good. I just wasn’t expecting to see you home so soon. I thought you had another book signing tomorrow. ” You smiled weakly, sliding from the counter top, landing on your feet with a light thud.

“I thought I’d come home and surprise you! The next book signing isn’t for another three days.” He smiled, before chuckling making you knit your brows together in confusion.

“Are you going off on a holiday or something? Your buttoned up in your coat and you’ve got at least three big suitcases outside too. Care to explain?” Joe asked amused, his eyes glazed with humour as you nervously fondled with your fingers, biting down on your lip, hearing the sound of your heart beat thunder radically loud in your ears.

“I was actually going to go stay with my sister..I-I thought that you wouldn’t be home for another week or so..” You mumbled, looking up to Joe’s gleaming bright eyes.

“Well, call her up and tell her that you won’t be heading to see her tonight! I’m keeping you all to myself!” He smirked, wrapping your body up in his muscular arms, burying his face into the crook of your neck making your heart ache.

You felt loss for words, you didn’t know how you were going to get out of this mess of yours. You remained silent, allowing the scent of Joe’s cologne to wrap around you, almost comforting you in a way. As you leaned your body back against the island, you could feel Joe frown against your skin.

“You don’t seem so happy to see me.” He whispered lowly, his cool breath fanning against your warm skin. “And you’re unusually quite.” He continued, slowly drawing back and away from your body, his warm and large hand now caressing your cheek.

“Is everything alright, my love?” He questioned, sadness now filling his eyes as tears glazed over yours.

You could feel a large lump now form in your throat making it difficult for you to swallow. You could feel your heart almost holding out before breaking instantly to pieces. You needed to get this out, but it was going to hurt you more than Joe could ever know. Before you could form a nicer way of telling Joe what was really happening, the words slipped right from your lips.

“I think we need a break.” You exhaled, listening to your voice break as you spoke.

Gazing up to Joe’s face, you watched as many emotions flashed over his features in an instant. Confusion, anger, disbelief, heartbreak.

“W-What? A b-break?” He stuttered, almost like he didn’t hear you whisper the words.

“I-I’m sorry Joe, but I don’t think we’re working out.” You gulped, feeling your stomach now begin to swirl with a sickening feeling.

“I-I thought everything was perfect between us? I thought that our relationship over these last few months have been stronger than they ever have been. We don’t need a break, why do we need a break?” Joe stuttered frantically, his eyes now turning red following a stream of tears, flowing down his cheeks while his hands raced through his hair wildly.

You could feel your body grow numb, yet you could feel your shattered heart continue to shatter again and again. You could feel sharp pains, almost like spears tear right through your heart as you broke down, the tears you were trying to hold back now freely dripping from your water line.

“This hurts me so much more than you know, Joe. O-our relationship has been on the rocks lately and don’t deny it, you know it too. You’ve been so busy. You’ve been t-touring and doing meet and g-greets. You’ve barely been home and we haven’t had a decent phone call or face time in months because you’ve been so busy. I’m j-just holding you back now Joe and I can’t do that to you, and I can no longer sit here and pretend to be okay when I’m not Joe.” You sobbed, brushing the back of your hand against your cheek to rid of the tears. “We’ve been so distant lately and I miss you. I can’t go on feeling so upset and broken and I know that you’re only going to continue on touring, and I can’t hold you back Joe, not from all of these amazing opportunities coming your way. I-I..W-We just need some time apart.” You cried, listening to your words stutter and stumble as you sniffled, looking over to Joe seeing his expression matching yours.

“No! No, no, no, no!” Joe cried out, his voice deep and raspy. “We don’t need a break! We j-just need each other! We’re meant to be!” He persisted, pacing back and forth making you shake your head.

“You need to stay! We can get through all of this! Every couple has moments like these! Y-You can’t leave me! I’ll do anything! I’ll b-buy you your favourite chocolates! I-I’ll buy you a puppy! You like puppies! Lets get a puppy!” Joe stammered, his eyes looking around his surroundings wildly, his body now scooting closer to yours, his hands grabbing hold of yours desperately.

“You know the spark is blowing out between us.” You whimpered, biting down on your trembling lip feeling your world crash down before you and spiral out of control. You could hear the emotional voices in your head begin to yell at you for this decision and for making Joe break down like this.

“W-We can get you two puppies! We can have lots of your favourite chocolates and we can watch all of your favourite m-movies! C-c'mon! There should be a dog pound or a dog shelter still open around here!” He mumbled, his breath catching as he spoke fast, his voice loud to speak over your words.

You could feel your heart break at his words as a fresh set of tears began to appear in your eyes. You could feel your heart plummet into the pit of your stomach making you feel nauseous and queasy.

You watched with sad eyes as Joe snaked both of his arms around you, holding you into his chest. You didn’t resist his hold and slowly reached you arms around his neck, resting your head on his chest, listening to his heart beat fast.

Silence now lingered over you both. Both of you were now too emotionally drained to utter a word. You were both also too afraid to speak. This moment was the show down. Who would speak first? Or would none of you speak at all? Too afraid to hurt one another any more.

You soothingly combed your fingers through Joe’s hair while his face buried itself against the side of your head. Silent and heavy tears trickled down both yours and Joe’s cheeks as you allowed the silence to encircle you both.

In that moment, everything was calm. It was almost like the world was on 'pause’, except for both you and Joe. The only sound that you could hear was the sound of Joe’s heart beat that was now slowing down. You could feel his hands crush you against his chest, almost too scared to let you slip from his fingers, in the fear that you would instantly vanish.

“I don’t like it when we fight.” Joe whispered, almost inaudibly, his voice strained as he spoke.

Closing your eyes, you sucked in a deep breath, feeling your stomach erupt with nerves.

“Neither do I.” You breathed, tightening your arms around Joe’s neck.

“I’m so sorry that I’ve been an awful boyfriend. I can’t imagine how I’ve made you feel by not being here more often. You’re the only love I want in this world, and I should have put you first like any good boyfriend would do. I’m so sorry, m'love.” Joe frowned, his arms tightening around your waist as he spoke with a soft tone.

“No Joe, I’m sorry. I-I know that you have a hectic career and I’ve just totally failed to realize that over the last few months and I should have been a good girlfriend and understood that. I’ve just been missing you so much and I’m so sorry. I’m the reason why we’re in this mess now.” You frowned, slowly moving your head from Joe’s chest, tilting it backwards to look up and meet Joe’s sincere blue eyes.

“No, sweetheart. It’s my fault. I know I have a crazy whirlwind of a life, but I should have taken more time to call you, skype you, and do anything to make us have more contact. I should have never made you feel the ways that you’ve been feeling. I can’t always focus on work like I’ve been doing, because I love you Y/N and I always want to be with you, even when we’re both passing into another world, I want to be with you. You’re my priority Y/N and I only ever want to make you happy and all I want to do for the rest of my life is love you, and I will continue to love you in the next life and the life after that. I am so truly sorry for hurting you, my love, but please give me another chance to show you how truly sorry I am and how much I love you. Please don’t give up on our relationship.” Joe pleaded, his eyes glinting with hope and fear.

You could feel your body instantly tingle and melt with a pleasuring warmth at Joe’s words. Butterflies floated around your stomach while angels sang Joe’s words into your ears. Your broken heart was now being pieced back together at Joe’s affectionate words.

“I don’t think I will ever be ready to let you or our relationship go. I love you far too much.” You whispered, a small smile creeping it’s way onto your lips while a large and broad one captured Joe’s.

“If I stay Joe, can we please put all of this behind us? Can we both forgive and forget our actions?” You asked hopefully, gently sliding your hands away from his neck and down his chest before resting your hands over his, intertwining your fingers together.

Smiling brightly down at you, Joe leaned down and pressed a gentle and passionate kiss against your lips causing your lips to break into a large smile and for your heart to instantly flutter.

“I’m sorry, what was I supposed to forgive and forget?” Joe teased, causing you to giggle quietly at his words and earn a chuckle from him.

Smiling down to your hands, you gently gave Joe’s hands a reassuring squeeze, feeling that your relationship has now been secured and locked under key. Things were starting to look much more brighter than before. Gazing up to Joe’s baby blue eyes once more, you listened to him call your name softly, his hands now leaving yours to gently caress your cheeks.

“I love you Y/N L/N, all I want to do is hold you forever and tell you how important you are to me. One day, we’ll get married, that’s a promise. A thousand years for worse or for better, we will always find a way to make our relationship work out. I know every relationship has it’s ups and downs, and relationships can always be rocky, but I promise you Y/N L/N, that I will never stop loving you and I will always try my best to make you the happiest woman in this entire world. I would take the stars out of the sky for you, if that is what you wanted. You are my world Y/N L/N, and I love you so very much.” He whispered, causing tears of happiness to fill your eyes as your heart began to explode with happiness.

Your relationship with Joe was always going to be a whirlwind of craziness, happiness and excitement, but even though the darkness all around you both, will try to tear this love of yours apart; you knew the darkness would never win, simply because there is no darkness so dense and so menacing that it cannot be overcome by the blinding love that shines so bright between you and Joe.


Hello my lovelies!

How are you all? I really hope that all of you are well!

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