It all comes back to the school funding lawsuit

On Sept. 31, 2008, Wade Pogany took the stand as the final witness for the state of South Dakota in the court trial over whether public schools are adequately funded.

That lawsuit, which the state won, was supported by the Associated School Boards of South Dakota. Pogany, who at the time worked for the Department of Education, is going to work for ASBSD next month as executive director.

So that’s kind of interesting.

That funding lawsuit, by the way, remains under review by the South Dakota Supreme Court. The losing plaintiffs appealed the ruling by Lori Wilbur, who is changing jobs herself. In a couple hours, Wilbur takes the oath of office to join the Supreme Court.
So that’s also kind of interesting.

As a justice, of course, Wilbur will have no say in the appeal of her school funding decision.

Here’s how Terry Woster – now working for the state, a somewhat less interesting story – reported Pogany’s testimony when Woster worked for the Argus Leader:

The state’s final witness Tuesday, Deputy Education Secretary Wade Pogany, described the computer systems and supporting technology that have been provided to schools in the past several years at state expense. He also outlined distance-learning programs and online courses available, often for free to a school.

He also described a teacher compensation plan the Legislature approved two years ago.

Pogany testified that as much as $20 million in state money goes to schools outside the education-funding formula that is the subject of the lawsuit. That money pays for things that benefit the schools, he said.