February 4

The stars have fallen,

But it is on my hands.

Not for me to entrap,

But for them to light my path.

With a glow which reminds its home,

I know I am not alone.

I may be lost,

But I am going forward.

Towards the unknown,

Towards anything but here,

They are wings, I, far-flown,

They have made me theirs,

Them, my own.

The wind howls but it is not ferocious
in its demeanour.
It howls in the gentlest of manner
as though it’s voice has been subdued,
collapsed under the weight,
worth all the sorrows of the world.
A tiny casket is lowered into the ground,
a mother’s light,
in despair,
has forever drowned.
—  Rose K. @romancinglife
I do not like the sound of you
A million needles burrowing their way into my head stab
after stab,
even the most savage stab
injects me with soft and sweet murmurs
of execution.
You are a bird of prey and a killer of felicity,
you are on the hunt and your eyes -
cue faint heartbeats and suspense -
publicize the lighting strike which bring an end,
to all that is pure and innocent.
I do not like
the feeling of you,
caressing me with your talons,
etching hopelessness and irrelevance
permanently into my skin.
I do not like the feeling of standing on a edge,
while you encourage the breeze.
I do not like the sound of you
haunting my dreams.
—  But I don’t hate you

Neil Hilborn - “Memorial Day”

“I am sitting in this park, watching an old couple almost cry together, and I want this to be the most important thing I do all year.”

Neil Hilborn, performing from his book at YouTube Space LA. Check out Neil’s book at the Button website, and subscribe to Button on YouTube!

I guess you could say our love
was like a Nicholas Sparks book.
We met on the first page,
fell in love by chapter five.
We got in a fight by chapter eight
and made up by chapter nine
I knew it was too good to be true;

near the end I noticed we were
missing a few pages
and I suggested we write our own.
Too bad you had already started
a new story

and I wasn’t in it.

—  @nothingwithoutwords, day 177
I cannot promise you an undying love or an unbroken past. I cannot promise that this life or love of ours will remain the same as what it is  in this very moment. I cannot promise you unspoken words to mend what you were left behind with. There are dark places you’ve been; the type of places that cannot be unseen. We were kids who had to grow up too quickly, stripped of our innocence. I cannot promise you  flowers, chocolates, adventures, and star lit skies on every night. There’s going to be days when it feels like this never ending storm is thrusting at our home, pulling doors off their hinges and damaging the rooftop one tile at a time. I cannot promise you that we will have more easy days than rain filled days. But I can promise you this. I promise to never stop loving every inch of your body, your soul, your humor, your loving personality. I promise to never hold the truth from you because if there’s one thing that can kill; it’s being lied to from the one person you trusted. I promise to never belittle you because if you want to achieve something I’ll be your number one fan screaming at the top of my lungs. Telling you to keep on pushing, to keep on going, and I will be there to hold you at the finish line and tell you “I knew you could do, baby, I swear I knew you could do it.” I promise to go on crazy adventures with you, to get in the car and just go. There needs to be no destination because as long as I have you by my side anywhere in this world, will feel like home. I promise to try my best to make you smile more than to ever shed a tear because of me. I promise to never lay in the bed of another and if there is ever temptation there then I have failed at loving you, entirely. I promise to never grow too old to pick you up in my arms and twirl you around our living room floor. I will never grow too old to jump off a mountain cliff, or try new foods of which I cannot pronounce the names of. I promise to always make crude jokes that will make you punch me in my ribs and tell me how immature I am but still know you love me with the look you give me with your light brown eyes. I promise to always learn with you, to go to classes, seminars, job interviews, social gatherings, political debates, to always evolve to a better person. I promise to never forget our first kiss or how my knees shook on our first dance. I promise to never abuse you with condescending words, to never lay hands on you, or ever think of hurting you. I promise to always protect you and if we were ever homeless I'll  build you a fort with the jacket off my back; so you may never forget that for you I’d give up my last everything. I cannot promise you that it’ll be perfect or even close to it, but I promise to never abandon you and to love you more tomorrow than I did today.
—  To my best friend, my love, my reason, my happiness
I never thought I would experience a broken heart like the ones I’ve read about in books. I never thought one person could make my life whole. But you did. And as quickly as you came into my life, you were gone.
—  Leigh, day 174