Adult trees,
dense woods
generous shadow.

Plaza underwent
recovery process.
Now fully renovated.

Did not have a single,
its numerous
trees, pruned.

Old plaza
with old trees,
the same in the new plaza.

Generous shadow,
from the old plaza
maintained for whom enjoys.

Everything can be renewed
without destroying everything,
for total reconstruction.

Nature is suffering more
with devastating reforms.
Fortunately here nature has been respected.



A large plaza.
Central point of the city.
A historic fountain.
Imposing and dominating.
All year marks its position.
Meeting point.
For young and old.

It’s Christmas.
Arrives its greatest symbol.
The Tree.
Not any one.
But A tree.
Grand in its size.
Attracts everyone of all ages.

Fountain now has company.
Induces euphoria to everyone,
remember these moments.
Lots and lots of photos
Every day, all day.
But the good also ends.

Christmas is gone.
The tree also.
It is only the nostalgia.
Around the day-to-day normal.
All routine all year.
Now alone fountain.
Back to reign on the great place.