Poesie Grenadine

All of a sudden a silly patch I made to make a friend smile has nearly 5000 notes (and the coveted/reviled “vintage/grunge” tag), I have nearly 30 new followers, and my Etsy has 25 admirers.

This is overwhelmingly wonderful. What would be even more wonderful is if someone would do me the honour of making the first ever purchase from my Etsy shop. There are new products in the works to be added very very soon.

Don’t forget I accept commissions! Message me on here or drop me a line at katerolison@googlemail.com , and I will do my darndest to create you an original embroidered artwork you’ll love.

Here is an example of my commissioned work:


I’m off to Pip’s now, bringing back Friday is Pie Day and spending all day sewing and lazing. It’s gonna be perfection.

Like the blog’s new look? It’s by the fabulous Ally Dalloway (http://allydalloway.tumblr.com/), a young illustrator just starting out on her career. She has a great, cute, funny yet grown-up style; Nick Sharratt for adults, if you will.

I also like that she’s given me a swan-like neck! Thanks, Ally!

Go ask her to draw you up something, she really gets what you’re looking for from just a few lines, and is incredibly quick, too! Oh, and did I mention she’s (far too) reasonable with her prices?

The new look is soon to be applied to all my personal corners of the internet, including a soon-to-be-created, proper, official Poesie Grenadine website. 

What do you think?