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You know what I find one of the worst things about the whole secret empire story?

How easy it was for them to make it happen. They didn’t even have to fight for it. All they had to do was say “we want to make captain America, the ultimate anti-nazi symbol, created by jews, and turn him into a nazi. No, the greatest, meanest nazi of all time.” And they got it. They could do it.

They faced no struggle in changing the timeline because ‘obviously the Nazis should have won WWII’. And they had no challenges to make him worthy of mjolnir. They could do whatever they wanted.

Compare that to how marginalized groups like poc, women, the disabled and the lgtb+ community have to fight tooth and nail for every little speck of representation and often still have to leave it up to context because they’re not allowed to put focus on it. It has to remain a background thing.

But Nazis, nazis they’ll give mainstream foreground representation of the bat.

That shit ain’t right man.