BTS Reaction #1 : Family Cookout

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Food, food, and more food. At first, Jin was pretty nervous about going to your family’s cookout. Mainly because he knew all of your family was going to be there. When you both first arrived to the cookout, he was just sitting at one of the tables fiddling with his phone. After forcing him to socialize with your family, he slowly got the hang of it, speaking in short english sentences and nodding. Then, he sees the buffet table, and loses his mind. He’s never seen this much good food in one place before. He’s taking plate after plate and a few to-go boxes, praising the food he’s eating, which makes your Grandma a very happy camper.

“My Goodness Jagi, you get to eat this food regularly?!”

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Another nervous boyfriend. Not only is he not good with crowds, but he’s low-key scared about meeting your entire family. At first, he makes up every excuse for him not to attend the cookout with you, whether it’s he’s not feeling well, to he needs to take your non-existing dog to the vet. When you two are finally at the cookout, he’s following you around like a lost puppy. That is until you older brother goes up to him, and questions him about his rapping skills, asking him to give a demonstration. Being put on the spot, Yoongi hesitantly starts freestyling, drawing more people to surround him. Getting more comfortable, he starts spitting out his cyphers and whatnot, your brother and younger cousins are in awe. Clapping and cheering for him, Yoongi finally feels like part of the family.

“That was actually very fun baby, I hope I get to see your family again…”

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You almost wondered if you were going to his family cookout. Hoseok was so jumpy and ready to go see your family at the cookout. He was so comfortable and chill with all your family members, and everyone adored him. Entertaining your family with his bright demeanor, his killer dance moves and sense of humor, he was definitely the star of the evening.

“Jagiah, I think my family likes me more than you~”

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On the outside, he seemed very calm and collected about meeting all your family members, but very deep inside, he was terrified. He wasn’t stupid, he knew he would probably be the only Asian at this gathering, and people would look at him weirdly, but he didn’t want you to know that. When he got there, he braced himself for all the stares, but it didn’t seem to come. Instead, he was welcomed with warmness and eager questions from everyone asking about him his idol life and rap career. Using his fluent English skills, he successfully answered all their questions and told some pre-debut stories.With that, his worries vanished, causing him to fully enjoy himself for the night.

“You have a lot of family baby, but they are all so wonderful”.

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Although Jimin would be a little nervous about being with your entire family, he would cover that up with his natural sweetness. Not exactly the confident type, it would take him a while to actually get comfortable in your family’s presence. He would most likely either hang out with the younger kids dancing and playing around, or be in the kitchen with the older family members, listening to their ramblings and stories. By the end of the night, he would have fallen in love with your family’s togetherness, which cause him to be more confident when meeting them in the future.

“Your Grandmother is the purest lady I’ve ever meet Jagi”. 

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This wonderful man would probably be more excited than you to go. He’s such a warm person and a family man, so this event would definitely work in his favor. Although he has limited english, he would try his best to have fun with everyone. Whether it’s having a couple of beers with your dad and uncles, gossiping with your mom and aunts, or dancing and fooling around with your younger cousins, nieces and nephews. Taehyung will definitely leave your family cookout awestruck and satisfied.

“Jagiah, we should go to these parties every weekend!”

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Finally, our shy little bunny will definitely be the shyest around your family. Sticking to your side the entire night, he would only talk to the family members you were talking to. That is until he gets a small tug from a tiny little hand on his shirt. He looks down to see a cute little brown girl with two huge puffs on her head. She drags him to the backyard where the rest of the young kids are playing a dancing game. Not wanting to disappoint those big brown puppy eyes, he joins in. After a while, you notice Jungkook’s presence is no longer behind you. Worrying he got lost in your Grandma’s huge family home, you look around for him, until you hear a bunch a laughing and cheering from the kids in the backyard. When you get there, you see him goofily dancing with your little sister to “Whip/Nae Nae”. You start laughing, and get out your phone, wanting to keep this memory of him.

“Your little sister is so cute sweetie, she should come visit us sometimes.”

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A powerful moment, most likely fictional, about Bruce Lee watching the controversial Asian stereotype scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It has the same impact on me as it did when I was a kid. There’s been a lot of progress, but we have a long way to go.

BTS Reaction #2 : BBoying/BBgirling Awards

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He would be in awe to see your awards all over the house. He wouldn’t hesitate to ask you the story behind each award and if you had any videos of each event.

“Wow, your so talented my love!”

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He would definitely be impressed, but way more low-key about it. Silently looking at each award, observing every ribbon and certificate. It would definitely cause his ego to boost knowing he had such a talented chick.

“My Jagi is the baddest girl I know.”

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Oh, you’ve done it now. He already knew in himself that he was dating a dancer, but now that he sees all the trophies, he is definitely going to use it to his advantage. Playfully challenging you to dance contests or dragging you to the dance floor every time you guys went out clubbing. He would always want to see you show off your skills.

“Come on Honey, show everyone our killer moves.”

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Being apart of the #Can’tDance squad, he would definitely be amazed by all your awards. Being the chill guy he is, he wouldn’t be as excited as Hoseok, but he wouldn’t be as quiet as Yoongi either. He would outwardly say how in awe and proud he was of you, but would try to make it seem as normal as possible.

“Maybe you could teach some moves sometimes baby”

“Monnie, last time I did, you almost broke my fishtank…”

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Being a dancer, it gave him great content to see his lover’s trophies and awards all around her room. It filled him with happiness that the person he loved the most was one the greatest at what she liked to do.Hugging you tightly, he would gush and tell you how proud and amazed he was by your talent and successes.

“My baby is the best girl in the world.”

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Our excited little muffin would be so cute about it. He would marvel about all the trophies he sees in your house. Like an excited puppy, would beg you give him a live demonstration on your bboying/bgirling skills. When he goes back home to the dorm, he would definitely brag to the rest of the members about his amazing girlfriend.   

“Yeah, she has like 6 trophies from the same year, my sweetie is the greatest.”

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This boy would be somewhat like Hoseok, but ten times more competitive. Seeing all your awards would bring out the childish side of him, and cause him to pile you with different questions. He definitely try to one up you by challenging you to dance competitions. In the end, although he’s low-key (high-key) jealous, he couldn’t be more prouder of you.

“I can do it babe, just give me one sec…”

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No one in this world gives a shit about the feeling of regretful Trump voters. If we’re honest.

“Well, he said he would build a wall!”

*everyone else*

“Cool, guys. Meanwhile, the rest of us (no, literally, the whole world) are terrified because he is a rambling, unhinged mad man with nuke codes who is going to start World War Three and end existence as we know it. But, sure. You got pissed about a woman’s fucking emails and José the gardener and feeling like you were left behind. You doomed us all.”

When you make your bed…but everyone else is forced to lie in it too.