so i have a bit of exciting news….well to me anyway! since i bought my house 6 years ago, i’ve been renting out my basement to be able to afford the mortgage. it’s a very tiny house, with only 1 bedroom on my main floor, which meant my sewing room has basically been my living room (thankfully my living room is quite large).

starting November 1st, i will no longer be renting out the basement and taking it over for a sewing room! it’s a suuuuuper nice basement (completely renovated) with super large windows…..and i’m super excited to have a ton of room for all my sewing equipment and supplies! Bedroom will be used for my photo setup/and storage, and the rest of the basement (it’s an open concept) will be the sewing room.

now that i’ll have less money coming in, i’m going to try and concentrate on getting more plushies and possibly patterns in my shop to supplement my regular job salary a bit. which brings me to the Gatomon picture: to help raise some funds, i’ve added 2 Gatomon pre-orders in my Etsy shop. These are listed at a discounted price of $400 usd (regular $450 usd), and will come with a free Yukimibotamon!


Any and all shares would be hugely appreciated!

this whole thing is a bit scary since money will be much tighter, but also very exciting! once everything is set up i’ll be posting up pictures.


Jam has now been completed! Son of Marco Diaz and Jackie Lyn Thomas from a wasteland future Jam has come back to try and stopping that world from coming true. Created by the one and only “MoringMark

You can start reading the “Ship Wars AU” from here link

He’s available to purchase on my Etsy for $70 USD link

If you buy him and Elizabeth together you’ll save $10