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I’m currently trying to make some extra cash to help make my life less miserable. I’m doing custom plush commissions in hopes to raise enough to live more comfortably than paycheck to paycheck, since work keeps cutting my hours. 

I’m already working as much as I can at work, but in my spare time I’m doing commissions to help with bills and groceries.

If you’re interested in a custom plush, please email me at StellaVeemotes@gmail.com or find me on twitter @StellaVee. My email or twitter are the best way to reach me.

Base price for all plushes start out at $20 USD. Shipping within the US costs 5 USD. Extra detail may change prices. International shipping is 10 USD.

If you cannot commission me, please reblog to help out as well! <3

If you have any questions feel free to ask! Thank you so much!


This little fennec fox is available on my etsy for $35 (plus shipping).  I will be making normal foxes and different breeds of dogs based off of this same pattern eventually.  Don’t forget to check out all of the other plushies I have available in my shop!  And don’t forget about the 10% off coupon going on right now!  Make sure to use the coupon code “spooky” before the end of the month.



a chubby little summer bear! this small friend has hand embroidered details, and is made entirely of minky, plus one cute little felt flower. at about 10cm long and 7cm wide, it’s the perfect size to nestle in your hand, with weight beans in its butt to make sure it’ll stay there!

i’m trying to work on some potential stock for an etsy store! this pattern is my first go at a bear; it needs some editing, but it’s on the way!

Here it is! Wildclaw plush pattern in printable form!

[Available here since tumblr doesn’t want to work]

Just print each picture out on normal printer paper, cut out the pieces, and tape together the ones that need it!

I don’t have a tutorial up for it, so here are a few pointers:

  • There is no seam allowance, so remember to add what you need!
  • There are a couple fabrics you could use, but make sure it isn’t stretchy! It’s much easier with non-stretch fabric.
  • I used felt for the wings and feathers. It’s easy to work with and is stiff enough to stand on it’s own, to a degree. This guy doesn’t have wire in his wings to keep them up but wire could easily be added.
  • Fabric paint for the details. Painting fine lines can be tricky, but you can get them much easier with a safety pin.

Feel free to message me if you have questions! I’ll have pictures of the Imperial up in the next couple days.

(Tag me if you use it because I want to see what you make! :) )