It’s so difficult for me to find jeans that fit, there’s always a huge gap in the waist but these are perfectttt! Both top and jeans are from Fashion Nova, it’s so nice to have access to affordable plus size clothes, that wasn’t a thing growing up and my choices were limited to expensive, old fashioned and excessively modest. It’s a different world but there’s still lots of progress to be made. Bag is my go-to every day purse, it’s from Doc Marten.


Ok so this is my new favourite ensemble ever. I’ve gotten so many compliments today and it’s breezy and comfortable despite how damn hot it is out! I can’t resist a fruit print. Florals? Meh. Fruit I just love, I think I lowkey want to be Carmen Miranda. The crop and skirt are from Forever 21, and come in straight and plus sizes, which always makes me happy cause usually plus lines are boring as hell.

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