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Thick-Calved Knee High Boot Lovin’ Babes, Listen Up

I’ve got a secret for you, but first comes a story. 

So I ordered these adorable boots that just arrived a few days ago, two pair of the exact same knee high boots, one brown & one black. I open the box, super psyched to put them on and *GASP* they won’t zip half way up my thigh. This is only a slight surprise to me as I’ve had problems with knee high boots in the past. But I took my pinterest mind and started searching. And I have found the ultimate solution to my thick-calved problem. 


I saw it on several different websites, spray the boots with alcohol and voila! You now fit into those sexy knee-high boots that you’re oh so depressed don’t fit. So, without further adieu let us do some learnin’ about this shit, okay?

Step One: cry about your boots because you paid a boat load for them, or you were thrifty and you’re still sad they don’t fit. 

Step Two: head to your nearest drug store and buy yourself a big ole bottle of 70% isopropyl alcohol. I paid 3.49, with tax for mine and I got a huge bottle. The smaller one is around 2 something! Stretching spray, which is 50% isopropo (which i will call it from now one) & water, goes for around $5-10

Step Three: Come home, marvel at your boots from across the room looking oh so lonely and not warn at all, because you’re about to put those babies on!

Step Four: Get a spray bottle, fill it half way with water and the other half with isopropo. Screw that lid on and, 

SPRAY SPRAY SPRAY THE INSIDE OF THOSE BOOTS. Spray it like a salt shaker. Spray it like you’re trying to make it rain on them bitches. There’s no need to get those toesies wet okay, just spray the inside calf part!

Then, slip those babies on and streeeetch the sides to get those suckers on. Boots got a zipper and you’re just so scared they won’t fit? Oh babe, they will. Trust me. These boots now fit like a glove, and not the kind that let’s your fat hang over the sides either. Sexy, glove-like knee high boots that have you feeling so hot and confident you’re ready to do anything. Leave the boots on for a few hours if you can so they form to your legs. 

Going to wear skinny jeans with those boots and you only spray them to fit those sexy naked legs? No problem!!!! Spray your boots before every wear and they’ll fit like a glove every time. 

That’s it. That’s the secret. Isopropyl Alcohol the shit out of your boots and never cry because they don’t fit over your calves again. Don’t spend money to ship them back. Don’t send them to some shoe repair shop who is going to charge you $50 to do the same thing you could’ve done for $4. Don’t spend money for wide-calved boots, unless you want to of course but I’m a college student and I’m not rolling in the dough. Also, have no fear this does NOT ruin the leather. 

Rock those knee-high boots, babes and be confident as ever!


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Plus size clothes should stop making everything short and wide, it’s not flattering. (ex. women’s hot topic shirts) Like I hate how every plus size item there is to buy is like some stretched out version of the “regular” sizes. But the arm holes are the same? Like I think it’d look better if plus size clothes were made to accentuate where we carry our weight instead of trying to make plus size people look slim. There’s no hiding it so we might as well flaunt it. Making clothes fit in the places we have curves instead of trying to shove it back inside like where is this magical place it’s suppose to go?

Top 3 reasons why I hate "plus size" clothes!

1) $$$Expensive!$$$ (Don’t you dare say “more fabric = more money” because if that’s the case, why are a size 2 and a size 10 the same price?)

2) The sizing is inconsistent! (I can wear anything from an 18/20 to a 26/28 and have it fit perfectly fine.)

3) Proportions are always fucking wonky! (Too wide, not long enough, sleeves are too short, material is too thin, etc…)

*What don’t YOU like about fat girl clothes?!*


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