Marshall: Miles I know you’re not as musical as me, but have you ever heard the song I wanna be like Miles?

Miles: No

Marshall: That’s because it’s not out yet, but when it does come out, it’s gonna tell a story about a man who went fearlessly into Clemson’s arena and snagged 14 rebounds all by himself. Miles what do you gotta say to that?

Miles: I hope you do a good job with the song man

Marshall: It’s gonna be great


“They definitely give me lots of opportunities to prove myself. They have a lot of extra stuff I have to do. Carry bags, make them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before the game, a lot of little errands to run on the road and things to keep me busy. If you get their towels, bags and water for guys it’s not so much about that, but Paul knows if I can remember to get him a towel after every game then I can remember to rotate on help on defense, so it’s really bigger than the towel, you know?” (via WSN) #PLUMS4ALLROOKIE (Photos via @susssez)

Indiana Pacers and the NBA

A year ago I told everyone that the Pacers would be a beast this year, and yes I was right. To all you who thought the Heat were unbeatable well they are not. The Pacers have fallen off, but everyone who discounted them can shut their mouths. When they score they are real. No to mention the Spurs were a Ray Allen 3 away from a title; while the Warriors almost outlasted the Spurs in the semis in a few games. The NBA is ever changing and those who think the Heat can just roll are wrong, someone has to take that pussy off the pedestal. I call for any team in the league to respond to Lebron, his superstar antics. Plumlee blocks you, pure block, and you call foul.The East can be garbage, but these are all pros playing for their careers, and no one should fear Lebron; everyone goes down at some point look at the list Woods, Kobe, Bo, and now Bron Bron.  As a kid I did not see MJ doing that, complaining at a last second block, he was making a buzzer beater, he lost like a champ and won like one. Heat this is the year of your demise.
Officer enters icy creek after SUV hits bridge

Earlville police chief Joe Plumlee said officer Alfonso Valdez responded to the accident reported at approximately 2:09 a.m. on the Union Street bridge near Grove Street.
Earlville Fire and Ambulance also responded to the scene and took the injured driver to OSF St. Pauls Medical Center in Mendota.
The Ford Explorer was removed from Union Street by two tow trucks, Plumlee added.
Plumlee said he was then transferred by helicopter to OSF St. Anthonys in Rockford.
Valdez did a search and found a man in the water below the bridge.