Brothers Mason and Marshall Plumlee 1-on-1 in NYC!


Understanding in a Car Crash

A shaken USA Men’s Basketball Team react, or fail to react, after watching a devastating injury to Paul George that’s just too gross to describe. 

The players in blue, George’s team in the scrimmage, was down 81-71 before the game was cancelled. George’s family, his teammates and Pacers GM Kevin Pritchard rushed to his side as he was treated for 15 minutes before being transported to a local hospital. 


“It’s kind of weird,” Dragic said of the mugging scene, “I came to the bench and everybody was looking down. I tried to give them the high five and nobody give them back. And I was like ‘what is going on?’ and then suddenly everybody jump on me. And Tuck, he poured ice water on me. It was like winning a Super Bowl.”


Carolina - Duke: The Greatest Rivalry in Sports

The tradition continues tomorrow.