Dean: Hey. You remember a chain called Plucky Pennywhistle’s?

Sam: No.

Dean:Really? Could have swore you loved those places.

Sam: No, dude, I hated them. Uh, you would dump me and go trolling for chicks.

Dean:It’s not like I left you in jail. I mean, those places are supposed to be fun.

Sam: Fun? Uh, they’re lame. And they smell like puke. And the ice cream is all grainy.

Dean: What in the world did they do to you? All right, don’t have one of your episodes, okay?

You really can’t get sense of Sam’s fear from this gif set that you do in the scene itself, but it comes across strongly enough so that Dean senses it through the phone.

What we learn is that Dean left Sam while “trolling for chicks” so I’m guessing that Dean was 14-16 or so, which would have made Sam 10-12. He was old enough that Dean felt comfortable leaving him in a public place that was for kids.

It’s interesting here that Sam first denies remembering Plucky’s but then reveals that he remembers it in detail right down to the vomit smell and gritty ice cream. It has left an indelible memory that appears to be linked to fear. Now, we have to remember that by this age, Sam was aware of the supernatural and that monsters are real, but what sets him stammering and sweating is clowns.

It’s pretty clear that he’s trying to cover with the “they’re lame” so Dean won’t sense just how freaked out he is, but he is.

safiyabat said: But if Dean knows enough to drop a hint like this, why would he send Sam into the Plucky’s situation in the first place, especially while he’s already dealing with the Hallucifer situation? (Or the evil clown thing in season 2…)

I don’t think Dean is dropping a hint, but the writers may be. I don’t think Dean suspects that anything happened to Sam there. I don’t know that it did. There’re just things that leave me wondering. The fact that consent seems to be an ever present issue with Sam …

kuriom23 asked:

My son loves watching Supernatural with me, he's 7, and he's been on a kick lately of watching the "funny" episodes. We've hit mystery spot and bad day at black rock. I would love to hear which you think is funny and add it to the list. Thanks!

Yellow Fever, Changing Channels, Clap Your Hands if You Believe, Tall Tales, Plucky Pennywhistle, Dog Dean Afternoon, The French Mistake.

I am sure there are more, but that’s what comes to mind.

myangelshunter asked:

4,5 and 6? ^//^

4 - Which is your favorite episode? That’s a hard one! Hunteri Heroici or Goodbye Stranger :)

5 - Which episode makes you cry the most? All Hell Breaks Loose, Dark Dynasty, Heaven Can’t Wait, and Swan Song! I cry like a big ass baby every time omg :)

6- Which episode is the funniest to you? Changing Channels, The French Mistake, Frontierland, and Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie

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