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The opening of Batman: The Animated Series (1992) reveals the origin story of the show:

You know what the problem with Tiny Tune Adventures was? Buster Bunny sucked. He was supposed to be the center of the action, but any storyline involving him sucked. Babs Bunny was kind of cool, but all of her storylines involved Buster, so she got dragged down with him. Actually, all the characters got dragged down, because invariably, they would all be involved in his bullshit escapades.

He was no fucking Bugs, that’s for goddamn sure. Bugs was a violent narcissist who got off on revenge and seeing people in pain. These are the endearing qualities that have made him a Hollywood Icon.

I guess the point of Buster is that he was trying to learn how to be Bugs, but the show didn’t have any continuity or anything  so like, he always remained the same boring character. 

I remember calling some kid Buster Bunny in class, and that was like, a sick burn back then.

Meanwhile Plucky Duck was always given second place status, even though his adventures were always fucking better. And that, my friends, is a goddamn shame.

this is sergeant utica. he is arguably the bravest sergeant who has ever served this fine nation, and certainly the bravest duck to ever live. he accompanies those who wish to have great adventures; he protects them and ensures that they have the time of their lives. he works for the GODS — the Grand Organization of Duck Sergeants. those closest to him call him “uti” for short. uti dazzles everyone who crosses his path with each day that he lives and protects with is warm brown eyes and his equally warm personality. the quality of his friendship is matched by no other. he is what a true american hero should be.