Tord: “Haha, you guys are a riot.”

Tord: “With only six soldiers, you have something more like a gang, not an army. But I applaud you for dreaming big.”

Tord: “Although I’m busy with the Red Army, I’m sure I could give some pointers on how to raise your own army. You guys are just too amusing not to help.”

Tord: “Besides, you don’t really seem like a threat. As long as it stays that way, I’m sure we’ll get along just fine~.”

Tord: “Ah, the leader? How nice it is to meet the mastermind behind this whole operation. Tell me, how did–”

Tord: “Wait, what was that about killing me?”

Paul: “SIR–”

Patryk: “GET BACK”



Tord: “shit”

-Mod Matt

negativenox  asked:

Nox@Primrose: "I hope I'm not being a bother, but I couldn't help but overhear your conversation concerning this 'Eris.'" The colorless ghost-type fidgeted nervously. "If you mind me asking... who are they? They sound like the problematic sort, and I'd rather avoid a Pokémon like them during my travels."


    “Oh don’t worry, you’re not being a bother at all.” the Princess reassured quickly, smiling brightly. Her ears flicked back briefly at the mention of the name Eris, there was an almost immediate shift in Primrose’s Aura. She stiffened just briefly, paws flexing lightly before she offered a gentler smile, nodding her head softly.

    “That would be in your favor.” she laughed weakly, rubbing her shoulder subconsciously. “As I’ve mentioned, there are three Leaders on our Island; Eris is the leader of the Southern Crestland.” Lady Rose explained, “Eris, believe it or not, is a Lopunny. He’s the longest term leader of all of us, but also the most volatile and cruel.” she grew softer the more she spoke, as if losing herself in moments briefly. The Princess’ jaw abruptly tightened, neck tightening a bit as her brows furrowed. She tossed her head away quickly, clearing her throat to break her own tension.

    “Eris speaks with a voice made of honey, he acts sweet and kind with a million answers to any question you could ever ask… He comes off as friendly, sweet as can be, but it’s all an act. He’d slit your throat the moment he got you close enough.” she scoffed. “But he’d torture you senseless first.” her anger was clearly beginning to rise, she spoke faster and certain words held more venom and emphasis than others. She finally took a moment, inhaling deeply to cool herself back down, the edges of her mouth quivered as she fought to remain calm and at ease. 

    “I don’t think you’d ever have the displeasure of meeting him unless you came specifically to the Island… Or at least I hope.” her ears reared back with that statement and she instinctively peered over her own shoulder, tail beginning to sway around with unease.

Masterpost of Writing Advice

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Writing Non-Humans
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Fight Scenes
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Romance:  *new!*

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World Building:

Creating World Maps
World Building


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The Basic Plot of Hamilton
  • Hamilton:I'm gonna start a revolution!
  • Burr:wait...
  • Hamilton:I'm gonna work with Washington!
  • Burr:wait...
  • Hamilton:I'm gonna marry a Schuyler sister!
  • Burr:wait...
  • Hamilton:I'm gonna write essays defending the constitution!
  • Burr:wait...
  • Hamilton:I'm gonna do Maria!
  • Burr:wait...
  • Hamilton:I'm gonna publish my affair with Maria!
  • Burr:wait...
  • Hamilton:I'm gonna endorse Jefferson!
  • Burr(pulls out gun):Ok, you know what...