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I'll like to ask... do you have a ranking for bangtan *ejem* derrieres? I know that jimin's is first, but(t) i've been seeing some Suga photos and i... i want your opinion

Okay, you know i’m a HUGE fan of ALL Bangtan butts, so please understand that before you read on:

1. Jimin, obviously, the Butt King, the Supreme Ruler of Ass, the Emperor of Junk. He has got one rock hard rear. He blesses every pair of pants he wears. One day he will hulk bust out of his clothes just by flexing his butt. 

2. Yoongi, the unexpected Ass Hero. The hero that none of us deserve. Like, you would expect a dude that skinny to be pancake flat. But no? He has got some juicy little handfuls?? It almost ain’t right…. I almost don’t believe him….. I feel like I should cup his butt just to be sure…. for Research….  take some slo-mo jiggle footage, measure the butt warmth, poke gently a couple of times to test the give, all very scientific. 

3. Hobi, like all you gotta do is watch him do those girl group dances in pleather pants on weekly idol and you will understand. Oh will you understand. He’s real proud of it too. It’s nice and lean but still round, overall very nice.

4/5. Jin and Tae are tied just because I don’t recall seeing all that much of Jin’s ass, seems like he wears a lot of long shirts, but I feel like it’s got to be excellent? He’s very soft and well-structured so I just have to trust him on that? Tae’s I HAVE seen a bit of and it’s great, like definitely better than your average ass, REALLY good ass, just doesn’t have quite as much curve as the first three. Still 10/10 would cup gently and treasure.

6/7. Nams and Kook. But LOOK. They both have fucking STELLAR legs, like probably rank 1 and 2 for legs, and God does not give evenly with both hands, they can’t have both. It would not be fair. To be clear, would STILL cup their butts and would LOVE every second of it. Excellent little rears. 

⭐Mayor Mit Ref⭐

◀︎ Outfit ►

⭐ black crown ✖︎

⭐ turquoise and hot pink bandages ✖︎

⭐ hatsune miku themed hoodie ✖︎

⭐ pleather pants

⭐ white socks (not shown)

⭐ black rain boots

✕ Info ✕

◇ quiet and self reserved

low high-key weaboo trash

◇ spends more time playing video games than doing his mayoral duties

◇ listens to weird music

◇ works too hard for his own good

◇ really cool with marshal, snake, and marty

◇ pretends to not care about anything

✖︎qr code designs or items that look different in-game

dolph: i know he’s sitting back there somewhere and his hands are sweaty 


shinsuke: palms of sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy

shinsuke: there’s vomit on my pleather pants already

shinsuke: mom’s spaghetti 

Mayor Angel of Eden (Yes, Angel is my real name lol)

• Orange Tulip
• Doctor’s mask
• Orange Overalls (made by me)
• Pleather pants
• Black ankle socks
• Steel-toed boots

• Quirky & creative
• Lucid dreamer
• Spends free time writing poetry
• Loves harvesting & farming
• Values all of his friendships
• Skilled in the art of pottery
• Lover of God
• Supports autism & anti-bullying
• HUGE cat person
• Mysteriously shy but isn’t afraid to speak up
• Listens to emo/punk/rock music

(This took me WAY too long to make but, this is my first Character Reference, so please excuse how choppy it may look. He is also based off of me.)

Loving my outfit today! I always need more leather in my closet.

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Once again, I've worked with kids for years. I've seen very small one olds as well as ones that look two. His size is fine, however they did generally take after their parents build wise-but they didn't always. I had a little girl who I could make a ring with my index and thumb, and it'd go around her leg. She was so small, and both parents were 6 feet tall. Her brother was a monster. Looked like he was 4 at 2.

it’s less about that and more about how not only the kid but the entire pregnancy is full of exceptions like one or two is understandable it happens but c'mon from the tight pleather pants days after the birth to freddie being about five sizes too big for someone typically his age it’s just…

Snowed In

Plot: You and Josh have been dating for around four months. You’ve never spent the night at his house before, but things change upon getting snowed in. Sorry it’s so long!  

The boys were about one month into the tour when they finally got a break. It was only for a few days, but Josh decided he would fly home to Colombus because that’s where you lived, and that’s were Tyler was going anyways to see Jenna. It was December, below freezing, and had been snowing all day, but you promised Josh you would pick him up from the airport around noon. It was only ten o’clock but you couldn’t wait. You threw on your red sweater, the one that fit you in all the right places but was still perfect for cuddling. You slipped on your strangely comfortable pleather pants and stepped into your ankle combat boots. You scanned your closet for a scarf and found the one Josh had bought you for your birthday it didn’t match at all, but you thought it would be a cute gesture. You wrapped it around your neck a few times and checked the clock. Only 10:15. You flipped on Netflix and watched “Lost” until it hit eleven, you decided you should leave an hour early in case of any weather delays. 

You arrived to the airport at around 11:45, you pulled up to the gate he would be arriving at which you figured out when he texted you the moment his plane landed. “Gate C31! Can’t wait to see you love! xoxo” You got out of the car and stood outside with your mouth and nose tucked into your winter coat you threw on before you left. Josh and Tyler appeared on the other side of the automatic doors that slid open. You ran up to Josh, flinging your arms around his neck and wrapping your legs around his torso, he dropped his suitcase and held onto you tight spinning you around a few times. 

“I missed you so much my little spook!” you whispered into his ear. 

“I missed you too Y/N. so so much.”

Tyler cleared his throat a bit

“Tyler!” you screamed opening your arms wide half jokingly, half truly happy to see him as well, pulling him in for a hug. 

“Hey Y/N.” Tyler smiled. 

“Jenna really wanted to come with me, but she was watching Mercy and Mercy ended up getting the flu. I’m going to drop you off though, no worries.” 

“Yeah she called me before we boarded, thanks for the ride.” 

“Of course Ty.” 

Tyler filed into the back of your car. Josh threw all the luggage in the back and slid into the passengers seat. You made sure everything was stowed away and then got in the drivers seat, immediately holding Josh’s hand across the console the second you sat down. Josh looked at you and blinked his eyes slowly, soaking in the fact that he finally got to see you in person again and not just through a phone screen. 

The roads weren’t too bad, you only slid once but nothing life threatening. You got to Jenna and Tyler’s house safely and Josh helped him out with the bags, partly because he wanted to say hi to Jenna. 

“I’ll see you later buddy!” Josh yelled out as he was getting back in the car, and shutting the door. 

Jenna and Tyler were hugging in the rearview mirror as you pulled away. 

“They’re so sweet.” You said thinking out loud. 

“You’re so sweet!” Josh replied planting a kiss on your lips, holding the back of your head with his hand. 

It was about a thirty five minute drive to Josh’s house and you made it just before the big snow storm hit. By the time you got to his house it was already three o’clock. Tyler lived a little far from the airport so that added on time, as well as your cautious driving. The second you got in the door Josh pushed you up against the wall, kissing you a little harder than he did before. You pulled your scarf and jacket off and wrapped your arms around his lower waist. You both pulled back and looked lovingly into one another’s eyes. 

“how about I make us some tea?” you suggested. 

“mmm, that sounds perfect.” 

“You began boiling the water and flipped on the weather channel,” Josh turned his head to see the forecast. 

You looked out the window and the snow was really coming down now. 

“Hey babe, we should probably keep an eye on my car in case we have to shovel it out.” 

“Absolutely not.” 

“What so I’m going to shovel it myself?” you asked a little aggravated, but not too upset because you were still ecstatic about seeing Josh again. 

“No you’re not driving in this weather. The weatherman said there’s a severe blizzard warning until midnight tonight. I’m not letting you drive in that baby,” Josh said.

“Okay, but I don’t have anything here because I wasn’t planning on staying over… and I mean…” 

“I know you’ve never stayed the night, but it’s really dangerous out there. I don’t want you getting hurt.” 

You were reluctant but obliged because Josh was being so sweet about the whole thing, plus it was crazy outside. The teapot squealed and you poured the hot water into two mugs, walking over to Josh who was watching the weather on the couch, and handed him his mug. You sat down carefully on the couch, holding your tea and curled up next to him. 

“I’ll be right back,” Josh got up from the couch. 

“I just sat down!” 

“Right back babe.. !” Josh yelled from down the hall. 

He returned with his NASA tshirt in his hand. 

“You going to change?” your eyebrows furrowed. 

“No, this is what you’re going to wear tonight.” 

“The one and only NASA shirt! I am a lucky lucky gal,” You laughed. 

You could tell he was excited about it by his big goofy smile, so you went ahead and just put it on. 

“Wow, you look way better in that thing than I do.” 

“I don’t know J… you look pretty hot in it, but you look even hotter right now,” you bit your lip, set your tea on the coffee table, and pulled Josh close by the strings on his sweatshirt. 

“Control yourself Josh,” he said out loud, laughing. 

later that night you cuddled up in Josh’s bed wearing his NASA tshirt and your black underwear and he slipped under the covers next to you in his boxers. 

“It’s taking everything in me not to take you right now.” 

You kissed his cheek and whispered, “put a ring on it then.”

“I just might,” he laughed and stroked you hair. 

“Goodnight babe,” your voice a little groggy from a long day. 

“Goodnight Y/N.” I love you. 

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God damn Adam is looking good lately

Adam looks good every second of every day, but these past two weeks have been incredible!!

Exhibit A: Adam Bahanna (he looks so fricking amazing ugh I love him)

Exhibit B: KROQ Adam Hann (ugh I love his little belly his pleather (?) pants the ripped denim jacket his $$$$ YSL boots his stance dude he’s got bit feet ;) ugh)

Exhibit 3: The Suit (only Adam could pull off converse with a suit)

Exhibit 4: RED!!!!!!

Exhibit 5: GREEN!!!!! And blue shoes!!!

Exhibit 6: This satin baby blue bomber jacket for a baby boy

do you ever start talking to someone and they notice all your michael jackson memorabilia and they’re like “omg you like mj?” and so you go “HELLL YEAH” expecting a good conversation about his artistry and his humanitarian works or how good he looked in pleather pants

but then they just

“lmao i totally think he touched kids”