These pants.

I bought the mysterious pants back in 2004 where they debuted as my Yohji (Weiss Kreuz) pants for the first time AX of that same year.

They’re not pleather or leather but they sure as hell look like it. I’m not sure WHAT they are other than breathable, comfortable and effing versatile.

I used them for Yohji for the next couple of cons until I needed to use them for  Hyde (L'arc en Ciel) at Sakura Con 04 and then as Kei (Moonchild) Ax05.

Then they went into hiding for a long long time until Yaoi con 2011 when I wore them again for Aya (Weiss Kreuz - and, yes, no irony should be lost on you people).

And again at Yaoi con 2012 for Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing).

The moral of the story?

Never throw away costume pieces. Reuse! Reduce! RECYCLE!

Brought to you by B(roke)A(ss)C(osplayers).

Lol thank you and goodnight?

Positive body image!

Thank you Tumblr for helping me be more body-positive.

I went shopping for new work clothes yesterday, because I’ll get to dress a bit nicer at my new upcoming job and I don’t have very many good business-casual pieces. While digging through the clearance racks at Kohl’s, I happened to find this cute pair of black pleather pants in my size for $10. At first I was like, “oooh, score!”

Then the doubt started creeping in… I can’t wear pleather pants at my size, I don’t want people staring at me and laughing, these will make me look even fatter.

But then I thought of all the gorgeous plus-size ladies I’ve seen on Tumblr rocking all sorts of fashion looks, from stylish leggings to crop tops to beautiful lolita outfits. And I thought, “why not me too?”

So I bought the pants. :)


Look! I just bought pleather pants! ;-)  I never owned a pair, and these looked like Indiana Jones’ jacket, but pants!  AND they were $10, so $10 for a fun mistake is never a bad idea, right? 

OH, and the shirt?  That was $0.50.  YEP!!!  Fifty cents for a ridiculous fuzzy purple shirt.  I bought it to wear to work as a joke, since someone in production wore a fuzzy long-sleeved leopard print shirt the other week.  I wanted to top it. :-)  BUT, fuzzy over pleather was just too good to pass up for my photo op.