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How do the female companions,+Haylen, Dez, and Mags, pleasure themselves? ;)

Got the main ladies right here already for you:

Scribe Haylen: When she gets some time to herself, she’ll definitely be taking advantage of it. After all, her responsibilities to the BOS doesn’t really leave a lot of room for leisure and lets face it, its a bodily need like any other. Generally, the only time she can get herself off is when she’s bunkered down in her sleeping bag. If she’s lucky, both Rhys and Danse will be on watch, leaving her some time to go at it quickly and vigorously, making not a single sound in fear of being discovered until she reaches her climax that leaves her gasping for breath.

Desdemona: Being the leader of the Railroad means a constantly stressed mind and body that makes her ache for some semblance of relief. Fortunately, she finds solace in the form of her hands but unfortunately, she always seems to find herself surrounded by the other Railroad agents 24/7. But thankfully there is always work and missions for her to assign them to, so eventually she’ll at least have a bunk to herself once in a while. She has to be quiet but she doesn’t have to go fast, so she’ll take her time and stretch out her imagination of a lover’s perfect body and stolen kisses under the moonlight until she’s almost bucking into her hand’s caresses.

Mags: In the event that she finds her bed empty of a lover, Mags doesn’t really care much for privacy in the way of taking care of her needs herself. Unless of course her brother is there in which she’ll never be so careless regarding who might discover her. She has a safe under her bed where she keeps her stash of caps, her most prized weapon and also an extremely rare find for someone living in the Commonwealth both because it was actually working vibrator and also because it was a limited edition ‘Nuka-brator‘. When she gets the chance to use it in privacy, she’ll take her time, going slow at first before going harder and harder and faster until she reaches the point of no return where she’ll shamelessly moan and yell into her pillow.