Please send love to my friend because she really is lovely

Rebekah and Bonnie

I am the only one who thinks, both would´ve been awesome friends for each other? Because Bekah wants so badly an honest friendship (and love of cause) and Bonnie is a loyal friend til the end if you get her to trust you. Also Bekah goes far for all important people in her life. If you ask me, Bonnie should dump Mystic Falls and her so called friends and make a trip to New Orleans. A big Crossover for the ultimate awesome Bennett Witch.

Maybe someone should let me write TVD. ^^

Oh and Damon can run after her and try to help her cope with the hard truth, that all the lives she saved, not really feel a little need to help her, if she is the one that needs help. I think, i got an idea for a fanfiction. Unfortunately my english is to bad. But hey, who ever like it, feel free to write it down but please, send me the link, would love to read it. ^^ lol

grune’s wish rising

i don’t really ask for a lot (other than food semi-frequently, ok) but there’s one thing i really, really want right now

my friend flamey is sick. and not just regular sick, but very ill to the point everyone is concerned because we love her so much.

what i really want for wish rising is to send my friend PMs or asks.

presents, nice words, lore questions, compliments, the whole 9 yards.

here’s her tumblr: mistress-flamecaller

here’s her lair: Alxias (58522)

please, if you have a few spare minutes, send her something nice. she needs it and deserves it more than anyone i know, ok.

signal boosts are appreciated. ; A ;

- love, grune

lullabyjensen  asked:

“we’re co workers who hate each other but you had too much to drink at the staff christmas party and admitted your love for me i don’t know how to act around you now” Dean x Reader please please please?!?! :D

Here you go, hope you love it !! It’s under a keep reading line because this got ridiculously long…
Warnings: Swearing 


“We’re co workers who hate each other but you had too much to drink at the staff Christmas party and admitted your love for me, I don’t know how to act around you now.” 

The white wine was good, way too good. I was only a quarter of the way through my third glass and could already feel my inhibitions slipping away; my eyes starting to droop under the fake eyelashes I was forced into wearing. I could still hear my best friends voice in the back of my head telling me to quit whining while she made me look like “someone to fuck”. 

Taking another mouthful of my drink I gazed around the room, watching the other staff members that had taken the ‘all you can drink’ literally; there were even a few of them on the dance floor grinding against one another. I chuckled as I imagined their reactions when they sobered up in the morning; there were going to be some very flushed cheeks around the office in the next week. 

“I see that wine is treating you real good y/n.” 
The smile slipped from my face the moment I heard his voice, a frown replacing it as I turned to see Dean leaning against the bar next to me, that goddamn frustrating and slightly intoxicating smirk on his lips. He was nursing a whiskey tumbler in one hand while the other thumbed at his phone, scrolling down only who knows what. His normally neat, styled hair was disheveled and there was a smudge of hot pink lipstick on the corner of his white button up; I rolled my eyes, taking the last few mouthfuls my drink. 
“Don’t you have some other poor girl to harass tonight Winchester?” 
“Only you Sweetheart.” 
His words were slightly slurred, rolling off his tongue like thick, heavy weights. 

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