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KiwiSim’s Scrumptious Kitchen Recolored!

The original set by kiwisims4​ has for a long time been my favorite counter in game and is a wonderful set that my attempt has nothing on so you should totally go and download it here. Thank you so, so, so much to him for letting me do this! 

 I’ve been craving some counters that have some texture to them but without being overwhelming, and I looked long and hard but I couldn’t find any so decided to make my own recolors in some marble/granite neutral-ish colors. 

The preview photos don’t do much justice - they’re a bit more visible in game. 

These are a standalone recolor and will be replace the originals in your game! All of the textures come in the counter and island, but not the cabinet - if you want matching cabinets you’ll have to download the original set!

Please let me know what you think/give me feedback/show me what you’ve done with them! I’d love to see. 

Download here! (SimFileShare)

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Every damn time with pregnant Jen. One day years from now pictures are going to surface of her will a lil belly and I'm going to absolutely loose my mind. I can only hope nobody is around me when I see it

DONT SAY LIL BELLY IN THE SAME CONTEXT AS JEN BECAUSE I WILL LITERALLY LOSE MY SHIT. WELP. THERE IT GOES. IT’S LOST. omg pLEASE lord, imagine her with a cute little sundress on with a baby bump, and then even better, HOLDING THAT BABY in the summertime and just never letting it go because you know she’ll just be the freaking best mom. 

but wait what made you think to send me this, just to kill me?!

Title: Match Dot Com 19.0

Summary: Belle and Pongo surprise Rumple by visiting him a day early. While Rumple is at work, Belle spends the day in his apartment for the first time alone with Chip. Goldie Locks and Midnight think they will starve to death. I don’t know why I added that part about the fish in this summary, but they do think they’ll starve to death :)

Rating: NC-17 (Bubble bath sexytimes, just a little.)

Note: This fic is back. YAY! Sorry it took so long to update. I hope this chapter is enjoyably. I found it fun and a lot of things do happen, which is why I think it took so long. Please enjoy and let me know what you think. Happy reading.

Links to the full verse: [ao3 link]

Belle French is in her office at city hall on this slow Wednesday afternoon. She has completed making all of the necessary preparations for next week’s Miner’s Day Festival and now she sits without much to do. Being the mayor is an important job and she positively loves doing it, but being mayor of a small town does make some work days, or even weeks, more uneventful than others.

As much as she hates to think about it, Belle knows that Rumple is at work and with that broom-riding-witch right now, just the very thought of it sends prickly tingles down her spine and goosebumps across the scale of her arms. She is disgusted in the way Zelena treats her boyfriend and menacing ideas of what she wants to do to Zelena comes to mind. They have become a common occurrence for Belle. She’s never really had these type of thoughts about a person, but she’s never really hated anyone either. Having these thoughts running through her mind is leaving a repulsive taste in Belle’s mouth and she needs to know what’s going on with Rumple at this very moment. She removes her phone from the pocket of her skirt suit jacket and texts him from the Equal Match app.

TCup_Chipper: I’m sitting here thinking about you, Pookie. Are you alright at work?

She stares at the screen, waiting for the little notification that he’s typing, but it doesn’t pop up.

TCup_Chipper: Are you alright?

She receives no reply. Usually, it doesn’t bother her when he doesn’t respond quickly, but today it does. She’s bothered by it immensely. All she can think is that something grim is happening to him.

TCup_Chipper: I know you don’t want me worrying about you, but I can’t help it. Please, message me back soon.

She sits the phone on her desks and sighs out, resting her head in her hands. She wishes there was something she could do for Rumple, but she can’t, not while she’s in Storybrooke and he’s in New York. She hates this feeling of uselessness.

Belle pulls herself out of her slow descent into anguish, lifting her head, and decides to distract herself from her thoughts by checking her email. She push the mouse of her desktop computer and the welcome screen appears, then she sits tight for the load to complete.

Waiting for the load, Belle cuts her eyes at her phone, hoping to see a notification on the screen or to hear the buzzing of a call, but nether of those things happen and the cell phone remains deathly still. “Ugh!” she growl and opens the top drawer of the desk, sliding the phone inside. She can’t stand to look at it any longer. She slams the drawer shut and focuses her attention on the computer screen.

Belle clicks on the icon for her personal email and it instantly opens, then she selects the first address that doesn’t look like spam.


Okay, so I thought if I gave you a bit of time to cool off, you would change your opinion of me. I know you blocked me twice on Equal Match and that’s fine, I’m okay with that, baby. I can understand why you thought what you thought about me, but I’m here to prove you wrong and that Pan (That’s my name btw. You never asked what it was. Which I thought was a little rude on your part. Anyways, I forgive you for that too.) is not a little boy, but in fact a man.

Here is a picture of what you’ve been missing.

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Since everyone's asking Adam on Twitter and his answers are going no where, I was just curious what your stance is on the inconsistencies with Robin Hood. Like, as in, do you feel they exist or does it make sense to you? Asking because I know you do like OQ and am curious what the other side of this is. Absolutely genuinely, please don't take this as any kind of trolling.

I don’t think there are inconsistencies.  I think he’s a human being and the show hasn’t done a good job of conveying his PoV.  So the people inclined to like him and be sympathetic towards him try to understand his point of view and those who do not do not.

Let me put it to you this way.  I believe that Robin knew the apparent fate of Marian all along.  Now mind you time travel means it was never her actual fate.  He knew she’d been captured by the Evil Queen and then disappeared.  Not that she had been publicly executed which is what Regina ordered.  Because that never happened.  Because of time travel.  He might have even had faith that she’d escaped.  This is Robin Hood after all.  It wouldn’t surprise me if he could get information from within the Dark Castle that Marian and another prisoner had escaped.

But years past and there was no sign of Marian, so he had to assume that she’d died.  And than he meets the Evil Queen.  We know from their encounter in 3.12 that he’s not a fan.  He’s polite but when she snaps at him he snaps right back.  And there are several shots of him looking at her near the end of 3.12 and it’s not with curiosity or romantic longing.  It’s suspicion.  I think he went along with the group in order to figure out what her game was.  And then she saved his son’s life.  And he owed her something and he always paid his debts so he went with her on the mission.  And suddenly this wasn’t a scheming evil despot but a sad, devastated parent.  He’d lost Marian… but he couldn’t imagine loosing Roland.

He meets her again in Storybrooke and again, she’s not what he expected.  And they form the romance we see in 3B.  And then Marian’s back.  And I don’t think you can underestimate how fucking weird that is and how he doesn’t know how to react.  Because he’d have walked through hell to get her back.  But something is wrong.  He loves Regina.  And he doesn’t feel what he’s supposed to love for Marian (because let’s not forget not just has he moved on but this isn’t Marian).  And he’s confused and ashamed and he is trying to do what he thinks is right.  

And he makes the wrong fucking decision.  Because he’s lived a very black and white life and this is all sorts of shades of gray.  Oh and let’s not forget that an evil witch with the ability to affect his mind has unlimited access to him.  And it’s 3 days she’s back before she’s frozen.  And he’s still not feeling what he’s supposed to for her and he need to because he needs to save her life.  Because how would you feel if someone you loved was dying and all that was needed to save them was to love them enough.

And you didn’t.  And there was demonstrable proof that you did not love them enough.

And the woman he does know he loves is torturing herself to try and help and do the right thing and he knows doing the right thing is hard for her.  And that she hates herself.  And it’s all just getting worse.  So when things calm down and Marian is back he does what he can to lesson everyone’s pain.  

He chooses Regina.

But remember Marian isn’t Marian, she’s Zelena.  And her goal is to cause both Robin and Regina as much pain as possible.  So she forces them to be separated for what they think is forever.  Let’s not underestimate that.  They think it is forever.  So he goes with his family to New York, at Regina’s insistence and with her help, with the understanding that he’d never be able to see her again.  And what is one of the first things Zelena start doing?  Twisting the knife.  Because she likely has no intention of living forever doing the domestic bliss bullshit without magic.  

Zelena is playing massive psychological warfare on Robin.  Pushing and poking and making sure that he’s miserable and making sure he’s guilty until he does exactly what she needs him to do in order to hurt Regina the most.

But the thing is that she didn’t think through the long term consequences of this plan.  Because it didn’t do what she expect.  It didn’t drive a wedge between Regina and Robin.  In fact all it’s done is left her pregnant with a baby she doesn’t give a shit about and at Regina’s mercy.  

Project Plaid

A/N: This is what happens when I watch too much Project Runway. Please let me know what you think, it means a lot!

Summary: The boys need new clothes!

“Okay you two, princess stop complaining or I swear I’ll kick your asses” you yelled as you drove the impala to the parking lot of Wal-Mart. Dean never let you drive his baby but he had hurt his hand on the last hunt and could barely get a grip on the steer wheel and Sam wanted to do some reading on a lore book he found on the witches’ house so the task was giving to you, trying to enjoy the drive as much as you could with Dean on the passenger’s seat telling you how fast you were driving or that you were to close to another car. The plan was driving all the way to the bunker but you had another plans for the brothers.

You had been living with them for six months now and you and Dean had made it official a month ago. You love the guys, you really did they made you feel like family and family is always there for each other no matter what, especially if some member of the family needed new clothes.

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Hello my magical friends! I finally made another fairy house while I was home for a couple weeks this month. I love this little house so much, and I hope you will too! Also it is quite relaxing with the piano music! ^_^ Please let me know what you think, and subscribe to my channel too! It would really mean the world to me if you did ❤︎ :) And you can see the difference in my video-making skills by checking out my first fairy house video, which I made over two years ago! Crazy how time flies…

Chapter Ten Part Two

A/N: As promised, here is part two! Enjoy! And please, please don’t be afraid to let me know what you think!


Just as they’d both been certain it would be, it was an amazing week. Both Harry and Charlotte had always been incredibly on the go individuals; always up for anything. When they played, they played hard. And that week was no different.

They took the boat out several days; snorkeling on the reef and spending the days out under the sun, swimming and splashing and laughing with each other. They spent time on the beach as well, building sandcastles and racing each other down the beach and then spending the next hour arguing over who won.

There were slower, more relaxed times too. There were late mornings spent in bed in a tangle of limbs and sheets. There were quiet evenings spent under the stars, swinging together in the hammock strung up between two palm trees out on the beach in front of the house, just talking and laughing and enjoying each other.

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(Jimin, you) Online | Part 2

Online: 1 | 2 | 

Title: Online (part 2)
Characters: Jimin, you
Genre: fluff / au
Words: 1538

So… I didn’t think this one would have had more then 2 parts, but here I am now. I have ideas for a continue, so let me know if you’d like to know about it! I’ll be glad to write. (I’d feel more 
Please, tell me what you think about it, cuties ; ; thank you~ Enjoy.

The last video-call before the big day.

“Don’t forget to bring comfy shoes, we’ll walk a lot!”
Jimin stared at you and rolled his eyes. He almost looked annoyed. You’ve been repeating don’t forget for about an hour now. “___, stop it, I’m not a kid. I won’t forget anything, trust me.” He said with a smile.
“I know, I know… but I want everything to be perfect for you, this is your adventure!” You explained with a passionate tone.
“You know what? It just looks like you’re the one who’s going to travel.” He chuckled a little. And he was right. For the past week you’d been the one looking for fun activities you two could do together. You’d made a list with the places he had to visit, even the ones tourists would avoid. Like that little pub you always spent your time with your friends in, or that really cheap but fashionable shop. You didn’t want him to be disappointed. You wanted him to see your city with wondering eyes, but also how you saw it. You wanted him to feel at home.
You gave him offended stare, which lasted a few seconds because of his adorable face. You couldn’t stay mad at him for too long, not when his eyes smiled like that, or when his adorable giggle played in your ears. “Ok, then… I’ll trust you. Just don’t make me say I told you.” You said, trying to hide your too excited face.

“Thank you, Denise! I don’t know what I’d do without your help” you exclaimed as you sat in her car. Your friend had a car, and you were truly happy to use her. To use it. (The car, not your friend!)

“You know, I’m curious too. I see him every time I visit you, he’s a friend.” She said and headed to the airport. “Are you nervous?” She asked with a worried look, as she noticed your hands which couldn’t stay still.

“No, I’m not.” You stated, putting your hands under your legs, so that she couldn’t see them trembling.

“You know, you’re really lucky. I had friends like Jimin in the past, but I never had the chance to meet them.” Denise smiled at you with a reassuring look. “I’m sure you’ll have fun together.”

You nodded, and finally decided to put on some music. Denise furrowed her eyebrows as she recognized the song.

“This… ____, again?” She sounded hopeless now. “I’ve heard it so many times that I can sing it myself now, even if I don’t know a word of Korean.” She added almost chuckling. And that was true. It was one of you favorite songs, and you couldn’t help it. You wanted to learn the lyrics for Jimin, and you even succeeded in that. He was the one who wanted to sing it with you, and you couldn’t disappoint him. With your poor Korean you began to sing along, making your friend Denise laugh a lot.

Half an hour passed, and you were now in front of the airport. You stared at the big glass door, trying to calm yourself.

“Okay, now you can’t lie to me. You ARE nervous.” Denise stated and opened your door. “Come on, get out!”

“Yes, I am. Stop saying it, is it that funny?” You murmured and closed the car door. “Let’s go” you exclaimed, but with a hesitant tone. You headed to the Arrivals, trying to keep your heart beat to a proper pace. It was almost impossible.
“Oh look, those people look Korean.” Your friend joked.
“Denise, should I hug him? Or I should wait for him? Maybe in Korea they don’t hug people…” You weren’t really speaking to her. It was more of a self-reflection.

“Calm down, please?”

She patted your shoulder. “___, look!” And then pointed someone in the crowd. You followed her gaze, and everything seemed to slow down. A boy was smiling at you. He was still, and he was waving at you. You couldn’t see his eyes, because his smile was too broad. Even though he was wearing a black hat, black t-shirt, and black shoes, his presence was bright. Even his smile was bright. Everything about him seemed bright.

He began to move forward, always keeping his eyes on you. You couldn’t help but smile, and you even forgot about your friend Denise, who startled you with a “Don’t drool, ___!”.

Photos and videos didn’t make him justice. His cheeks looked so soft, you’d spend a whole day touching them. He finally approached, and the first thing you noticed was his arms. You’d never thought he was a strong boy. His arms weren’t big, but you could see his toned muscles.

“Oh my God” was the first thing you said. You immediately regretted it.

“Well… hello!” Jimin laughed as he stood right in front of you and Denise. He didn’t look nervous, nor awkward, but you knew he was really excited. He couldn’t stop smiling, and that’s why you hadn’t seen his eyes yet.

“I’m here…” he said looking around “finally.”

Your English wasn’t English anymore. You couldn’t say something sensible without having to formulate your words twice.
“___, are you sick? Your face is so red” Jimin asked, trying to look at you from the back seat.
“No, just so hot. Isn’t it?” You asked watching Denise. She chuckled a little, getting what you really meant. She knew what you really felt, even though you couldn’t admit it yourself.
“Not really, ____. You’re just weird today” she raised her voice, just to make it clear to Jimin. Because of him you were weird. You sneaked a glimpse at Jimin, trying to read his expression. He didn’t seem to get your real problem, and that was relieving.

“Anyway, I’ll bring you to the hotel and then leave you alone.”

No, wait. Denise.

“Why? We should take a walk together” you said almost imploring. You wanted to spend your time with Jimin, but right at that moment everything seemed so odd. You did have a good relationship with him, and used to tell him literally everything about you.

I’m so stupid. You suddenly thought. The only thing that changed is the place. We’re always the same.

“No way, I gotta work!”

And then you were alone with Jimin. He looked at you for a moment, before coughing. “So, what do we do?” he suddenly said. You glanced at him, before pointing the hotel. “I’ll wait here.”
“Ok, keep this for me.” Jimin gave you a paper-bag and left.

You sat down on the bench right next to you as soon as you were alone. You began to nod and shake your head, agreeing and disagreeing your own thoughts. Just slight movements, that only you could sense. Why is this so awkward. I’m such a mess. I’m sure he’s thinking I’m a weirdo. Not that he doesn’t know that but… weirdo like he doesn’t know me. Does that make sense? I’m not the weirdo he knows, but another weirdo? What am I even saying. Your thoughts went on for a little, until you felt something poking your thigh. “____. What… even?” Jimin asked with a startled look. You followed his gaze, which ended on your lap. Pieces of paper were lying defeated on your legs. And you didn’t even notice. The paper bag was without handles. “Oh, Jimin… I didn’t mean to destroy that bag, I’m sorry!” You immediately exclaimed with a worried look. It was one of you bad habits: when you overthought you used to ruin everything (made of paper). Was it a little sheet of paper, or was it a paper cup. It always ended in pieces. Maybe I just hate paper.
He scanned your expression for a little, before bursting into laughter. His laugh, you could finally hear his sharp laugher in person. It was just a moment before both of you were actually crying and laughing at the same time.

“Is it that funny, Jimin?” You asked, trying to contain yourself. But you couldn’t, and you were actually guffawing.
“It’s just… your face! You looked so worried just because of that bag” he finally managed to say. “Why are you even laughing?”
“Because you were laughing, and everything seemed so funny.” You brought your hands to your cheeks, and felt the warmth. “Oh God, Jimin. I’m so hot right now, because of you!” You giggled and looked at him, who had red cheeks as well. “Ohoh, look at that! You’re so red too. How cute!” His cheeks looked so fluffy, you had to touch them. You did it. You pocked his right cheek, and then the left one. And then pinched them. Heaven is real. “Our cute Jimin, look at this baby!”
“___! How can you change your attitude in such a short time? It was… so awkward just 10 minutes ago.” He said giggling.

In response you just chortled and stood up. “Let’s go, 2Chim. We have a lot to see. And this evening there’s a party, we need to get you some good clothes.”

2Chim is real. And our friendship is real.

Hey everyone. I just got a hit of inspiration after watching the movie “ Memoirs of a Geisha.” I plan on writing a X-men fanfic called “ Falling Sakura Blossoms” please let me know what you think of the name. Will try and update For the heart i once had tonight or tomorrow.

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I feel like you were "good" in high school, but are you even recognized as a collegiate athlete at all? Like I have never heard of u. Lol. Are you even credible for advice ? By the way. Your responses suck most of the time. U seem incredibly cocky.

I can tell you’re having a bad day. I hope that everything goes alright for you! :)

This is because I’m not in college yet, but will be running for one in the fall!

I think my advices are awesome to me because I try my best and many people have told me that I’ve helped them! But you’re allowed to have your own opinion and I’m happy to hear from you about what you think is missing!

I also try my best to be nice, and I apologize if I may have came off as “cocky” to you. Please let me know how I can improve myself!


Hey guys! So I need your help. After long debates with the mum, she’s finally letting me dye the ends of my hair (as long as it’s a natural hair color). So I want to know what color you guys think I should get. So far I like the idea of caramel or blonde. Should I just not dye it at all? 

shhh-its-a-secret-dont-tell and doctorsherlock10 are required to answer. Sorry I don’t make the rules

  • devlin:hi rosie.
  • devlin:just going to keep this very simple because it's not what you think it is but it's something that i need to say, alright?
  • devlin:i don't even know if you're getting these but i suppose it's worth a shot.
  • devlin:please don't let wendy think that i didn't love her. please, please, please don't plant that into her head or agree with her if she assumes that. ever.
  • devlin:because i do. i really do love her and i wasn't lying. hell, you can tell her that i love her if you want. you really can, because i don't mind, but just leaving to go somewhere that is so unfamiliar to me is just something i can't do. for many reasons, and not just because of choosing one girl over another. it's not that, i promise from the bottom of my heart.
  • devlin:have fun wherever you're going, truly. i'm sorry i'm such a dick to you sometimes because i don't mean to be.
  • devlin:and... yeah, that's all.
  • devlin:that wasn't as simple as i hoped it to be but i hope you understand.

My dad literally thinks that television news is the only real journalism you can count on and that the Internet is “bullshit” and no one on there is a trained journalist so you shouldn’t rely on the Internet for your news even though I never watch tv and I know about everything my parents see on the evening news like 5 hours beforehand.
Please don’t ever let me get old like that.

Fairy Tail Member Chart
from Monthly Fairy Tail Magazine volume 13

This issue can be purchased at CDJapan or Amazon Japan.

The data included in the member chart is based on what has been published in the manga volumes at the time when the chart was made. The staff will not indicate any potential romantic interests unless a certain character has outrightly stated or shown that he/she is interested in another party. This is why the Gruvia and Gajevy relationships are portrayed as one-sided. How you wish to interpret their relationships based on what you think is happening in the manga though, is up to you.

What you see is not an exact replica of the original pages, but a re-creation of them since the scans are difficult to clean. I have tried to keep the pages as close to the original as possible though. I won’t translate the whole magazine, but only parts that are new and/or interesting.

Please let me know if you spot any errors!


The SWABook Pro is here!! A working laptop Mesh created 100%by me Simmingwithabbi!

It comes in 12 colours to suit everyones needs! 

Curved edges , design inspired by a macbook . 

Let me know what you think!!

Download here {x}

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They’re here! My first planning printables are ready for sharing after 24 hours of messing with them and I can’t wait to hear what you think!!

Daily planners


 day outline, meals, water intake, to-do’s & notes. 

Download it here.

“Today 2.0″

 same as the first, with a ‘where’ column added to the daily outline/schedule,

Download it here.

“Today is & I will..” 

 bullet to-do list, daily outline, meals, water intake & notes.

Download it here

Weekly planners

“Week of…”

7 day weekly outline, 8am-8pm 

Download it here.

“Weekly plan of action”

7 day week planner, days broken down in ‘morning’, ‘afternoon’ and ‘evening’ sections. Can be used for daily to-do lists or time mapping.

Download it here.

Please let me know what you think! Let me know if you like them, if I should make more & any specific printables you’d like me to make. Criticism is also very much appreciated - tell me what’s not good enough & should be improved.

If you print this out and use them, please tag me so I can see! 

PS: These are obviously 100% free and anyone can use them. Please do not remove my url and use them without credit. This is my own work and I’d like it to be attributed to me,