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Hunter, Never the Hunted: Ch. 1

Eventually Jackson/OC
Summary: A hard working waitress spends her days working at a diner just to makes ends meet. Until one night on her shift, a sketchy character strolled in and slowly her life gets flipped upside down with the unexpected. 

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first fic ever written. I had this idea and thought I’d give it a try. It could potentially be a dumpster fire, who knows. Please be gentle and bear with me. Let me know what you think. The boys will have a longer appearance in the next part. Promise!

Your back was aching and your feet were throbbing. This had to be the hardest 10-hour shift that you had in a very long time. It must be the hot weather that is making people get a little wound or something — you had had to deal with people yelling and barking orders at you all day. It didn’t help that you were short staffed either. That is why you were so relieved that your shift was ending soon.

You take a quick glance around and saw that there was only a single patron still lingering around in the diner. This is typically the normal situation considering the time it was now. You didn’t get many customers around this late. Normally the only ones here at this time is a lonely straggler or two, blowing through town, or a handful of the older teenagers with nothing better to do.

As you leaned your body behind the counter, you felt the coarse paper napkin in your hand as you roll the warm clean utensil set.  It has become muscle memory at this point and considering that the diner was quite dead, you might as well do something that kept you busy. 

“Fifteen more minutes” you muttered. Fifteen more minutes and you were able to leave. The waitress uniform you were clad in was itchy and dirty from the amount of food you spilled on it today. Your hair felt greasy and it smelled like a deep fryer. The word tired didn’t even to describe the way you were feeling. There was nothing more you wanted to do more than just go home, take a shower and just sit there while watching some mind numbing television until you passed out.

You continued to roll the utensils until you heard a sigh of exasperation coming not far from where you were working. You glance to the side to see that it was just Alice talking on the phone. She wore the same matching, hideous faded blue uniform, and her shoes have seen better days. Her body was hunched over and her bluish gray hair was tied messily on top of her head, all indicating signs of her old age. You smile to yourself.

You weren’t sure what you would have done without her these past few years.  Al has pretty much looked after you since you stumbled into the diner with the “Help Wanted” sign in your hands. She played the motherly figure that you no longer had. She had spunk and it’s something you admire from her. Although don’t let her old age mislead you, she was one of those people who didn’t take crap from anybody.  So whenever one of the rowdy truck drivers come and stop by giving you grief, she’d keep them in their place. The woman had fiery spirit and a mouth of a sailor. There was no sane person who would go up against a woman like that.

It wasn’t like you weren’t one to take crap from anyone either. You grew up pretty tough. You didn’t need to be taken care of or helped. You could handle things on your own,  most of the time anyways. Nevertheless, Al was still protective of you. The moment you put on that uniform, she took you under her wing and deemed you basically family. It warms your heart knowing that someone still cared and that you were considered important.

It wasn’t as if you were precisely alone or had no family. You had an older brother, Mark – he wasn’t a part of your life anymore, but a brother nonetheless. Your parents had passed when you were at a very young age, far too young to even remember what they looked like. From then on, you had stayed with your grandfather.

Pops did all that he could to help the both of you. He gave you the love that any parent would. He provided for you and had been nothing but perfect and understanding. You had always been extremely close, which is why you were devastated when he passed three years ago.

While Pops was the perfect family member, your brother was an enigma of some sort. When the two of you were younger, you guys were very close. With losing parents at such a young age, you clung onto each other because you were all you had left.  Mark played his protective older brother role remarkably well. You depended on him as much as he depended on you. He was your backbone and you looked up to him because he did what he could for you along with Pops.

Despite being as close as you were, once he hit his late teens, Mark became notably withdrawn. He rarely talked to you and was constantly out doing things secretly. Every time you attempted to talk to him about it, he would dismiss you as if it was not a big deal. He eventually just became a ghost. You would have never known he lived in the same house as you because he never was around. The only traces of him that proved that he existed was his messy room filled with dirty clothes, with walls plastered of his favorite bands and girls in bikinis.

However, once Pops passed,  Mark took it upon himself and just left – no real explanation, no real answer. All his things were gone. The only thing that was left in his room was the bed and posters that were plastered on his walls.  He left a note saying that he would check in every once and awhile and that was it. 

After much inner debate, you decided that if Mark wanted to move on, so did you. You sold Pops house and pocketed the money for savings. You figured you could use it for what you needed until you found a job. You didn’t want to stay in that house by yourself. It did nothing but held memories of your grandfather that past and a brother who eventually abandoned his sister. 

At first, Mark would update with a phone call here and there. But he never, ever really told you any information about what he was doing, or where he was at — just making sure you were doing okay, no matter how much you begged him to tell you more. Typical Mark, always being mysterious and being troublesome.

You’ve probably come up with the wildest theories over the years of why he was so secretive – drug dealer, international spy, secret superhero. There was no telling in what he was doing. Phone calls from him came once a week, then eventually it became once a month. Slowly then, it became every few months, until they stopped completely. You had pretty much given up on him. He truly became a ghost to you.

“Hey honey”

You snapped out of your thoughts and saw Al was still on the phone.

“I’ll come pick you up as soon as I can from your dad’s place. I have one customer left and then I’ll be there as fast. Don’t walk home. Just wait and I’ll get there.” she sighed into the phone.

You tilted your head up and made a gesture to her. You know that Al takes cares of her grandkids lot of the time because her daughter was a single mom.  She was always picking up or dropping off her grandkids at dance or soccer practice – in this case, it sounds like she had to go pick them up from their father’s house.

“Hey Al, I can take your last table. Go pick your little ones up. I got this. He’s probably the last customer for a while anyways.” you tell her as you nod in the direction of the last customer.

 "Marie is coming for the next shift soon. I don’t mind staying a little bit longer. Don’t keep the kids waiting. It’s getting late. I’m sure they want to go home.“

 She just looks at you with an unsure look. “I know how tired you are. Today was rough. Are you sure? I’m sure the guy is leaving soon.”

 "GO!“ You playfully pushed her to the side. "Go pick the kids up. I’ll be fine. One customer is nothing compared to the shit storm earlier. It’s fine. Just bring me some of those cookies I know you made for the kids and we will call it even.”

 She pinched your side. “Deal. You are too good to little ol’ me. Please be careful, it’s late out. Call me when you get home safely.”

“Will do! Send the kids my love!” You yelled as you watched her put on her jacket and tuck her purse to her side. She gave you one last wave and chuckled as she walked out the door. As exhausted as you were, you didn’t mind staying longer at the diner for Al, because you know she would have done the same for you.

Ding. You hear the cook press the bell. “Order Up Darling!”

You bustle to the window to grab the food order and a pot of coffee. You try to balance the hot plate and pot in your arms without falling over because your arms feel like jello at this point and your legs felt like lead.

Table Six. Alrighty then, let’s get this over with. You slowly walk all the way into the table corner of the diner. You hadn’t really noticed or paid any attention to the last customer since he wasn’t your table in the first place. But then again, at this point, you were too exhausted to notice basically anything.

As you walked closer, you got a better look at who was sitting at the table. If you had passed him in the streets, you would have thought he was your usual office worker, except he was covered in filth and dirt.  He was just covered in filth but there was no odor that you could smell emitting from him. It was a very strange site. He was hunched over the table and was staring idly in front of him. His hair was brassy and dark. His eyes looked empty and sunken in as if he hadn’t slept for weeks. As you got closer and closer to the table, you couldn’t help but get a strange feeling up your spine.

When you finally close the distance and reached his table, he made no move or recognition of your presence. You just stare at him for a couple seconds to see if he would do anything but nothing. This whole encounter is just getting eerier by the minute.

You slide the plate on the table. Ahem. “Hey! One order of pancakes with extra syrup on the side with a side of bacon with wheat toast. I’ll be taking care of you now, your waitress had an emergency and had to leave. Can I top of your coffee for you?”

He still doesn’t make a move as you pour more coffee into his mug. You can feel the hair standing up on your skin. What the hell is going on?

“Um, sir? Are you okay?” you questioned him as you look through the corner of your eyes. But he just looks blankly ahead and starts eating, silently. 

Maybe it’s because you had a long day, or maybe because you were so tired that you started seeing things that weren’t there, making a situation out of nothing. But your gut was telling you that something wasn’t right. Something about this man being here, acting the way he was wasn’t normal. Your instincts were just telling you that something was off, and screaming at you to leave.

“Okay, well let me know if you need anything,” you said quietly as you backed away, staring at the stranger quietly eat his food without making a word. Walking away you shivered slightly and tried to shake off your nerves from the whole encounter. Was he like this the whole time he was here? Al didn’t mention that the man was acting weird or out of the ordinary when she took his order. You’ve seen some pretty interesting people come into the diner, but never since you’ve been working here has there been such a strange or creepy encounter. 

You walked back to behind the counter and patiently waited while keeping an eye on the strange man sitting in the corner of the diner. You just couldn’t shake this bad feeling you had. The whole diner now was dead silence beside the sounds of the cook cleaning off the stovetop griddle and the water running through the dishwasher. The radio for once hasn’t even played one of the ten songs it had on rotation. It was starting to seem like you were in some weird twilight zone. Where you felt out of place as if everything was wrong.

Bang. You jumped slightly and look towards the corner where the sound was emanating from. The strange man abruptly stood up. You try and observe him and see what in the world he was doing. He dug into his pockets and threw some money on the table. He stoically walks out of the booth and towards the door without even a change of expression on his face or a noise. What…..the…..hell…? 

You just couldn’t look away from the door once he left. The whole situation left a bad taste in your mouth but you couldn’t look away. You watched him walk through the parking lot, slowly becoming one with the darkness outside. Even though the strange man left. Nothing felt the same.

You walk to the previously occupied table with rags and a spray bottle to clean up. The money was correctly thrown on the table. So he was coherent enough to place the correct amount of money to pay the bill on the table, but disregarded everything else that was going around him? Seriously, what the actual hell?

You tried to push the whole disturbing encounter behind you and hope he’ll never show up again. Considering you’ve never seen him before, you hoped that he was just a straggler passing through.

You gathered the plates and to the side and started to clean the table quickly. You were so spooked that you didn’t even want to be near the section.  When you were half way through of wiping the table down, you heard the door ding – signaling you that someone just entered the diner. With paranoia getting the best of you, you turned around so fast. You had hoped the man had not come back around already.

“Hellllloooooooo beautiful people! I am here.”

Oh god, it’s just Marie. You have never felt so relieved in your life. You felt the tension roll off your shoulders and relaxed for the first time in the past 30 minutes. 

“Are you okay sweetie? Why does it look like you’ve seen a dead man walking?”

Maria started walked to you and grab your face to check you out. She starts looking at your face, scanning up and down to see if you were okay.

“I’m fine, it’s just been a really long day. I can’t wait to go home….I just feel weird. Nothing a hot shower and some sleep can’t fix.” you assured her.

“If you say so. Please take care of yourself. You’re still so young. You should be out there living, yet you always work so hard. I’m here now, so go home. I got it. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She takes the rags and dirty plates out of your hands and shoves you to the back to get your things. She didn’t even have to repeat herself twice because you wanted to get there as soon as possible. Today has been so draining, at this point you just wanted to go home and forget it even happened. 

“Thanks, Marie, I’ll see you on Wednesday? I’m not scheduled tomorrow. I’m not sure whoever has the shift after yours but Al should be coming in at one point.” You tell her as you put on your jacket and fished for your keys. You waved to her and bid your final goodbyes as you started walking out the door.

It was pitch black out and if it wasn’t for the single street light or the neon diner sign, you wouldn’t be able to see what was going on in front of you. You took a couple steps towards the direction of your car and the only noise you heard was the sounds of gravel crunching underneath your feet and your keys jiggling in your hand.

Crack. The loud sound resonates through the parking lot. It sounded as if someone snapped a piece of branch or twig aggressively in two. You glanced around to see if you could see here the sound was coming from. Suddenly, that strange feeling you had earlier in the diner came back. The same eerie chill was crawling up your spine again. Then as if a force had stopped you, you halted in the middle of the parking lot.  You stood still as if you were completely paralyzed.

The air felt thick and tense. There was a sense of vulnerability that washed over you.  A different type of feeling that you’ve never felt before. You didn’t even know you were holding your breath as hard as you were…as if you were trying to not get caught. You weren’t sure from what, but you knew that it wasn’t something you wanted to find out. You couldn’t hear or feel anything but your heartbeat, rapidly pulsating out of your chest as you clutched onto your keys.

In that moment, you truly felt helpless. It was like you were a prey to a predator. You felt as if someone was watching your every movement as you stood there. You tried to move – a twitch in your fingers, a step forward, a neck turn, anything. But this sense of dread was washed over you and you couldn’t do anything about it. It was like everything was put on pause and you couldn’t snap yourself out of it.  

All of a sudden you felt someone…something, grip your shoulders and turn you around. You inherently closed your eyes. Your hands were brought up to your face to protect yourself from God knows what; and you did what came to your mind first, which was screaming bloody murder, not knowing what was going to happen next. You were hoping for anyone to notice your cries before something bad happens to you.

“SWEETIE! You forgot your phone!” You open your eyes to see Marie standing there, looking at you with a worried and confused look. For the first time since you walked onto the parking lot, you felt like you were safe. 

“God, you startled me half to death!” You looked down and saw that her hand was held out for you with your phone in hand. At this point, you just wanted to go home. You had enough of whatever bizarre stuff that has been going on. You quickly grabbed your phone and shoved it into your pocket while you mutter a quiet “thanks” and rushed to your car.

“Hey, are you sure you’re okay? You look shaken up. Did something happen?” Maria questioned you suspiciously.

“I’m fine. I promise. I think I’m just tired and seeing things. It’s keeping me on edge, but I swear, with some sleep and a nice warm cup of tea and I’ll be fine.” You assured her, trying to shake off your nerves. You gave her a small smile as you got into your car. Driving off, you glance in the rearview mirror and see her slowly fading away. 

Two hours later, and you’re finally in your bed. The minute you walked into your tiny apartment, you took your shoes off and plopped your purse on the table. You made sure all windows were locked and doors double bolted. With whatever strange encounter that happened tonight, you were on your toes. You took a bat you had lying around and went through your entire apartment to double check everything until you felt somewhat safe. God, I feel like a crazy person. I am never watching Criminal Minds at night ever again. I literally feel like I am doing something a crazy person would do.

After you checked the whole place to your liking, the only thing that was calling your name was your bath tub. There was nothing you wanted more than to just lay in a nice soak. You walked lazily into your bathroom, peeling off your dirty, gross uniform that you had on for the majority of your day, piece by piece.

After almost falling asleep in your tub, you forcibly took yourself out and dragged your exhausted body to bed. There’s nothing like the feeling of you laying your face down onto your pillow and curling up under your blanket. There was an eeriness that ran through your apartment. The only real sound that can be heard is the is the sound of traffic, but it was faintly being muffled by your windows. You were usually a light sleeper and the sound of traffic kept you up sometimes but your eyes were so heavy with sleep, you couldn’t fight to stay up anymore. You were out like a light.

Thump. Thump. Click.

You slowly stirred from your sleep. You tried to shake off the heaviness that washed over your body. You stretched your neck and reached for your phone. The glaring screen reflected back, while you squinted your eyes from the bright light. 2:26 am. You weren’t sure if you were hearing things right, but you swore you heard something that woke you up.

Click. Click. Click.

“Yeah, no, I definitely heard that.”  You thought to yourself, “what the fuck?” You heard something clicking from the front of your apartment, it sounded like metal tapping against each other. Whatever sleepy feeling you had felt prior had now disappeared and now you were on high alert. The creepy encounter at the diner had already scared you, that alone made you feel as if you should have taken this whole thing more seriously.

You jumped out of bed so fast that you almost landed face first on the floor. You grabbed your phone and swiftly ran to get the bat that you had earlier. As you made your way to the front of your apartment, you heard and saw your metal doorknob rustling back and forth. The closer you came to the door, the louder the noise became. You acted precautiously because you were fearful of what was going to happen. You crept up and stood by the door so you could get the jump on whatever it was if needed.

You clutched down your sweaty palms onto the bat, gripping it so tight that your knuckles turned white. Your phone was within reach, in case you had to hit the emergency button to phone the police at any second. Anxiously waiting, you pressed your ear to the door, waiting to see if you could hear any other noise to give you clues on what you were dealing with. You slowly tried to decipher what was going on on the other side.But it was then, that you heard that there were voices being muffled. There were people, not just one person, on the other side of your door trying to get in.

“Jackson, you sure are getting rusty, you use to do this so much faster.”

“Oh, well if you didn’t move the flashlight every two seconds, MAYBE I could see what I was doing, you little shit.”

“Seriously, guys. It’s in the middle of the night, be quiet. And I’d feel better if we could hurry this up. It’s not like we don’t already look suspicious or anything. Honestly, does this have to happen every single time?”

“Well, why don’t you tell him that if he would stop checking himself out in the mirror every two seconds, he would hold the flashlight upright so I could see.”

What is going on?! Why was this happening to you? Who are these people? Why were these people trying to break in? Did it have any correlation to what happened earlier? What did these people want? Were you going to die? You had so many questions racing through your brain. You tried to figure out your next move. But then you halted immediately. You heard the door give its final click and a voice says “Thank God.”

The second the door had opened, you started swinging your bat in a flurry and screamed as loud as you could, hoping to wake your neighbors for help.

“Ow! Dude, that hurt. She’s stronger than she looks”

I got one at least. Shit, how many are there. You thought to yourself of the different bad scenarios that could potentially happen. Of course, where is my phone?! Why didn’t I phone the police earlier? They would have been on their way right now!

Someone pinned your arms down and closed your mouth forcibly to muffle your screams. You started to thrash as much as you could to get away. But you were held pretty tight, you couldn’t get free. Once you realize that there was no hope, you started to panic.

“Hey, hey, hey stop struggling” You heard a voice whisper in your ear.

That did not calm you down whatsoever. If anything it just made you freak out even more, that you started tearing up from hysteria.  

The next thing you know, the light was turned on. You look around and saw a man clutching himself on the floor. You couldn’t really tell what he looked like because he was hunched over. You look down and saw an arm was wrapped around your body, You couldn’t move your head to look at anything else because the stranger still had his other hand tightly across your mouth.

“Bambam, let her go. We’re scaring her.”

Whoever this Bambam was, released his grip from you. You stumbled to catch your balance and quickly ran to the furthest section of the room. You felt like a baby deer among wolves. You turn around quickly and tried to see where the other voice came from. What you found, was the last thing you’d thought you’d see in your apartment at almost 3 in the morning. Your mouth was gaping and you were sure you were dreaming at this point.

“Hey sis, long time no see?”

27 Dresses (Bughead edition) Part 1

I decided to post this story in multiple parts because it is going to be quite long. This is my first fic that I have ever posted on here and I just wanted to thank @ignorantradiance-blog , @bugheadotp, @birdlovesafish, @notanotherotherone, @art-and-other-rhythms, @bxchanan-barnes, @cyrokinetic, and @emmythedaydreamer for being so encouraging when I first mentioned posting a fic like this. This story will not include Polly. I made Veronica Betty’s adopted sister because I can’t imagine Polly and Archie paired together as a couple. I also made Kevin Betty’s coworker instead of a female because I just adore Kevin. No copyright infringement intended to the movie or show. Please let me know what you think! :) I would love some feedback.

Some people take years to find something that they are passionate about, but Betty Cooper wasn’t one of them. She found her passion when she was just 8 at a family member’s wedding. This wedding took place shortly after her mother Alice’s passing, which led Betty to play a maternal role for her younger adopted sister Veronica. Veronica’s parents had been close with Betty’s since they were younger and ended up adopting her after her parents were killed in a car accident by a drunk driver when she was 2. Hal had a lot on his raising two girls without his beloved Alice and being at event that involved celebrating love wasn’t an easy thing. 

Betty had volunteered to take young Veronica to the restroom and was waiting for her when she heard a shriek. The bride had managed to rip the back of her dress and Betty came up with the clever idea of using Veronica’s ribbon that was in her hair to cover of the tear. The bride ending up asking Betty to hold the train of her dress and from that moment on Betty Cooper was in love with being involved in a bride’s special day. 

Betty Cooper was now 25 and trying to accomplish attending two wedding in one night. It wasn’t like she could just back out of going to one now because she was a bridesmaid in both weddings. She had planned to pay a taxi driver to take her back and forth between weddings that night. She arrived at the first wedding with her coworker Kevin Keller who went to go see if he could snag a seat by a mysterious man with long black hair and piercing light blue eyes. ;) 

The wedding began and Betty stood behind the bride with a smile on her face. However, Betty started to worry about the time and looked down at her watch, which didn’t go unnoticed by a certain raven haired writer that was currently a guest at the same venue. The journey between weddings started shortly after and at one point was caught changing in the taxi by the same man who had seen her checking her watch earlier. Betty arrived back at the first venue for the last time and was attempting to catch the bouquet when she got knocked out in the process. Betty would soon open her eyes and come face to face with a man dark hair and beautiful blue-green eyes. 

“You might want to take it easy when you are getting up”, said the mystery man. “Are you a doctor?”, Betty groaned. “No, but do you remember your name?”, said the stranger. 

“I’m Betty and you are?”, she asked while holding a hand to her head. “I’m Jughead”, he said with a smirk on his face. “I know I hit my head, but you don’t have to make fun of me!”, she exclaimed. “No really, I go by the name Jughead!”, he chuckled. 

Betty struggled to walk around on her own, so Jughead offered to help her catch a cab. They decided to share a cab because he wanted to make sure she made it home safely and was honestly intrigued by her. “I saw a certain bridesmaid changing gowns in a taxi earlier, who is either a secret agent or trying to attend two wedding in one night?”, asked Jughead. “Two of my close friends were getting married and I couldn’t miss their weddings”, said Betty.

 “Having to experience that once can be bad enough, I can’t even fathom the thought of dealing with that pain twice”, Jughead shuddered. “Well meeting pleasant people like yourself just makes attending weddings so much more tolerable”, said Betty with a raised brow. “Love is patient, love is kind, love means slowly losing your mind”, proclaimed Jughead. (No copyright infringement intended) 

“And what do you do for a living besides put down the idea of marriage Mr. Jughead?”, asked Betty. “I am a writer”, replied Jughead. “Well I’m guessing you don’t write love stories because you seem way to cynical for that”, Betty grumbled as she made her way out of the cab. 

The two parted ways and Betty got changed and sat down to read the Commitments section of the New York Journal. Betty always looked forward to reading articles written by a man named Forsythe Pendleton Jones III. Little did Betty Cooper know, that same man was currently in a cab reading her planner that she had left behind with hopes of meeting her once more. 

anonymous asked:

Alright so I'm a minor which pretty much means that I can't turn "safe mode" off, but some of your posts keep getting flagged so I can't see them which is really confusing me because this is a cat blog. I just wanted to let you know because it's annoying and this great blog shouldn't have this problem

I have no idea why it happens like that. I don’t think it happens to others or at least no one else told me. I am posting only about cats and that’s nothing inappropriate. If someone know why is it happening or what I can do to stop it , can you please let me know? 


A/N: I started this imagine off with a request but then it turned into a different request as I started to write haha…. This is my first EVER imagine so go easy on me but I really want to improve so make sure to leave a comment below to let me know what you think!! Thank you to the person that requested this and I hope you like it<3 I totally changed it so therefore I will be doing a different one with the whole wild thoughts emphasis on things.

Requested: Kind of |please can you write an imagine based on wild thoughts where he’s in love with her but she maybe pushes Shawn away because she has wild thoughts about him idk?? you can think of the full thing! love your advice and i know i’ll love your imagines <3 thanks xx|

Warnings: Limited swearing, probably a small peck/hardly any smut

Your hands are tired as you are clearing away all your left over work from your desk, dreading the time as it gets longer and longer.  Finally after a long day at work you come home and go straight to bed not caring about what you had on, you were so drained emotionally that you didn’t care anymore. You were emotional because your love interest Shawn had finally left you alone after many months of protesting that he should do so, finally it got to a point where he had listened and left you alone and you should be happy but you weren’t! You felt empty, like a piece of your heart was somewhere else, maybe with him? All those thoughts took over you as you dozed off to a deep sleep.


You jumped up at the sound of loud banging noises coming from your door downstairs, this was no normal banging this was a man thirsty to get inside your house. You walked downstairs annoyed that this asshole had broken your sleep, you would rather be dreaming about Shawn and you eating an indian curry in London. As you open the door shock and happiness fills within you as there is a smile appearing on your face you stop yourself realising it was Shawn and you were the one that wanted this gap, you were the one who pushed him away and you were the one who can’t hug him right now because you aren’t supposed to be missing him.

“Hey” Shawn says with a wide and weak smile on his face , oh how you loved that smile it was in fact your weakness, it made you so weak you felt like crying but you had to maintain your ground. “What are you doing here?” Your sharp tone scarred Shawn you could tell but you were helpless, helpless to keep him and yourself in a better place away from each other. “Can I come in? I promise I’ll explain everything” He said with pure pain in his eyes, “Fine” you said with a sharp tone again. He comes into your small home closing the door behind him, god it has been awhile since you’ve seen those beautiful brown eyes, and you honestly missed them so much, the last time you saw those eyes were two months ago in London just before he went off for tour and just before you told him to never speak to you again which hurt so much but you knew it was the right thing for your health and his.

“Y/n , I’m here to talk about us” Shawn says walking towards you, “Us, Shawn there isn’t an ‘us’ and there never will be” those words left your mouth but your heart ached to tell him how you really felt , to tell him how much you’re in love with him but you couldn’t. This obviously made him a little angry “WHY? Why can’t there be an ‘us’? What’s wrong with me? Why do you fucking hate me so much?” he said grabbing you by the arms, so emotionally consumed he couldn’t keep his frustration together. “SHAWN, I have explained this all before you went on tour, on why there can’t be an ‘us’” you said equally angry as to why he can’t just leave you alone and be happy. “I don’t understand!! I will NEVER understand because I fucking love you and there’s no way I’m going anywhere” he says, “Shawn you have to leave, I have told you a million times my past will not let us be together! I can’t give love anymore, I’ve turned into someone else” you say reminding him and yourself of why you two aren’t together right now. “I’m sorry Shawn but after everything I’ve been through I don’t want to depress you as well and this time if I fall in love by mistake and something goes wrong I don’t think I will be able to make it out alive” This was the reason, in your past relationship you had gone through mental trauma and harassment but you knew Shawn would never do such things but after all he was only young and pure you didn’t want to burden your life sorrows onto him, he was way too nice for you to tell him all your past experiences and for him to hurt and you just couldn’t do that to him, you loved him too much that if things went wrong it would be dangerous for you.

“Y/n, you know I will never hurt you! I know trusting someone is so hard for you and yes your past whatever it is was a hard time but give me a chance to lift you up, give me the chance to show you how you really could be treated” the pain in his eyes were almost unbearable he was so close to your lips and so very tempting, how is he even real you thought to yourself. While silence fills the room his lips get even plumper, you shouldn’t want this you should be arguing against it and your mind was saying one thing yet your heart another, fighting with yourself was proving a challenge. Instantly his soft lips pressed onto your lips, your whole body frozen as you didn’t want it to end but something in the back of your head told you to protect him, protect him from yourself, from your toxic life. “Stop” you whispered and Shawn as always argued against and continued on you tried to push him away but your weakness was evident, finally you pushed far enough for you to escape his intoxicated grasp. “I’m not leaving, ever.” Those words that flew out of his mouth made you start bawling, crying so bad that you fell to the ground, you knew it was confession time and not even you could stop yourself from saying “I love you Shawn, I LOVE YOU OK!! I can’t stop thinking about you, the way you speak those hands of yours, the way you make feel so free when your with me, but I CANT do anything about it , WE CANT BE TOGETHER” you say… “ ‘Can’t’ isn’t in my dictionary” he says trying to lighten the mood as always in such serious matter you two could never be serious or too loved up, you guys were so crazy about mocking each other, probably a love everyone craved.

He rolled over to you wiping those tears off of your face then embracing you with his famous hug which felt like home a home that you never wanted to let go of. “Maybe, if we turn all our ‘cant’s into a ‘can’ everything could be different” Shawn says as you lean into his shoulder lying your head, both of you looking at the empty wall.

“Maybe we can” – Y/n says forgetting why you were protesting in the first place.
a service i can render - Chapter 17 - miastree - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
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waffles, art and feelings.

woah it’s up!! please go and have a read and let me know what you think. this was such a cute chapter to write :)

Hunter, Never the Hunted Series

Eventually Jackson/OC
Summary: A hard working waitress spends her days working at a diner just to makes ends meet. Until one night on her shift, a sketchy character strolled in and slowly her life gets flipped upside down with the unexpected.

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first fic ever. I had this idea and thought I’d give it a try. It could potentially be a dumpster fire, who knows. Please be gentle and bear with me. Let me know what you think.

I Want To Love You But I Don't Know How - Chapter 4 - Skamzombie - SKAM (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Summary: Isak and Even run lines to Even’s play and Isak begins to question his feelings

Hey angels, I finally got around to finishing the new chap for all of you <3 I hope this somehow makes today easier for some of you and please let me know what you think! <3 


I just realised that I’ve reached 200 followers! Thank you all so much! I can’t believe how fast my blog is growing, I got to 50 followers less than one month ago! All of your support means so much to me and I am enjoying being part of the simblr community so much! 💜💜💜

I would do a follower gift, but I can’t make CC, and I already do build requests, so I can't really do that as a gift either. I was thinking that maybe you guys could send in questions to get to know me better (if you want to) And I’ll answer them all. I anyone has any better ideas of what I could do, please let me know! 

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One Hell of a Morning: Part 2

Summary: When Bucky Barnes wakes up from a wild night out, he thinks nothing of the two bite marks on his neck. But as the days go on, it’s clear that something is changing within him. The sun burns his skin, he can talk to bats, and crosses give him goosebumps. What could it mean? Who, or what, is Bucky Barnes becoming? Based on this Tumblr post.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Tony Stark

Warnings: curse words

A/N: So this is a nine-part series, and I’ll release a new part each day! Please let me know if you want to be tagged! As always, thanks for reading!

Part 1

Bucky spent the rest of the weekend sleeping, watching TV and avoiding things that made his skin burn. He chalked it up to a bizarre incident and was content to veg out in front of the TV with his new Netflix obsession, The Vampire Diaries, in total darkness . He had binged through almost two seasons in as many days.

Just as Damon and Elena were having (yet another) argument, he heard something shuffle against his ceiling. A small shadow was illuminated by the glow of the TV as it traveled from one corner of his living room to the other.

“What in the-?” Bucky paused his TV show and carefully moved towards the light switch. The shadow was still on the opposite side of the room as he flicked the lights on. He couldn’t believe what he saw.

A bat!

“Holy cow,” Bucky breathed. Instead of feeling an immense fear for this creature, he couldn’t help but find it…completely adorable!

“C’mere little guy,” Bucky cooed, holding out his hand. The bat turned its head towards Bucky’s voice as it continued to flap its wings. Before Bucky could even blink, the bat was clinging for dear life on his arm. Its fur was brown and poofy, and two big, black eyes stared at Bucky. Tiny little claws poked at his skin as it hung upside down, but he was too enamored with his guest to notice.

“Aren’t you a cute little fella?” Bucky reached his other hand over to pet the bat under its chin. It almost seemed to smile at him and relished in the newfound attention. It let out a little squeak of appreciation, and Bucky’s heart melted.

“Do you wanna watch TV with me?” Bucky asked his new companion. The bat nodded its tiny head, and Bucky’s eyes widened. “Can you understand me?” he whispered. The bat seemed to nod again.

Bucky walked into his kitchen and stared at the bat. “No way,” he said. “There’s no way a bat can understand me.” The bat squeaked again as he opened his fridge for some food.

“See something you like?” he asked it. The bat extended one of its wings towards the chunks of watermelon in a plastic container. “Watermelon? Sure, why not?” Bucky pulled the container out for the bat and grabbed a slice of leftover pizza for himself.

He walked back to the couch and pulled out his phone. “Steve’s never gonna believe this!” he chuckled, angling the camera for a selfie with the bat. “Say cheese!” He snapped a picture and texted it to Steve.

Buckster: Check out me and my new pal! <3

Stevie: Is that a freaking bat?!?!

Buckster: Yup! Found him in my apt. We’re cute right?

Stevie: We? All I see is the bat. Unless you got uglier.

Buckster: HEY! Be nice to Matrix!

Stevie: You named your bat Matrix! Are you obsessing over Keanu again?

Buckster: Zip it. Keanu Reeves is a classic actor. But for real, you can’t see me?

Stevie: Nope. Just Keanu.

Buckster: It’s Matrix. And damn, I need to get better at taking selfies.

Stevie: Go to sleep.

Buckster: No way! Elena and Damon are about to go at it!

Stevie: You’re watching that show again!? Have you even slept yet this weekend?

Buckster: Shut up punk.

Bucky smirked as he tossed his phone on the couch cushions. “You’re welcome to stay as long as you want, Matrix,” he said as he watched it suck on the watermelon juice. Bucky yawned and considered taking Steve’s advice on some sleep.

“Just one more episode,” he murmured, pressing play on his TV remote.

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so it may or may not be evident from my lack of activity on this blog that i’ve slightly strayed away from dan and phil. i still watch their videos and look at what they posts, but that’s become the extent of it. i really haven’t been emerged in the fandom aspect of youtube anymore. if you follow my twitter you’ve seen that recently i became a multifandom account for dnp and bts (cue inevitably long sigh). i’m making this post to ask what you think i should do with this blog, considering that many of you have probably been following me for quite some time.
either i can become multifandom like my twitter or i can kind of just let this blog die slowly and create a new bts blog and those who are interested can follow me there.
but yeah. please let me know your opinions if you have any.

anonymous asked:

i loved ur fic i just want to say though because i hate heathrow there was no airport hotel!!! we missed our flight and had to go find one somwhere because heathrow!! is! the worst! anyway the fic was great i always love your characterization of them

This (link) is what google gave me when I looked up Heathrow hotel rooms, so that’s what I based the description on the fic on!

Though just as a general note: if I ever get anything wrong like this in fic, please feel free to let me know. I am not well traveled - I’ve never left the US - and I’m never bothered by being corrected on things, especially when they’re just cultural or geographical inaccuracies. Research via google only gets you so far. I think part of the fun of writing fic like this is opening yourself up to learning new things about new places, so I take it in stride and appreciate people taking the time to help me improve my stories. :) 

Okay guys! Opinion time!!

It was suggested that before I open up commissions, I should provide samples of my writing so people can know roughly what my skill level is and such. I tried to pick more recent things (i.e., within the last couple years) to showcase various genres (though general is definitely my specialty). Please let me know if you think this is a good sampling or not.

Scene from The Kind of Kids - This is a scene I wrote as a warmup/practice kind of writing. It deals with my original characters in a particularly tense point in the story.

Jyushimatsu/Homura mini fic - This one was a prompt request for a short writing, dealing with Jyushimatsu and Homura from Osomatsu San. This is really the only example of romance I could fine. I can write romance, I swear, I just… haven’t.

Untitled Drabble of a Potential Alien-trying-to-be-human RomCom - This was another warmup/practice thing I wrote quickly. I really enjoy these types of stories and I wanted to show that I can potentially write non human characters.

Burning the Candle at Both Ends (And it Still Not Being Enough) - This is probably the oldest of my writings here, and was originally posted on my (dead) Free! scenario blog. This one is some strange combo of angst and slice of life dealing with Nitori.

The Days and the Years - My collection of Different Age AU scenes for Osomatsu San. Here it is mainly a focus on family and the dynamics, and it ranges from fluff and cute things to angst (so far). This one is ongoing (though it has been an embarrassingly long amount of time since I’ve updated it).

Please feel free to give me any feedback you can!! And please feel free to reblog this so I can get more opinions. Right now I’m just wanting to see if this is a good enough sampling to show what kind of writer I am. Thank you very much!!

writing game

Hey guys, so I will be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo during the entire month of July, so most of my writing effort is going to be poured into my novel. I still want to stay active on this blog, so I was thinking to do a writing game type thing. Something where it involves you guys, and I could be writing small things for you that wouldn’t take too long.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do exactly. maybe a game where you give me a fic title and I write one line or a synopsis of it, or something along those lines.

If you have any ideas please let me know! I really want to stay connected to you guys in the upcoming weeks :)

The Immortals- Part 32- One Step In

Hi, hello, bonjour,

I’m sorry it took so long to write this, plus it’s really short. I don’t think I’m going to finish this. I wanted to at least bring them to New-Orleans but I dont’ think I will. This might be the last part.

Words: 466

Pairings: Elijah x OC

Please, remember that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Please, let me know what you think :) Feedback let’s me know that you want me to keep writing!!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 Part 22 Part 23 Part 24 Part 25 Part 26  Part 27 Part 28 Part 29 Part 30 Part 31


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anonymous asked:

I am looking for a fanfic where isak takes something and almost dies.... can you please send me a link to it? I think it is called I am Fine (or something like that)

Hi! I’m sorry to say this, but neither me or Liv have heard of a fic like that, nor have we found any with a title along those lines :(

If any of our followers have a clue to which fic this is, please let us know!

EDIT: @jonasredbeanie and an anon (thanks guys!) suggested it might be this one:

  • The Weight Of Us by verlore_poplap
    Summary: Isak finally takes the plunge towards what’s seemed like an inevitability for almost ten years. Of course that’s when some guy comes along and ruins everything. - Isak Valtersen is literally the last thing Even’s life needs right now. It pretty horrifying how hard that is to remember, everytime he’s around.


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xoxo -gossipdogs

comforting the moon signs


Leave them alone. Honestly, just… leave them alone for a while. While not always the case, these folks prefer to calm down first. Aries lunarians tend to react on impulse easily and they’re easily overwhelmed by their emotions so they need to sort that out for themselves in a way. This doesn’t mean you have to (but also might have to) physically leave them alone. Just don’t mention their troubles more than necessary; they might overreact. Let them initiate things on their own.


Just be there; be the rock they failed to be themselves this time. You don’t need to do anything spectacular, just hug them. Mentally be there for them, but physically as well. They might want to talk about it, if so just listen to them vent, but for the moment, don’t try to solve anything. The bull prefers to solve their problems themselves, even though they may appreciate a good piece of advice. Hug them. Make them feel save in your arms. Feel them. Make it obvious you care.


Gemini moons tend to shut down when they’re at a low point, but that surely doesn’t mean they should. Let them communicate their problems. Let them pour their heart out; be interested in their concerns and emotions. However, no matter what they’re saying, what they’re feeling, make sure to see them for who they are. Their emotions are quick to change, the person or situation they’re upset because isn’t what’s (the most) important. It’s them. Their current feelings. Their position. Also, make them laugh a bit. Don’t make it rude, don’t make fun of them. But try to make them crack a smile. They’ll appreciate it.


Don’t ignore what they’re going through, obviously, but don’t remind them of it even more. They’re already feeling it with every fiber of their body. Instead, gently distract them. Do things together you know they like. If they’re into baking, bake with them. If they love a particular show, watch it with them and cuddle a bit. Don’t expose them to the hectic reality of day-to-day life. Comfort them by helping them distress. Be like a mother comforting its child.


Fuel their ego. It might sound shallow, it might be, but Leos need it. Remind them of their glow, tell them why and what you love about them. Don’t just throw compliments at them in hope that they’ll feel better. Make it genuine. Listen to them, be there, and then distract them a bit, but stay close. Maybe hold their hand, or play with their hair. If you know they like it, take them to the outdoors, let them breathe some fresh air and go on a small adventure, just the two of you. Show them the love the world holds for them.


Keep them distracted. Pamper them a bit, focusing on the details of why you love them. If they can’t do things they normally can, like grocery shopping or the like, do that for them, but don’t try to solve their overall problem. Don’t tell them to “calm down” or “stop worrying so much”. They WILL worry and they WILL feel anxious, so just listen to their rants, humour them a bit, listen some more. Keep them busy. Observing Virgo will notice that you were there for them, even if you didn’t (manage to) do anything in the end.


Stay focused on them. Don’t compare your problems to theirs, they’re so often so occupied with everyone else’s problems, give them something back. Libra lunarians tend to be indecisive so lightly push them into making a choice (by themselves of course). Give them your love, let them feel it. Give them a hug. Kiss their forehead or their head. Rub their back. Hold them close, make them be able to lose themselves in your arms.


Hug them. Put your arms around them, tightly, as if you’re trying to hold them from falling apart. Let them feel whatever they’re feeling but don’t let them alone with it. Agree with them, as long as you’re not completely faking it; they’d sense it. Make sure they don’t feel judged, that you’re still thinking as highly of them as before. Please don’t let them regret finally opening up to someone. Please give yourself to them as long as they need you to be there for them.


Help them escape their bad feelings. Stand by their side. The archer doesn’t need someone to solve their problems for them, while they try to avoid them they still know how to handle them themselves in the end, and that goes for the moon in Sagittarius person as well. Distract them with what matches them. Visit a quiet café with an introvert and talk about whatever comes to mind, whatever makes them forget their low point. Go to a wild concert or the amusement park with an extrovert and let them laugh all the sorrow away. Don’t let their optimism fade away.


These guys like to not make it obvious when they’re down, they may even try to shrug it off. But if you want to comfort them, try to not push them into anything. Listen to their thoughts and nod your head, no need for big words with this sign (although some uplifting words are never a bad thing). Don’t smother them with physical affection, blankets and food, you’d suffocate them. If you view it as appropriate, try to distract them. Otherwise just let them free some of their thoughts.


Aquarius moon often wants to be alone in low moments as well and are a bit harder to comfort, but they usually already appreciate it when you believe in them. If you really want to make them feel better though, be positive. They want to talk. Aquarius loathes feeling bad. Don’t just say cliché things like ‘don’t worry, all will be well’. Make them laugh. Remind them of good times. Push them in the right direction; make them look ahead, make them not give up. 


While Pisces lunarians usually differ a lot when it comes to how they want to be comforted when at a low point, they are all big on the ‘acknowledge my feelings’ one. While this is the case for pretty much everyone, moon in Pisces wants you to be present when there for them. Actually, these folks do a lot better with being able to feel that you care and are silently supporting them than seeing you doing grand things but not meaning it.

Note: Always remember to take your other placements into consideration. Nothing stands and works all on its own.