Terrorist attack in Barcelona

I don’t even know if there are spanish or catalan people here on Tumblr.
A man has run over dozens of people in one of the main streets of Barcelona. People wounded and dead. If somebody of Tumblr is there, please take refuge in houses, stores, wherever you can.
My sister is there. Yes, she’s fine. But many sisters of many people surely will not be. Things like that should not happen. Please, stop this crazy war.

Emergency phone numbers 📞:

Emergències i Mossos 112
Urgències mèdiques 061
Bombers 080
Policia local 092


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Abounding- Drabble

Jimin x Reader {Wolf Au!} (s)(f)

Warnings: I don’t really know what warnings to put on this but it’s…something. Mentions of knotting.

For weeks Jimin’s been talking about starting a family. At first, it was worrisome. You lived with ten other people- seven boys with three of their mates, but after a long talk and the want to expand the pack, you cave. There wasn’t much talk about it, all being silent, but once you became faternal and ready to mate- there was no turning back.

Wordcount: 598

A/n: What have I done??


You laid in the bed, the warmth of the covers gently pulling you into sleep. You were so tired, all of the events from the day catching up with you in the form a fatigue- yet it felt good. With your eyes already shut and your breathing steady, you almost didn’t notice the other’s presence until they were already behind you. Instantly, your body melted into theirs.

“How are you feeling?” Jimin’s voice was rough but soothing, the sound lulling you further into sleep. Only able to send out a hum, you let his arm drape over your stomach smiling as he rubbed the area and rested his chin in the crook of your neck.

“Does it feel full?” You nodded. There was a small but noticeable difference in the size of your belly. The past few days had been set with him filling you up, your fertile state setting off something between you both. Laying there for a few minutes, the world of sleep almost took a hold of you when the vibrations of a low growl could be felt.

“Jin.” Feeling yourself being crushed against Jimin’s chest, you peaked one of your eyes open. Jin was in the doorway, two bottles of water and what seemed to be a damp wash cloth in his hand.

With a faint smile he started to move over to the bedside table, careful to not go anywhere near you and setting the items in arms reach. “Calm down pup, I’m not here to do anything.  There’s water for you both there and a warm washcloth for y/n. I’ll go now, but feel free to call if you need anything.”

With that, he closed the door, leaving Jimin and you to your own devices. Not particularly thirsty, you closed your eyes once more and attempted to sleep. Jimin’s growling didn’t cease, but weather it was because he still felt on edge or because he knew you enjoyed it was beyond you.

Pulling away from you for a second, Jimin reached over and grabbed one of the items left for you before moving back to his original position. “Stomach?” You nodded once more sighing in relief when the warm cloth hit your skin.

Once he noticed the temperature cool in the item he threw it on the floor. Settling his hand back under your navel, he started rubbing once more. “I’m gonna keep filling you up, you know that right?” You hummed his rough fingers a contrast to your soft skin. “You gonna be so full by the end. First, it’ll be with my cum- then you’ll grow with our pups”

He pressed down harder, a moan falling from your lips as the pressure was felt at your core. Rubbing large, harsh circles he bit your ear, nibbling down before licking the sore area. “Do you want to be filled more? Want me to knot you?”

Thinking about it made you whimper, his free hand moving to play with your nipple. Your body reacted to his movements, your walls clenching around nothing. He wasn’t even touching you properly, and you were already on the edge. The mere feeling of him on your skin was enough to have you coming, your mouth falling open as you spazzed around. Feeling accomplish, Jimin settled down.

His movement went back to the soothing ones they were before, but he didn’t stop licking your ear- a need to groom you pushing him to move to your neck followed shoulder blades. It was a nice feeling, one you gratefully took as you finally settled down to relax.

A/n If you read this and enjoyed it…that makes me feel better.