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can somebody please recommend me a sherlolly fanfic wherein Molly is fond of Mycroft so whenever Sherlock insults Mycroft, he’s punished by Molly. (And Mycroft gets this incredible satisfaction or he just arrogantly smirks at Sherlock whenever he’s reprimanded by the petite pathologist)

//because Molly sees how much Mycroft cares about his brother; she thinks he deserves better than that.


Miss Xiao Long, I believe I owe you an apology.

I talked to a few of the students about the… incident at the Vytal Festival when I approached your sister and asked her a few questions. As it turns out, you were not hallucinating due to stress, you were being manipulated through an illusory semblance from another contestant - one of the culprits who started this mess. If I had only believed you, we may have been able to prevent this destruction, the loss of innocent lives… the loss of your arm.

Miss Xiao Long, I know what you’re feeling right now and as an apology I would like to set you up with Atlas’ finest technology in prosthetics.”

I have a head canon that after the events of 5x16 Lydia turns up at stiles house and is like “I can’t sleep” and so he invites her in and let’s her sleep on his bed and he’s about to go downstairs to sleep on the couch but she grabs his hand and is like “can you stay with me please” and so he gets into bed and they lie facing each other and Lydia sighs contentedly and they hold hands in the middle and fall asleep I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE

ok but tbh the main reason why i write agatha as lesbian/bi as opposed to aro/ace is because i can just imagine baz and some girl that likes agatha watching simon and agatha hang out from afar, and then becoming close af friends and trying to set each other up after the wellbesnow break up. bonus: agatha and said girl are roommates and help each other with make up one morning, resulting in agatha saying ‘you need something on your lips’ and roommates saying ‘what, like yours?’