SSU botanical gardens. The Pleasantview greenhouse

Together with SSU’s old Department of Botany and Woodland Park, the Pleasantview greenhouse makes up the the only botanical complex located outside of the campus.

Obviously I am aware that it would be too hot to run a coffee shop in a greenhouse and that the desert plants cannot be located in the same place as the palm trees, but screw logics it looks pretty lol


I’m three weeks early with this because I have no self control whatsoever, but I am more than pleased to present you the Goth Manor - Halloween style. Happy very early Halloween folks, and if you don’t celebrate Halloween - happy October!

House tour under the cut ❤

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I’m having a proper ‘Simming Sunday’ today and I’ve loaded up my latest Pleasantview save to do makeovers. *happy dance* All the awesome TS2 on my dash lately have made really inspired. ^^ 

Anyhow, I realized that I hadn’t posted pictures of some of the makeovers I’ve already finished so here’s the first of the ugly white boxes! :D