Welcome to…Pleasantview Old Town Quarter and Gothic Quarter

The day is coming to an end…and our tour of Historic Pleasantview ends in the commercial district: the Old Town Quarter and the Gothic Quarter. The Old Town Quarter is famous for its cafes and for having the best restaurant in town: The Bord de l'eau restaurant, where sims can enjoy the tastiest seafood in the area.

Plasantview city hall and its gardens can also be found here. It’s a great place for weddings.

And finally…we have the Gothic Quarter. Gentrification has driven out some of the Gothic Quarter’s most typical stores (now replaced with a real estate agency…) but the Cordials’ Herb Shop and “Antiques” store still remains there. If you’re looking for brews and ointments to change your mood, or perhaps a love potion to make your partner flirty, this is is the place to be. The region’s only wishing well can also be found in the Gothic Quarter’s gardens. And don’t forget to take a stroll through the Old Cemetery, which is no longer in use, but remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area (but beware of the ghosts that show up at night!).

Tomorrow, we’ll focus on Pleasantview Meadows, which was developed in the last 20 years as a solution to the lack of space in Historic Pleasantview for new families. See the rest of my Pleasantview recreation on this tag.


Proposal Park-Old Willow, Pleasant County.

I’ve always really liked the career objects but I also really hate having them just in the sims home so I’ve been making career themed lots to put them in. 

So this lot is supposed to be like a place for politicians and activists to try and spread their message. It has several stands, a voting station, and a stage for announcements and rallys. Don’t actually know, but I’m hopping that the podium doesn’t actually attract sims to watch, otherwise I’m pretty sure they’ll just crowd the stage instead of in front of the stage.