I am slowly working my way through Pleasantview. As you can see half the map is completely empty! I thought I had downloaded most of the stuff I used last time I played TS2. But now I often have to quit the game, hunt down some cc and restart. And then do it all over again because I missed a piece of build CC I deeeesperately need…. There are a lot of duplice lots. I actually like most of the pre-made houses in Pleasantview - when I’ve had a go with them in build mode. I then place multiples. So all the duplicates you see are just the base of what it will become after a family moves in and makes it their own :)



It’s completely made over with lots made by Anna and the rest done by me. I’ve done it over multiple times with my own makeovers but I just gave up because I never liked them as much as I do Anna’s. Why not just enjoy them then. ^^ And I cheated a little and deleted that horrible lot 113 Wright Way because I couldn’t bring myself to give it a makeover.


I might just have started playing the Broke family in a new Pleasantview hood. *oupsie* ^_^ Super cc-light at the moment because I mostly want to enjoy the game play for once. I did a quick makeover of their house, more or less copying the floor plan of my last Broke makeover. I really like it and it’s super playable too! Winwin! :D