whhaattt?? the year is almost already over! so i thought i would join in with the rest of tumblr and create my 2526th follow forever for the sake of the holidays and to celebrate the beginning of 2016. my blog has been through many many changes since i created it many years back but i think a lot of these changes happened this year which is what makes this follow forever especially special.

i’ve gained so many followers these twelve months that i don’t think i deserve. i have mutuals that i still don’t think i deserve and never will. i have started to experiment with photoshop and even create my own things so that was a big accomplishment for me. and i personally have gone through a lot this year and i’m thankful i had tumblr to turn to during the more difficult times. my blog has reached a popularity that i had no idea could ever happen so that’s amazing! thank you so much! :D

now that i’m following over 300 blogs it was so so difficult to pick and choose who i wanted to include in this. therefore, i’m really sorry if you aren’t but i’m still following you so that means i still love what you post so don’t worry! i actually planned on including EVERY SINGLE person i followed in this but then decided that might be a bit of a dash and blog clogger so i changed my mind. i’ll sort them alphabetically by each individual letter though since there’s still a whole lot on here.

please do look through all of these and follow some of them, or all if you want to! they are all amazing and deserve it for their amazing blogs :)

MY PAST FOLLOW FOREVERS (sorry you gotta scour through the ones i was tagged in from other blogs! D: but THEY’RE THERE, I PROMISE!)


@aaaaahcievement-hunter @aarontjohnson @actualweaboogarbage @aeducans @aetulias @ahwuu @alduinswings @allthingstamriel @altmax @amaxson @arcadiapolaroids @arwwenn @ashryver @aslyium @assashkiin


@badtimetxt @bagumbus @beallpoetic @bealrightchild @beardedjoel @bertholdtsspaciousberthole @biosshock @biostrange @birchtree @bleakfalls @bonechrms @bostonfireflies @brotherhoodofsteels @burnsidebooty @bxcky


@callmemrsgrimes @captainightingale @carmine-brothers @cathehero @churchofgrimes @clementinesmiles @clemvevo @cordyyceps @corlgrimes @corruptedvergil @corvosblink @cr1tikaesthetic @cullencircus @cutie-mura


@daily-walkers @dammitcullen @danaward @dannystjohn @dantesbooty @deadboromir @deadonarrivall @deathclaaw @deathshands @delicateswn @diayuns @dixonscarol @dlsnrowe @dorkydorian @ducksouls @dunwall


@eccentricwearsgoggles @effstonem- @eilheart @elenaflshers @elizabooze @ellie-and-the-clicker @ellie-hold-my-flower @elliejoels @ellliewillliams @elvenkiing @erismourned @errorline @eugeue @evviefrye


@femsheped @fetch-walker @fetchzs @flordewitt @fragilehvman @franksbeans @fucking-liquid-beans @fuckyeahlanoire @fuckyeahlastofus @fuckyeahthewalkindead @fuckyeahtroybaker @fughckprescott @funyarinpa @fythelastofus


@gamingmakesmehigh @grimestone @grizzlybara @guvinofree


@hashtagparksandrec @heartfulloffandoms @hellabrickmaster @hero-of-salmon-bay @holden-caulfieldlings @hollowdante @hollowvergil


@ih8tombs @iheartnorman @isabellaswanns @itsthelastofus @iures @ivilspirits @ivorytwilight


@jadeepicness @jennifermxson @jjodieholmes @jjoelmiller @jjoelswatch @joel-ellie @joelmilllr @joelmillur @jollynarvaez @journalistpiper


@kenwys @kidmanjuli @kirsctein @knockturnallley


@ladrats @ladyhottpants @leeeeeeeeeegooooooooolaaaaaaaaas @legosass @leslie-knopes @letsgetonwithit @letsplaylife @lexiesqrey @lifeispricefixld @lightaga @lockuhart @lolzforshits @lordoftheelves @lotrlorien @luthicn @lydiasfryes


@maggiegreeene @magicalbosom @markiplier @maxcaulfeild @mcusekat @michonnescarl @micoovav @mightymelkor @mindoirr @missxdelaney @mooimachickenbird @mrbenwyatt @murcielago


@nekropaci @newsmoons @nicksvalentines @nomzoms @normansreedus @nugelope @nykoload


@ollivandirs @openguo


@paarthrnax @paladinsdanses @pclyjuicepotion @peeewdie @piperjpg @piperwrxght @pippylouise @playstationpersuasion @porcelain-infinity @possibly-shrek @pottern @pottersir @prescotch @professorlockhart @pun-kelman


@rachelchloe @radlyrium @ragamuffiin @raynarvaezjrr @realestmatt @reedusgif @reindeerrick @remusolupin @rickdaryl @rickshithappens @robluteces @ronaldreindeer @roosterteethsbest


@salazarsslytherin @sarabeaarr @sarcasticwitness @savagestaarlight @savagestarlights @sbfcooc @scrambledeggheaded @scribblykimbree @seattle138 @silverseasofsummer @sirepotter @sixstringjoel @snowyrigal @socksexual @sootypaw @srslyphil @starpavus @stillupsetoverlegacy @strfires @stupidlamb-s @stupidsexymustang @sunnyinskyrim @swanforks


@tbfpaesthetic @telastofus @thatcapedguy @thedeceptivebutterfly @the-keeperr @thekingcipher @thelast400days @thelastof-raider @therealjacksepticeye @theundyingmind @the-walking-dead-art @thewalkingfeeltrip @this-is-our-destiny @thoooorin @thy-artismurder @todd-howard @torhin @trev0rphilips @troybakerz @two-towers




@vaniishing-grace @vergilsbooty @victorsullys @vivienndefer @volsungs


@walkerswhowalk @warriorcarols @wedontgivethatup @whenyourelostinthedarkness @whoa–nelly @winlance @wlngblade




@yourwatchisbroken @youplayedmeout



so tbh this year was so terrible…

but there were some good things that happened to me, like i finally passed my exams, graduated (but havent received my degree yet lmao) and have a great time here, even meeting more people here which are just pure awesome! whenever talking casually or letting me yell about my OCs or sending each other stuff or just rebloggin from each other…here i feel great!

ok enough brag from me

first of all…i wanna say a few words about these people…SPECIAL THANKS!

(not a particular order)

@alessandroilcavaliere - we havent talked too much recently but i understand that you are busy with university, which im very proud of you and all the hard work you put into! i wish you the best of luck in your work and we can talk anytime you want! take care!

@colonelkepler and @hyperionangel - you guys are literally very sweet and kind, and i love ya both! i wish both of you good luck in the New Year! 

@cosmoillusion - ZEF! you are just literally one of the greatest persons i ever meet here, such a lovely nerd and talented gifmaker and also a great friend and i thank you for everything! я люблю тебя (i love you!) (hope i wrote it corectly)

@mandaocity - i know we havent talked alot but i wanna thank you for the wonderful fic series you wrote about Rhys and Vaughn…I LOVE THAT FIC SERIES SO MUCH!

@nokikissa - also i know we havent talked so much but i also wanna thank you for the art you create, and also special thanks from me and my Vaughn for his drawings! im always happy to see new art from you, even that may not be a common fandom! best of luck!!!

@incrediblyinterested and @her0isms - you guys are so awesome and your OCs and their stories are very interesting and i wish both of you luck! 

@ravialle - YOOO!! i know we may talk once in a days, but you are just great and thank you alot! you are one of the first persons to meet here and you are pure awesome ok? i wish you the best of luck at university! i love you!

@seattle138 - dude!!! i know we havent talked alot but you also are one of my oldest mutuals here and just wanna say that you are great and awesome and i wish you luck! take care!!

@seattlespapertrail - FAM!!!!!! you are literally such a treasure, you are just so cheerful and so awesome, and supported me alot and i thank you for everything! im very proud of you and what you do and i wish you luck! love ya!

And here are the other mutuals and non mutuals that make my blog awesome! (BOLDED HAVE A SPECIAL SHOUTOUT! - cause im not good at words but you also duddies are great!)

@aetulias @alexaberkeley @altairfreshener @assassinscreedfanscommunity @assassinscreedstuff @badweather @brotherhoodofenclave @cacomagen @canis-x-lupus @cdralenko @chronialaccelerate @conduiitz @corvoooattano @cr1titkal @crazy-chicken-misspelled @crosswalksandcrossedhearts / @itstrevorphilips @daddygengar @danseyboyapples @daudsblink @deichqueen @delsinsmixtape @dorkydorian @drakeceptiion @electricitytrick @elenafishers @elizabooze @eximperial @eziooooooooooooooo @fabstan @failout4 @fetch-walker @fiofaun @flordewitt @foxjockey @fukatuchi @gamers-denial @gamersdaily @gaminginsanity @ghosteh @gwynbleiidd @highchaosemily @horationelson @idiosyncraticcapriciousness @iures @jayninereturns @jessakaldwin @jingle-baeker @kayxclankforever @kingkelpbeard @lamarrdavis @legitalicat @los-santos-customs @mangoinabeanie @mayorjohnhancock @minazukiruka @minnyrd @miyku @mmurdocksdevils @mrs-leisurewear @nefious @neverdewitt @nucleardevastation / @sohvaperunah @openguo @oshawhy @pinkerton727 @playstationpersuasion @pureplaystation @rafe-adlers @rahgot @redrockettruckstop @sassy-assassin @scarrletwitchcosplay @scrambledeggheaded @sentientsentinel @shaforostov @shayham @softellie @soldier76main @spacerist @splicerspawn @stillupsetoverlegacy @sv-sims @symetra @takahashispowernoodles @talizoruh @television-for-dinner @thatbellagaze @the-last-conduit @thelastofgaming @thiefs-end @thisgamerblog @travisfanclub @twostepsfromrivia @uncharted-bucky @uranium-glow @vokun-mal-dovah @yusuf-tazim-da-lalala 



(message me if i forgot someone)

It's coming up to the end of the year, so I thought I should do a 
Follow Forever. I've never done one of these before so I hope I do it right. Anyways, these blogs are blogs I follow and they rock harder than you will ever know ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
Friends/lovely mutuals/blogs I've followed for a long time 
are bolded! I LOVE YOU ALL! HAPPY CHRISTMAS! I hope u all get hella video games or whatever you want this year. 
(Also this is in no particular order. No alphabetical-ness. 
I'm not clever enough for that.)

 benny–gecko | assassinsarehot | gaiged | thisgirlgames | lifeinskyrim | thelastofsnake | evilwithn | oh-games | thewalkingsnapchat | papabraus | cynicalgamer | andraste-is-a-reaper | thisisthsou | lionheartcullen | chaoticpirate | tear-eternal | axisrose2974 | solaswhy | langel2 | devboyygaming | christmas-in-a-casket | ajay-g | pixels-and-confusion | danger-is-sweet | fuckyeahfallout3 | aeropostate | hgrimm23 | anders-apostate | ajayghaleh | superkid515 | playstationpersuasion | arvoisthecutest | slut-of-fictional-love | fangamertime | delsinsfire | lvl40 | rwby-no-shana | theventuringlycanthrope | connortheassassin | venturiantale-fanblog | fieryelise | joel-ellie | girlplaysgame | thisgethgames | rottenclickers | radclem | killer-jimmy-casket | n64thstreet | itstrevorphilips | masterschief | devilrnaycry | nykoload | fallout-enthusiast | automaticwaffles | northyanktons | vgjunk | pincho32 | pixelpixies | dunwalls | the-minecraft-funnies | woohoo-juice-simoleons | the-walking-dead-game-stuff | arvosexual | sirkleiner | harveythehunter | emotionchaosx3 | adeadwalking | thisguygames | places-in-games | andystjohn | wastelandporn | ohyeahgames | stuff-for-gamers | kennyseye | thenerdperry | qualitysteamreviews | thisgamergirl | jmoriartycriminalconsultant | llaracroftt | fyeahspyroandcrash | poppkell | sarabeaarr | stealthboy | pass-me-that-boat-clem | nexter-the-second | mysantatennantisconfused | confusedbirdy | ask-cywren-caster | poppetprincess | youre-strong-clem | clemxlukebrotp | andrewarcade | limpingarvo | officiallifesimmer | kill-the-ones-you-love | gamersbliss | simsvip | theenglishsimmer | thelastofusconfessions | seokjinglebells | simsgonewrong | fuckyeahlastofus | gloryisland | animalcrossingcrazy | tiffyquake | just–some–guy | spyroismagic | gamersdaily | jepicpics | internetscrapple | gaarrett | nerdsandgamersftw | fyeahwildarms | vaultt-tec | lyriumimperium | ttrevelyan | wedontgivethatup | adownupadownup 

Special mention to my first ever follow and someone who still 
follows me today, du-hjarta-skulblaka, you rock! 

Hey!!! It’s me, tumblr user Bookerdewitt, bringing you this shitty follow forever! I’m mainly doing this for the New Year as well as I’m close to 1,200 followers, so that’s incredible! I was going to do both mutuals/friends and cool blogs, but i evidently have 100+ mutuals?? So yeah! Thank you all for following me, and thank you for having really great blogs!!! Feel free to reblog or not! (Fiona art credit:X)

@artuhmes | @adustintime | @aijack | @alekslittlecareer | @alistairin | @arcanum-order | @argyleredhead | @badass-assin | @battlebunnyelliott | @baka-bby | @beluga617 | @bisexual-amethyst | @bloodsugargrrrl | @booker–dewitt | @bluestars-fire | @bumblrtabe | @charalanahzard | @coelagirl | @conduiitz | @connortheassassin | @creaturestalk | @crestfallencrescendo | @dadarismus | @dannystjohn | @deadbeat182 | @deliriousbiznasties | @delsin-rovve | @diamonddoq | @digijack | @digijack | @dislocated-cannibal | @dreamingofcossackia
@elizabethcomstock | @enigmaticanonymity | @eternalblumenkraft | @eugemesims | @eugeue | @fatghost | @fauxamber | @femsheped | @fenhrl | @fetchzs | @fetch-walker | @flordewitt | @frozeneventide | @gaysualizing | @grumpycreature | @guzzardiart | @gwenstazy | @hanccock | @harley-quinade
@icarium | @immortal-meow | @infinitify | @ironbully | @joelmiller | @jjoelmiller | @kamexkame | @kawaiiryuko | @kibikikou | @kingoftheghouls | @kirigiris-detective | @kumomadorii | @lifes–grips | @littlespockers | @lychgate
@maggiegreene | @malbrtha | @maxcaulfielld | @mettabat | @mellowgold | @mewmedic | @mgsfranchise | @michoenne | @mirkwood-trash | @mumblgrumbl | @nanoakis | @neutral-soymilk-hotel | @oddman11 | @officialyofficial | @orgith | @parcelhare | @pass-me-that-boat-clem | @pentomic | @playstationpersuasion | @policemanrin | @porcelain-infinity | @pulsarax | @puzzlingriddles | @princessrosetitanwarrior | @princess-consula-bannana-hammock | @pseudo-buddhist
@rainbowbluh | @renereyes1999 | @r-robotic | @rxdqueen | @savedbystump | @scissorism | @shesacroft | @sheepishly-bold | @shrooma | @silent-quick | @slyizsneaky15 | @smartaveragebears | @snailcuddleswithtwigs | @sneakybee13 | @snipershark | @sonicthesinhog | @spectrekaiden | @the-boat-among-us | @theknifeofdunwall | @thememe-lord | @thewvlkingdead | @thisloserhere | @toadstool-princess
@uber-haxor-whatever | @usesplashattack | @vauwughn | @velxciraptxrs | @vojir | @vortxclub | @weltschmerzundco | @whoa–nelly | @wlngblade | @xyloskeptic | @yourfriendthestrawman | @youre-strong-clem | @yukimurafeif | @zetjunko | @zukotops

Destiny 2 Official Reveal Poster

Bungie took to the internet to post an official logo image of their upcoming sequel after a series of leaks in the last couple weeks. Though the “Destiny 2″ announcement in itself is no surprise, many fans of the series are still excited to see the game officially revealed. Activision has confirmed the development of Destiny 2 as early as 2016. The rumored release date is said to be September 2017 with a beta as early as June 2017.