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I felt like there was a severe lack of Um Jammer Lammy GIFs out there, so I made some using PlayStation TV + Elgato Game Capture HD + Movie Maker + Photoshop! Enjoy and remember to NEVER USE JOE CHIN’S CHAINS FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today on March 12th 2015, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth for the Vita and PlayStation TV went on shelves in Japan, marking the end of a handheld hiatus the franchise has maintained since June 2013. This is the first Digimon game released on the Vita, and the first time the Story series has been put on a Sony system; preceding game Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red & Blue came out on the Nintendo DS in March 2011.

Cyber Sleuth has not forgotten its roots though, as the game features 12 DLC missions involving the return of Sayo, the female protagonist of Digimon Story Moonlight (localized overseas as Digimon World Dusk.) The DLC missions involve helping Sayo battle the Seven Great Demon Lords, who served as postgame superbosses in the original Digimon Story.

Cyber Sleuth’s main plot involves the protagonist (Aiba Takumi if male, Aiba Ami if female) having their body stolen while inside the cyberspace EDEN, becoming a half-data entity capable of jumping between the real and cyber worlds at will. Alongside “ordinary” detective Kuremi Kyouko, they investigate the rise of the digital amoeba Eater, trying to recover their lost body while solving a slew of other cases brought to the Kuremi Detective Agency. The Eater is a rapidly reproducing digital entity that feeds off of humans and Digimon alike, while evolving into new shapes like its Eater Adam and Eater Eve forms  But while this investigation is going on, a faction of the Royal Knights organization led by their legendary strategist Duftmon breaks into the real world, launching a first-strike as part of a war of annihilation against all mankind to protect the Digimon. Duftmon’s “Paradise Lost” project is opposed by fellow Royal Knight member Omegamon, and his tamer Nokia. And at a critical moment in this seemingly straightforward conflict, the Royal Knights’ ace-in-the-hole Examon suddenly runs wild…

In addition to its main game, Cyber Sleuth features a competitive online play mode in which all tamer’ Digimon are set to level 50 and the types of Digimon they can use are restricted by memory limits placed on their teams. Players can do either local or ranking battles, fighting out a 3-on-3 match where turn manipulation, party recovery and strategic use of passive skills are all necessary to win out.


SEGA has announced that Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X will be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in North and South America this fall, in both digital and physical formats! Watch the announcement trailer here!

Pissed myself while drunk at a friends apartment!

You guys get the drill by now. This is the 3rd omorashi experience I had that I wrote about for I’m having fun bringing all my written works to a new community, given how well they’ve been received elsewhere. You guys are awesome! ^^


I think you guys are rubbing off on me, in an odd way. This is my third experience I have to write recently, and I think I’m almost subconsciously letting myself get into these situations at this point. I’ve really gotta learn to go when I’ve gotta go.

I visited a friend yesterday. I hadn’t seen her in awhile, and her and two other girls including me were having a get together at her apartment. I was the first to show up, as I had to be there early in the day, so I stayed in her apartment for a bit while she stepped out because she had things to do…I was basically house-sitting for a bit. Just kind of hung around, watching tv, playing Playstation 2, good stuff. In that time I had a Rockstar and 2 beers. She ended up getting back around 11 o'clock with the others, and we just started hanging out and chilling. Usually we have like card games or board games we play or even some Smash Melee 1v1’s, but last night we were just content to sit around and chat, shooting the shit and talking about whatever topic came up while passing around rum and vodka. We eventually marathoned some Netflix movies, but that didn’t happen until later last night, after this story (We were up until the late morning. Its almost 5 pm and I’ve only been up an hour or two).

Here’s the description phase, and I’ll be a little bit more complete for newcomers. I’m pretty average height, but if I’m around my friends I feel pretty short because they’re all tall. I was 5'8-5'9 last time I checked, though sometimes online I’ll lie through my virtual teeth and say 5'11 because I hate feeling small. Last time I checked my weight like 3 weeks-a month ago I was 116 pounds. I have long black hair, goes past my shoulders, but its not really well taken care of. Split ends and bedhead glaore. Its only nights like this one I go through the effort to make it look not trash. I’m pretty pale and pasty, I try to tan during summers but I almost always burn and it sucks. I usually give up by August and sit under a parasol on beach days like I’m a goddamn vampire or something. Lucky for me, my complexion has always been pretty fair and acne free, due to my face-wash, so I have that going for me appearance wise at least. On this particular day I was wearing some light-grey leggings for comfort, a black bra and panties, along with a black crop top (to show off the belly button piercing I got like a month ago) and a zebra striped, unbuttoned overshirt. Really slutty looking, I know, but its not like we were going out. I just needed to show up all my friends, because I’m an ass like that. I spend a lot of time sitting at my computer looking gross, so I try to look pretty every once and awhile. :P

Anywho, back to the story, we were all sitting around talking. I took in a beer, and another, and that went through me along with the stuff I drank earlier, but I had easily ignored it because I was also doing shots. Vodka is obviously the second coming of Christ. Mmmm. As we know, things like beer are a diuretic, and eventually I was pretty drunk off my rocker, and I really had to pee. But I was drunk, and I was like pssshhh its fine. And as an omo enthusiast, needing to pee was exciting, and the alcohol made me consider the reprecussions of holding it in remarkably less, and it didn’t even occur to me that being inebriated might affect my ability to hold properly. As I was sitting on the couch, I just pulled the blanket over me and held myself, and continued on with the conversation. The need to pee grew, but instead of getting up to go, I just got more excited! I mean, I’m a big girl, I know my limits right? The bathroom is literally 6 feet away, its not like I somehow won’t make it when I need to go! So instead of going, I continued holding it, while still taking active part in the discussion, making it almost a game where I was absolutely desperate and trying to keep friends from noticing. Gripping myself under the blanket, subtly rocking, it worked so well. Of course I continued shots. It didn’t occur to me even that I might have difficulty with my balance once I stood. I didn’t even think about it.

Naturally, I got to the point where I was even sweating with the effort of holding it, yet still didn’t really care. I had to pee, so what right? But I also didn’t consider one of my friends thinking something was up. Katie looked at me and straight up asked me, “Are you alright?”

I didn’t know how to answer. I just suddenly froze, trying to think of something, staring her right in the eyes like a confused cat. It was at this worst possible time, that my mind drifting off had suddenly taken an edge off my holding ability, and I started leaking. Katie asked again if anything was wrong, and now all eyes were on me as I was frozen staring at katie, and I felt a small “psshhh” as my hand got wet, in its position shoved in between my legs. I quickly clenched my legs to slow the flow and swiftly started nodding like crazy, and started explaining, while nervously stuttering might I add, how I was in that situation where with the blanket I’m warm, and without it I’m cold, so I only have it over my lap to try and even it out, but I was still a bit warm regardless. Luckily I wasn’t the only one that was piss drunk and they totally bought that, as little sense as it made for me to be sweating and shaking from this. One of my other friends suggested we all gather in the bedroom and watch netflix on the tv in there, as the ones sitting on the floor and not the couch were getting chilly, and as the bed was against the wall so there was enough room for all of us to sit on the bed and lean against the wall and get cosy. While everyone was chatting and agreeing with her I was frozen in the realization that I had really gotten myself into a predicament. While I was thinking this I couldn’t help it. I felt it again.



I felt the short hisses against my hand again and again, my hand getting wet, and I could feel the couch underneath me becoming warm. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. I was wetting on my friend’s couch, right in front of them all. Luckily they didn’t seem to notice. They all got up and a few of them filed into the bedroom, Katie asking if I was coming. I sharply nodded and used my spare hand to handle my phone, saying I just needed to check something first. Pssshh. They went in. Except for Steph, who immediately went into the bathroom. I suddenly went numb. God dammit Steph.

I shot up like a lightning bolt, and looked down at the couch. There was a blanket folded over thrice covering the cushions, and there was a large stain where I had been sitting. A pretty significant one too, and still warm. I flipped the folded blanket over to its other side, and thankfully it wasn’t soaked all the way through. So I left it flipped, knowing since I was sleeping there nobody would be the wiser, given it also looked the same from the other side. I felt between by legs. Warm and wet. Same with my ass. I mentally cursed as it happened again as my hand became warm and damper. Pssshh.

I ran to the bathroom and stood just outside it and realized Steph would realize the moment she looked at me that I was wetting myself, and I just moaned from frustration. I stumbled to the bathroom, leaking some more. My thighs and the front of my leggings got it from the angle, and it crawled in a wet little line across the top of my front thigh. Shit. Now I couldn’t just hide my ass and hope for the best. So I did what every stupid drunk would try. I hid next to the door against the wall, like I was in a spy movie. Leaning against the wall, my legs locked together and my hands between them, I was able to see my swollen belly thanks to the croptop and I almost lurched upon realizing how much I was holding. Then I just stood still and silent, my goal being for Steph to not know I was there and just walk by when she was done. This proved to be my undoing, as by being silent I could hear Steph’s powerful stream hitting the water as she peed, from the other side of the door. This did me in.

I couldn’t take the sound of her peeing. Leaning against the wall, gripping at myself for dear life, my legs wobbling, I couldn’t stop myself. I started gasping as I felt my hands grow warm from the very thing I was trying to prevent.

Psssh. Psssssshhh…..ssssssshhhhhhhhh…..

The hissing against my hands, all too familiar at this point, grew in strength, length, and intensity. I clutched and gasped and whined, but I could barely manage any futile attempt as drunk as I was. I was using the wall just to be able to stand upright. My leggings all around the back of my legs started to feel warm, and I could feel my urine dripping down from my crotch, to my ass, down my thighs…the feeling almost had me let go completely right there, if not the sound of it hitting the floor. But I couldn’t give up. Anybody could come out of the bedroom and stare right at me as I peed my pants. I moaned as I felt a rather big PSHH leave my hands and stream down my legs.

And then the door opened. And Steph lurched by, laughing at something like it was the most hilarious thing on earth, and went right past me. Thank the omo gods. I darted in quick as a flash, slammed the door, and held myself up against the sink. I looked at myself in the mirror, wide eyed in terror as I realized the movement had only made things worse.


It was all over now, pouring down my legs, like several connected streams with the force of a rapid river. The sound of it drenching myself as well as the floor was deafening, my legs turned inward at the knees. I was soaked. I was wetting myself with full force. Damage minimization. Toilet. Where’s the toilet. I need to sit on it, that much I can do.

Only I couldn’t. The moment I let go of the sink I fell ass first onto the tub edge. The position made the sound of my peeing louder, an echoed hissing throughout the bathroom as it poured down the side of the tub. As a last ditch effort I let myself slide back into the tub, so my back hit the tub wall, with my wet knees hooked on the edge. I was partially laying down, in a really awkward position. But I couldn’t do anymore damage or leave anymore evidence like this. Thankfully as well, as I physically couldn’t remotely fight it any longer, even though I tried, laying there horizontally with my hands between my legs, moaning “No, no no no nooo!!”

My crotch was just oversaturated, my pee all but sprawing out from between my fingers, a steady stream covering both the top of my leggings and my belly, and going down, soaking the entirety of my ass and even drenching my back and the bottom of my overshirt. I knocked my legs together feebly, gripping between them all the way. Gotta give me an E for effort, right? Of course, I was eventually empty. In my effort to minimize the damage I had ended up soaking more of myself than I should have. But at least the mess would be easier to clean up. Outside was first, I decided. I stripped my leggings and overshirt off so I was only in my panties and crop top. I gathered up toilet paper, and opened the door to look. I could hear the girls all giggling in the bedroom. A nice opportunity.

I wiped up my puddle beside the door, darted out and grabbed my bag, and ran back in. I stripped off, putting my wet clothes in the bag, and taking my jammies out. I grabbed a shower, and then used the towel I had just dried off with to wipe up my rather large lake of a puddle next to the tub. I ended up having to pee again while in the shower, so I just let it go while I was in there. I mean, I was showering anyway. I probably should have taken a bath though, as my balance was real poor. If it wasn’t for the shower bar and mat, I could have broken my neck. But I don’t think straight after alcohol. I only drink straight. Ba dum tss. Anyway.

I got out of the shower, and once I was all fresh and jammied up I knew I had gotten away with it, assuming nobody randomly checked the underside of the couch blanket. I went in and sat next to another friend who asked what took so long and I just told her I showered. I laid my head on her shoulder and watched TV with them and fell asleep pretty quick. I was exhausted. When everyone was going to sleep she woke me up. I made my way to the couch but realized I was bursting again, so I immediately used the bathroom again to avoid incident. I laid down and set an alarm on my phone to wake me before anyone else (A few hours ago actually) so I could wash the blanket, making the excuse her cat peed on it when I had gotten up to use the bathroom. Went smooth as a baby’s bottom. She even thanked me for doing so.

Another accident, another smooth getaway.

Remember the wolf from pulp fiction? I’m starting to feel like him, but for omo. The omo wolf. :P Can clean up and hide any accident.

As always, feel absolutely free to let me know how I’m doing! Its come to my attention a lot of people like my writing so I’m typing up every incident I have, and constantly trying to improve! Thanks for reading, as always! You’ve all been so kind to me, I love you all.

Have a fantastic day! :D