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Ok imagine Lena invites Kara to her penthouse or smt. and she wants to show Kara her 'play room' but she's afraid that Kara might want to run away after she sees it but Kara promises that she will stay. When she opens the door it's a room filled with nerdy collectibles like action figures, Star Wars vehicle models, DIY electronic kits and a Playstation with 80" LED tv.

Awww, that’s so cute.. I totally think Lena could be a huge nerd.. I also feel like maybe she was bullied when she went to school (because she’s so smart she was always really good at everything and the other girls were pretty jealous, also she said that she never liked roulette) so she had to find things to do on her own.. maybe Lex made her watch the star wars movies on their first movie night together and it was such a special moment for her (the first time really feeling like she was loved and wanted in someone’s life) so when she went to boarding school he got her all these action figures etc to help her feel less alone because back then he actually cared about her.. and they always made her feel less lonely when all the other girls planned their weekends together while she stayed in her room, alone, inventing stuff (she’s a genius) or just playing games..

New features for Spelunky on PS Vita! ⊟

Yay, an update for one of our most favorite games ever! The PlayStation 4 version of Spelunky released last month with some exclusive features, which are now available on the PS3 and handheld editions with a free update. The PS Vita version will now have Leaderboard replays (including fast forward feature), friend ghosts in Daily Challenge, miscellaneous fixes, and four-player PSTV support. I keep finding more and more reasons to buy a PlayStation TV..

Did you know that developer Derek Yu is writing a book about Spelunky? I can spend hours reading Spelunky stuff, so this is definitely a must-get for me. You can reserve digital and print versions for it and several other books about classic games through Boss Fight’s Season 2 Kickstarter.

The GIF, by the way, comes from Ivan Dixon’s “Player Hater” bump for Adult Swim. You can see more of Ivan’s awesome animations on his Tumblr.

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PlayStation TV for $49 at Amazon ⊟

It’s recently gone as low as $40, then went out of stock, but $49 is still a killer price for a way to play Vita (and PSP, and PS1 Classic) games (via CAG).

Cool idea from Heidi Kemps: use a cheap PS TV as a different-region Vita! Clever and avoids a lot of the annoying account-swapping stuff that usually goes into that.

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Today on March 12th 2015, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth for the Vita and PlayStation TV went on shelves in Japan, marking the end of a handheld hiatus the franchise has maintained since June 2013. This is the first Digimon game released on the Vita, and the first time the Story series has been put on a Sony system; preceding game Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red & Blue came out on the Nintendo DS in March 2011.

Cyber Sleuth has not forgotten its roots though, as the game features 12 DLC missions involving the return of Sayo, the female protagonist of Digimon Story Moonlight (localized overseas as Digimon World Dusk.) The DLC missions involve helping Sayo battle the Seven Great Demon Lords, who served as postgame superbosses in the original Digimon Story.

Cyber Sleuth’s main plot involves the protagonist (Aiba Takumi if male, Aiba Ami if female) having their body stolen while inside the cyberspace EDEN, becoming a half-data entity capable of jumping between the real and cyber worlds at will. Alongside “ordinary” detective Kuremi Kyouko, they investigate the rise of the digital amoeba Eater, trying to recover their lost body while solving a slew of other cases brought to the Kuremi Detective Agency. The Eater is a rapidly reproducing digital entity that feeds off of humans and Digimon alike, while evolving into new shapes like its Eater Adam and Eater Eve forms  But while this investigation is going on, a faction of the Royal Knights organization led by their legendary strategist Duftmon breaks into the real world, launching a first-strike as part of a war of annihilation against all mankind to protect the Digimon. Duftmon’s “Paradise Lost” project is opposed by fellow Royal Knight member Omegamon, and his tamer Nokia. And at a critical moment in this seemingly straightforward conflict, the Royal Knights’ ace-in-the-hole Examon suddenly runs wild…

In addition to its main game, Cyber Sleuth features a competitive online play mode in which all tamer’ Digimon are set to level 50 and the types of Digimon they can use are restricted by memory limits placed on their teams. Players can do either local or ranking battles, fighting out a 3-on-3 match where turn manipulation, party recovery and strategic use of passive skills are all necessary to win out.


Sony releases video and details for the PlayStation TV

After having been in the works for a long time and rumored for even longer, the PlayStation TV is finally here. The device and service bundle offers customers the chance to play their PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita as well as downloaded classics from the PS One and PlayStation Portable - remotely, streamed form their online cloud service. The service will be coming with a whole host of classic titles and blockbuster franchises to play, see the EU blog link below for the full list.

Available from 14th November from £84.99/€99.99 RRP

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